This is the brand new ducati monster. If youre interested in this bike stick around stay tuned ill. Tell you what i think of it Music, so the ducati monster then brand new well brand new to me anyway. Ive not ridden many monsters in the past, but this one came out uh. Well, it was sort of unveiled at the back end of 2020 brand new bike for 2021 and uh. This is the first chance ive had to ride it, so this is going to be very much my first impressions review of the bike and quite a successful bike for ducati over the years. The monster and this particular model caused quite a stir when it was unveiled because the first time that chicago made a monster without a trellis frame that kind of trademark red frame that they were so known. For. However, the bike has been improved in all respects, not just the frame and ill tell you even having uh only been riding this today for a couple of hours, i can tell you its just a funster. This is a cracking motorcycle, its got the uh 950 ish cc engine in it, so the engine on the new monster is 111 brake horsepower its the same engine as in the uh multistrada, 950 um and a couple of other bikes as well. The super sport and there we go its the one that they call the tester stretter. It puts out 111 uh brake horsepower at 9250 rpm and 93 newton meters of torque or 69 foot pounds at 6500, if youre in the old money, its a very realistic spot.

For it to put its power out – and i have to say this, isnt a bike – you ever think yourself – this needs more power, its got all that ducati v twin character, and i mean that in a good way, sometimes people talk about character, meaning that uh, you Know the things vibratory or you cant see at the mirrors, because theyre too blurred or something like that, but this no, this actually feels lovely when youre riding it and the catch on this is proper v twin character. It sounds amazing. You can feel a little bit of lumpiness in there, but that just reminds you what youre on a twin. But that is not a bad thing, because it sounds lovely and it doesnt give you terrible vibes through the handlebars or anything its a little bit of vibes. On the foot pegs, maybe but nothing too intrusive – its certainly not going to get on your nerves, well, its an absolutely horrible day out here today. Would you believe this is summer im recording this on the 31st of august, the bike im actually riding is uh a courtesy bike. My ducati is up at um on your bike, just north of aylesbury having its annual service done and those guys very kind of lent. Me this bike as a as a courtesy, as i say so, given id never ridden one before i thought it was too good an opportunity to not come out and tell you what i thought of it.

The good news is, i suppose, is that i have ridden it in this sort of cruddy weather. When i came back early this morning from on your bike, it was chucking it down. I have to say if i was really confident inspiring as soon as i jumped on it. I thought wow. This is a fun bike. From a practical point of view, it feels super light and super comfortable. The seat on here i wouldnt, describe it as soft, but its certainly comfortable. It was very similar actually to the seat on my panigale, but of course i am much more upright than on that bike. This is a very comfortable place to be all right. Lets talk, matas practical on the monster, then uh the seat on here, a very friendly 820 mil as standard, but its got this really narrow waist. I can get my feet flat on the deck im, only five foot, eight, with a 32 leg, and i can get my feet flat on the deck. If you are a shorty, the good news is uh. You can adjust this to 800 millimeters or if you get the uh suspension spring kit, you can spec it down to 775 millimeters, which is absolutely fantastic. So if you are shorter of the leg, you can get a shorter version of this bike for you, which is brill uh. What other things um practical! All the tank on here have 14 liters. This holds um not too sure thats going to translate to in fuel economy, but i dont imagine this is going to be a particularly thirsty bike.

Applause handlebars are nice and wide length forward a little tiny bit, but theres no weight on my wrist, its just as i say, a comfy place to be just uh while were buying this car with nothing lets just try. The brakes oh brakes on here are amazing. Certainly, on the front lets just come around here and try the rears yeah rears, arent, bad, actually so the brakes on the front of the monster. These are brembo four pot calipers sitting on a 320. Well, in fact, dual desk 320 millimeters. They work absolutely splendidly well and then just check out that red color on the wheels as well. I think they look great on this particular caliber. This is the gray bike on the rear. Weve got two four five mil disc and a single pot. Caliper works a bit sort of uh, you know net, but you know it works nonetheless, in the usual way that rear brakes do on bikes, while were looking at it check out that exhaust, i think thats uh actually looks really nice, not so sure about all the Gummies underneath thats often the case with these euro five bikes, but the actual rear bit looks good and i think it sounds good, definitely a bike that needs a tail tidy and it needs a wash as well. Sorry about that on your bike, but yeah lovely in this color scheme, it actually comes in three color schemes, this one a stealth, black one um and uh a red one as well, which looks really good.

