You know its the discover boss, rush rebecca 76, our hr business center um its a plaza development, along with a business process, outsourcing building what we call a call center. One of those will also be on the property. The financing bank is kosher, bank and thats a glimpse of the final design right there so were seeing retail shops, restaurants offices to the back, essentially four floors, Music. All right so were just taking a quick look. A quick update on this project. We did like one or two video already on it, so thats, where you get all the information, if youre interested in the shop or leasing a space over there, so they missed the september 2021 deadline. You know every development ive covered. Ironically, has missed their deadline, to be honest, and you guys that have been here from day one. I cover a lot of development. Applause so put the link for the very first video on this complex in the comments section. So you guys can see where this is coming from its not yet finished, but its getting there its right in front of the prestigious color bar high school. Rubber luck! If any color bar past students watching just put calabar in the comment section ill send up the drone as well, so of course its a drone video, so you guys can definitely get some drone shots, alright guys so its just a quick update. So you guys definitely stay tuned for the drone.

Shots remember to subscribe. Subscribing is completely free. Remember to like the video leave a comment and definitely share as well, so really appreciate the support from. I guess this section will have some mental work design. I like, when these new builds, this new construction dont just come out normal as the rest of them, but they come out with some very unique design. Kind of like the the new fiscal gas station and ferry that designed for their office and restaurant is very unique. I think the ‘w apartment complex has a very unique design as well theres, also a new fiscal gas station on beechwood avenue that i need to go review for you guys, thats just open. I also have a uni design for the shop area, so i need to go review that for you, so there was a new fiscal and ferry. I already covered that video, its not yet completely finished, because it is the restaurant is not theirs yet and then theres. Another new fresco, they did a ipo, so they have money to spend um so theyre doing good as a gas station retailer fresco a jamaican owned gas company so definitely support that all right guys. So definitely wait for the drone. Video youll see sections of the calabar ice cool over here and youll get some aerial shots of this development as well really appreciate. The support, remember to like remember, to comment remember to share lots of development in kingston.

You know somebody once commented and said everywhere. They look theres another crane, they see or is another. You know new development, so lots going on. I tried to cover all of them or as many as i can, i think, im doing a good job in keeping you guys posted. What you guys think. Let me know if i need to step it up a notch, so its the 76 rhr business center, and i guess the steel work section we saw is that section in the corner there? Let me zoom in, for you guys, im, not sure if youll be able to see it properly here, i guess thats the studio theyre working on right now, all right guys so again, similar to all the other developments. We have a mixture of chinese and jamaican workers. You know from china arbor engineering did the policy does project, they have been getting most of the contracts um, probably because of their costs for completion, probably because of the experience, but because of their know. How? But you know they are all doing a lot of the local contractors and i would say, probably seventy percent, if not ninety percent of sites that i visit is a mixture of chinese workers and jamaica, so china are brought and its subsidiary is really doing a big Work in jamaica, all right guys lets set up.