We like to coordinate here everyone's, been wondering if we got a new truck because they've been i've been dropping hints in the background we needed something that could pull the skid steer yeah. We had too much stuff that couldn't be pulled yes, but what's. One thing you need when you're going to be pulling uh a hitch, a hitch, yeah. Obviously – and i was looking – i was looking online – hello, everybody hello. I was looking online on youtube and i saw plenty of hitches out there, but gen y ba boom was like the biggest most baller hitch. I could see they've got lots of different models of hitches there's. Obviously, the website i'll leave a link in the video description box, but i got a few different things. I knew that we would need, because this is a 3500. Oh diesel hear that that's. Just a shame, wait. Give me a second let's. Do my like country, croc arms, i can't believe it's not heavier, oh my god seriously, it's actually huge! That is waiting for me. So then, i knew because because we got the six inch bds lift on this big boy, uh that we were going to need another step, even though it's got a step in the tail. So i got a nice serrated step where, if we're drinking too much or a trip, we can bust our face off of this and uh it's a good reminder. Good luck get get a good.

You know deal on some plastic surgery, possibly right as well. There'S always a plus to anything right, so we need to unwrap this, but uh there's, this box here and then there's the hitch like this. This is the actual hitch what's this. This is those are the support bars to support your hitch, because this is a drop hitch, so they say if you take the the center point of your hitch down to the ground minus 14 inches off of that, that is the size of drop. You should have on your hitch. Ours is 31 inches minus the 14., so we got a huge drop hitch, their maximum duty hitch. So i got to somehow cut this out of here, because surgery weighs like 100 pounds, Music right. There we go. I don't even know. If i can say duty on youtube anymore, so, okay, i obviously got ta, get a blade and get all this protection off as sexy as it is hearings. Hearing plastic – maybe you're getting close for the guys that really they just want to hear. I got the power saw going on in the background right and then we're unwrapping the hitch. Those are some big black balls teeth. Indubitably, i am come around here, so you can see here american built. This is the model number the gh 2 or the 626. i'll link all the parts i used here today in the video description box, so you can find it.

This is a 15 inch draw pitch. First of all, first of all, the pintle and the two pins, which means i've, got a generator here that has a pintle hitch, which will mean i can easily take that to go. Get a service now before it was a big pain in the butt uh tongue. Weight capacity of 300 or 3000 pounds uh, and this is for a two and a half two and a half inch receiver hitch. So there is your all for all the nerds out there that want to know everything about it there. It goes let's get all this out of the way rolling. Okay, so most of the stuff is already unboxed or unwrapped. Look at this. They even cut gen y right into the metal. Can you imagine smashing your face or your shin off of that i'd? Rather, not we're in canada, it is like what snowy at least seven months of the year so that's. Why? I got not put your tongue on that wow it's powder coated. It should be okay, i don't suggest doing it anyway, uh so lots of adjustable spots on this. One. Look at one, two, three, four, five, six different adjustable spots. This will be for the pintle uh part of the hitch right here, slides out, which will close off against the top of the ball. Really cool. Yes, right check this out. Well, obviously, this would be backwards, so it'd be hitched in like that and then, if you had your drop right here, you see, and so it would go over and basically that locks it into place.

So if you do have a ring, it can easily be pulled and maneuvered around right, so that's the whole point of this little pintle hitch right there. So let's go ahead and put this in the hitch of my or in the receiver of the truck Music. Okay. So down, look at this huge slide it into the receiver. Look at that that almost looks like i might have one that's just one too long. I wonder one two, three four five six different spots, which means this step, could basically fit in any place. I want it it's a nice step, man wow right here's that pintle part. If i wanted it. So if i didn't have the pen tool, it could just hook right there, no problem or i can just use a pin – keep that right out of place like that. But you know what i was thinking of as soon as i thought about this is this denali has like one of those double steps right or the double tailgate, where it kind of splits into one and then two right, and so i was kind of expecting that That would clear, but it doesn't this actually hits right on the plastic right here and it puts it at a bit of an angle. So if you put any pressure on that you're going to end up putting like a dent in the plastic up here so that's, something for me to keep in mind this normal tailgate obviously would work fine.

But then you'd have to use this to step up and get up like that. So i wonder if that was totally worth it getting that step, but it's better to have a step in the winter than not to have a step, in my opinion, uh and then on top of it all like if you're pulling something super heavy with this you'd. Be wondering like with a such a severe drop to here like wouldn't. There be a lot of stress in this area, and gen y has already you guys saw there's a third box. These are here bars, so this will plateau. I believe it is up to 21 000 pounds. Just this hits alone. These bars actually have to either have a mount made, or you can drill them right into the frame of your truck. I haven't decided, if i'm going to do that yet or which, which avenue i'm going to go i'll, have a seat if they line up. But that means, if you're, going to keep it in permanently. Somebody like me, where i'm only towing, like once in a while. I want to make sure to have these removable, so i don't have to have it on there all the time then i don't have to worry about my tailgate plus that's, a huge hip hitch to have dropped off the back. Your truck all these things i brought in just to make sure i could make the camper which has torsion bars to it, which means i had to get the gh0352 weight distribution shank.

So here is uh. The piece i already had from my old hitch came off here now i can kind of just get it to line up. So my torsion bars or sway control system will work on my camper, no problem but that's what you get if you're going to get a big lifted truck, you got to get yourself a big hit, so we're gon na put away the stabilizer bars for now, because I don't need to pull anything super ultra heavy uh, just pulling a uh twin axle. Uh uh dump trailer right now, just getting rid of some old junk from around the yard uh. So the draw pitch will be awesome for that i'll finally be able to hook up let's. Look at the final product. Here is my trailer. Of course. I want to let ride it level, but it's a little lower right now. It looks like it's angled up but it's, not it's, just the angle that you can see here. Everything is all flat and in fact, it's slightly lower in the front let's get this backed up here. I bet i could raise that one more even let's just see how easy this will be. It just looks like it wants to be one more paint or no paint. I don't care grease them balls, crisscross, okay, so i was just inspecting my setup. I could still bring up my leg a little bit more here, but one thing i was looking at was this step in these chains and although i think this would totally clear, i think it would just be best to take the step out, especially when i'm traveling It'S not like, i need to be walking on anything there.

I could easily take this out like that and then have no issue with clearance whatsoever. Beautiful brake cable is all done. Crisscross check everything done step can go in the back of the truck, so there you have, it i'm sure i'll have about a thousand pet people telling me i could have hooked it up differently or safer, but uh that is hooked and ready to go next time. I'Ll look at doing those stabilizer bars just for this draw pitch itself. Look at that. I think it has plenty of clearance it's, exactly the same amount of clearance, my uh, my leg on that trailer would have so i don't really think it's a big deal. Probably one too long, i could have had one just a little bit shorter, but let me know what you guys think of the gen y hitch. They do have some great torsion products out there as well. I may investigate that in the future, but to haul around the camper and to do rc adventures, wouldn't that be awesome, hey, hopefully, you've enjoyed today's video guys thanks for tuning in, of course, as always, let me get into the sun, ah that's, better that's. What it's all about the summer sun, camping, family polling trailers leave me a like click.