But i think this is probably my favorite of the color schemes and one of the first things. Youve noticed about the bike other than the comfort is actually just how light it feels. Is such a chalkable, like this im, going to show you im stuck behind this car but yeah? It just feels so so light. So, just looking at the numbers here, the weight of this ive already mentioned, it feels very light when you, when you ride it, it actually weighs 166 kilograms dry or do you cant, say 188 kilograms curb weight. So one of the lighter bikes that ive ridden – and i have to say it just feels really chuckled – really really light. If lightness is important to you, this is a bite worth considering. I love a light bike. I own plenty of heavy ones, so its such a treat when i get on a light one. It just reminds me how great they are when they dont weigh much if youre new into biking or a smallish person, or – dare i say it, a lady and youd find this bike very easy to live with due to its lightweight. So the monster is a bike. Thats quite well: specced, electronics, wise. Let me show you what shes like when you turn around, because sometimes people like to see the tft. If i turn her on there, we go weve got the ducati tft. It looks kind of similar to me as the one on the panigale very, very clear and nice and easy to use as well all the selections if i just change hands on the camera.

All the selections are done here through this um, this button up and down and then press it, as i say, very, very intuitive. I havent read the manual and i managed to work out how this all works. Its got engine modes on here, fantastic ducati, quick shifter, its got lean, angle, sensitive abs, plenty of plenty of electronics and check out the lights as well heres. The front light that running light looks amazing and something else that ive noticed, which is rather cool. If i turn the indicators on its got, those fancy sort of progressive indicators, how cool does that look? Should we check out the back ones as well? Why not theyre progressive too? Look at that jolly cool! That sort of thing appeals to me nice and easy to get off the side stand and its one of those bites where the side stand actually falls easily to foot, which is nice starting it. With this button here, suspension wise, the bike comes with a 43 mil upside down fork on the front here, uh seems to work absolutely fine on the back. Nothing particularly special, just a simple uh monoshock uh tucked under there with uh preload adjustment. Now, like all your cat is starting, it is always a always makes you wonder whether theyre going to start, but it they do always stop. But let me just demonstrate when you turn it on. If i start with this button here, actually didnt sound too bad that time, no doubt it was going to start, they always start scatters, but they all sound a bit slow to me when you turn them over what else to say.

Oh, the price of the bike did i mention that 10 385 for the standard monster you get something called the monster plus, and that gives you a um, a seat cowl and a bit of a cowling at the front. I think and thats about another 200 quid something like that. So you join me in the garage now. The 899 is back all done from the servicing had a few issues with the sound at the very end of the video there. Hence one finishing it in here. All i was going to mention was uh the competitors for the monster and the things that leap to mind are bikes like the yamaha mt 09, the ktm duke 790, both amazing motorcycles, very competitive segment that one that the monster is in. What i would say is the monster is slightly more expensive than those other bikes, but theres, always something so special about riding a ducati. They always put a smile on your face and the monster is no different. It feels so lightweight so flickable that engine just spins up with these, i really enjoyed riding it. So thank you very much indeed to the guys down at on your bike, for letting me borrow that. Well, this one was in for a service anyway. I hope you enjoyed that dont forget to hit the like button if you did or hit subscribe, if youve not done so already, and that way i can see you on the next video alright look forward to speaking again soon.

Until then, this has been the missed and flyer cheerio sitting on dual discs: those are 420 millimeters and they work really really well and just check out those uh thats thats wrong. If we have a look on the back sorry, the back 320 front 420 lets. Do it all again the engine which is eager to spin up? I just really enjoyed riding that. So thank you very much to the guys down at power. Biking, not power. Biking lets.