As i talked about in the cheetor review. While most of these walmart netflix figures are just repaints in the case of cheater, you got a little bit more accurate of a look of them with this guy. Basically, it kind of gives you an army building character of sorts. You know dc has had a lot of these drones as an army, so you can have tons of these to kind of run that out, but it, like, i said, basically gives you kind of sort of a new character for the package. Much like all the walmart figures, it is a white box. You got the transformers text with the generation logo open window that fully showcases them really great paint deco on here. I really like the way that looks come around to the side. You got an image of them and then you got dcs’s logo right there, which is really cool other side. Here you have that black white and red image from the kingdom line, which looks fantastic, come around to the back of the package. You see he transforms in 15 steps and he is basically that transformers siege deluxe class ironhide, as many of you know, with the netflix series, a lot of the characters while they have main characters like, for example, prowl, uh ironhide. They seem to have a lot of other kind of clones which don’t necessarily have names they’re, just basically nameless bots kind of like the army drone here, but still really cool looking, but for the package on this guy that’s about it.

So without further ado, let’s get him out here and see how cool he actually is alright guys. So here we have the dcs army drone open up out of his packaging and obviously in his vehicle mode and that’s, a lot to say: um dcs, army drone, that’s, that’s, that’s a whole bunch, so i’m gon na i’m gon na give this guy a name. I haven’t decided yet, but i’m gon na come up with a name for him like i’m gon na call him bill there’s, i i don’t know, but, as you can see, he is a very nice repaint of that siege. Ironhide figure the colors on here look great it’s, a black gray silver. It all works really nicely, and then you can see a lot of dry brushing throughout pretty much all of it, which obviously gives them a very worn and kind of a distressed. Look first weapon, as you can see, he does come with that same gun thing that iron high did again great paint detail on here. You got this gray and then it fades into a black you’ve got some green missiles on the inside there you can bend this. You can use this as a hammer. You can have them hold it like a gun, uh. You got some holes up here. You know, and i mean you can plug it there. If you do whatever you want, you also got a gap right here. That looks pretty good.

I kind of like the symmetry does that no, that stays in there pretty decently. So all right, i’m gon na go with that um. But i i always get kind of annoyed when you have to have it like that, because i kind of like symmetry but hey that works so uh. You do have that, but the color, like, i said, looks really very, very nice on them. You got this kind of bluish color for the window that looks nice it blends in nicely and then because the the dark color in here kind of gives a darker element to the translucent window, which does look good. You got dcs’s logo right there, it’s done in a pretty nice neon green color. I mean it is what it is: it’s it’s a repaint, but it’s a nice one. I i do dig it transformation. Is the exact same we’ll go through it uh without focusing too terribly much on it, but the uh dcs army drone, you know yeah. I need to come up with a name for him i’m, going to call him dad that’s what i’m i’m going to call him dad, because dcs army drone d, a d dad this is dad so i’m – transforming dad right now, dude transformers more than meets the eye. Dcs army drone transforms to destroy the evil forces of something or other. You got ta hinge that back because you got the little slots right there and then just that fits right in there and boom there.

You have them and again repaint, but super cool. Looking. I i do really really dig this guy. He blends in he’s got the dark, color and uh. Obviously, like i said, i’m gon na, give him the little hammer doodad yeah cuz. Why not make him look monstrously awesome. Look at me, i’m dead, that’s kind of a ridiculous name for a robot but uh yeah, i’m gon na call i’m gon na calm. Dad the colors look great though, on this guy. They really do. Even when you look at the the gray bit, you got some nice dry dry brushing right through there, which does a really good job. The only part that you really don’t have that would kind of like be his thighs and everything, but it still blends in pretty decently. His joints do feel a little bit looser um, at least on my copy uh that’s, that little hinge section right here. Not so much the actual shoulder joint but the little hinge piece right there, um that’s, not terrible, i guess uh, but it is worth noting and how many times we’ve gotten we got uh a remold of them, but uh and obviously we got ratchet out of it. Uh, so i don’t know we didn’t get a ton of repaints on this guy, so i don’t really know why we have uh some looseness in it, but as i’m going around like just in general, some some of the joints do feel a little bit looser than Others, it’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just noticeable.

So all the articulation is basically the same. You do have a ball joint here with the head great head sculpt. I love the way that the looks he does have green eyes too, which is uh pretty nice matches with that logo. You got the shoulder hinges and swivels swivel at the bicep hinge at the elbow. The wrists rotate around do have a waist swivel forward and back at the hips in and out rotation bend at the knee. The ankles do have the tilt in there. Nothing really going forward in the back or anything. So all the same articulation you you guys have seen this figure before it’s it’s, nothing, uh, spectacular or different. I i do think he looks really cool, though, and i could see like people a lot of people wanting to get multiples of this guy, just to kind of have that army thing going, i mean i. I definitely could see that. One thing that i forgot to mention is that in all the other netflix uh releases, they gave us like that background piece to create teletrain one. These new ones don’t have any of that so that’s a little unfortunate, but i don’t know what they really could have given to us, but again it’s something worth noting, but uh there you go guys there’s your look at the dcs army, drone, otherwise known as dad Would like to pick this guy up, as i mentioned previously, the netflix figures are exclusive, at least here in north america to walmart stores.

So if you are looking for them, that’s, where you’re gon na have to go, i literally just started seeing them in my walmart. I know they’ve been around for a while, but i haven’t been able to find them anywhere. I think that they have been on the hasbro pulse website for a little bit but they’re out there. So if you are looking for them, good luck and happy hunting, as always, if you made it all the way to the end of the video. Thank you so much. I would appreciate if you would do one more thing for me and that’s just to hit that thumbs up button. The algorithm really likes it and i really do like it it’s a nice way of showing that you appreciate my content. I also got to send a huge shout out to all of my optobottomis plus channel members who, through their continued support, now more than ever, help to make reviews like this and many others possible. And if you’d like information on how you can help support my channel by becoming a channel member where you can get exclusive channel chat and comment, emojis loyalty, badges exclusive access to the optobottomist plus discord, exclusive unboxing videos, live streams. Zoom calls as well as the new home of the optobotomous, looks back review series then please consider becoming a member of optobottoms plus, and for that all you have to do. Is click on that little joint button right down there and finally, remember that the real trouble with the world is that too many people grow up.