Photography today were going to be taking a look at triple techs newest tablet. This is their new 8 inch tablet. Theyve made quite a few improvements. Theyve taken a lot of feedback that people had from the original one to do with size and power, and a few other things and theyve actually come up with a pretty incredible tablet. Now, what makes this tablet very popular with drone pilots is that it has a 1200 nit screen now the important thing to note about that the 1200 nits is that its a sustained brightness that means as youre, using it outdoors its going to be at 1200 nits. All the time, if we take a look at some common smartphones like the iphone 12 here now, it has a maximum brightness of 1200 nits as well, but in everyday use. Youre not going to get that 1200 nits. That 1200 nits is usually reserved for things like hdr. The average brightness of an iphone 12 in typical use is anywhere from six to seven hundred nits on the new iphone 13 thats been up to about 800 nits, but we all know too well what happens when youre using something like an iphone to fly a drone. If its a hot sunny day out its not long before the screen starts to dim and that dimness can get so low to the point where you can barely see whats on the screen and that kind of becomes a safety issue.

When you have a drone up in the air and you cant see where youre flying or what the controls or telemetry is saying that becomes a bit of an issue, whereas mentioned the triple tech here, stays at 1200 nits all the time, even when youre outdoors flying On a hot day, its not going to dim in brightness, so ive actually had it for a couple weeks and i didnt want to make a review. Yet i really wanted to test it out just to see how convenient it was. Of course, the other alternative is to use something like the dji smart controller. Autel now has one for their evo drones. The only problem with these smart controllers is first theyre very expensive, and when you pay that kind of money, all you have is the controller or something like the triple tech also function as an everyday tablet. The other problem is, if you own, both autel and dji. You have to buy two separate smart controllers on top of that theyre only good for certain generations, and on top of that, the hardware inside is aging and thats been apparent with flying the air 2s with it it gets a little choppy so thats kind of the Nice thing about going with a separate tablet: you still get a nice bright screen, 1200 nits, but youre not limited to one specific drone. If you see here, ive got all the different drone apps that i use.

We got the dji fly. App weve got the autel explorer dji go 4.. I have free flight 6 from the paradigm offi the femi navi mini for the femi mini drone, and you can see here. I also have the hubsan 2.0 app for the hubzen mini pro, so it is kind of nice in that aspect that you can fly. Multiple drones and ive tested most of the apps out for the common drones that i fly. Anyways and i havent run into any problems they all seem to be compatible. After all, it is android 10 running on it, so any app that can run on android is going to run on this tablet. So now, before we get too far into things, lets take a quick look around the tablet and well talk about whats been upgraded. The first thing you can see here is: we now have an 8 inch screen and thats compared to 7 inch from the original triple tech, its got a brand new sleek design. I actually really like the way it looks. It still maintains its durability, and this is actually now ip68 waterproof. The original triple tech was only splash proof, so this will perform a little bit better when it comes in contact with moisture on the side. Here we have a volume rocker up and down. We have our power button on the bottom here we have a flap and that covers the usb c port for charging.

On the other side. Here we have an sos button and this can be configured to do multiple things here. We have a slot for a sim card and an external memory card. This is actually a 4g device, so you can pop in a 4g sim card and use this as a telephone. You can make phone calls anything you can do with a traditional smartphone and you can put a micro sd card in here all the way up to one terabyte. So if you want some extra storage, you can put a nice large card in there on the back. Here you can see we have four connectors where we can put that back, strap on, if you so wish. We have a 21 megapixel camera on the rear, with a flash there right beside it and on the front here we have an eight megapixel camera. The new eight inch triple tech has a 12 200 milliamp battery built in it has 8 gigabytes of ram and 250 gigabytes of built in storage. It has a 64 bit octa core cpu and it has 3d gpu graphics. If you want to use it for gaming. Youre able to do so without any problems at all its actually pretty fast. The screen resolution is 2560 by 1600 and youre able to use the screen when wearing gloves and if its wet itll work in extreme temperatures from zero degrees all the way up to 120 degrees fahrenheit. So the triple tech is built extremely tough and, if youre like me, when youre out filming, sometimes that can be a good thing now.

One of the key things that they did address with it is the size when it comes to. The width of the tablet is about the same its a little bit taller, but the big difference is here. When it comes to thickness, you can see just how much thinner it is and for a lot of people thats going to be quite a bit more appealing. There are some weight differences here and every gram counts when it comes to a drone display. So lets go ahead and weigh the original triple tech here, and you can see there 709 grams and the new one. The 8 inch comes in at 661 grams, not a huge amount of difference, but, as mentioned, every gram counts. Now when it comes to mounting the tablet in something like the air 2s controller, there are different ways to do it right on the triple tech website. They actually sell various mounts that you can use with it myself im using a mav mount. I like it, its nice and stable. You have a spot here where you can connect lanyard, and it has that option here where you can lock it in so you dont have to worry about it. Slipping out. We just mount the tablet in there like that, lock it down in and then of course. Well, connect our data cable. Now you will have to get a longer data, cable, the one that is built in there – that comes with it wont be long enough to reach up to the usbc port.

This one here, i ordered on amazon ill include a link to it down in the description of this video. If you do want to uh, take a look at that and there we go there. You can see its running with no issue um its really hard to demonstrate the brightness of a screen when outdoors the triple tech is definitely the brightest and visually. You can see that with your eyes when youre looking at it overall im very pleased with the tablet and its performance. I love the new look of it, its very sleek, its a little bit more slim and streamlined now so its not quite as bulky and just the fact that the display is 1200 nits means youre gon na be able to see your screen even on bright sunny Days well, folks, thats, basically it for this review. Hopefully you enjoyed it and got some value out of it.