Yesterday, um its like nine in the morning, we actually got to sleep in a real bed which was cool no ac or anything, but its like six or eight. It was like 42 or something last night. Is that low and um yeah im just doing my push? Ups and my squats this morning and im gon na go out and see the wind look super chill im gon na see whats up, see if anybodys else is up, get some breakfast and then maybe fly theres like this dope river, so yeah and then another day Of hiking im, assuming probably six miles today, i think we did six something yesterday, but this is gon na be a lot more up, so todays gon na be a little more brutal. I think i dont know. Maybe downhill is more brutal, because my knee my left knee gets me trouble, especially going downhill with a pack. My pack weighs like 10 kilograms. It doesnt sound like a lot, but i weigh like 125 pounds, which i dont know what that is in kilograms, but not very many, not very many kilograms. Okay, im gon na stop looking at my face now, because yeah were not gon na shower for a minute. I can tell you that its gon na be its gon na. Be nice. Ive already got stains on my pants from something all right, so its whatever it is the next day. I think its sunday and im walking on this bridge im gon na go.

Try to fly something ill kind of lighten. My load ive got one a couple batteries in one drone. I dont even know where theres a lot of weird sketchy lines around here. Like i really want to fly down. I really want to fly down this river, but theres like super lime, so im gon na have to be pretty careful and its also, i slept pretty late, its 11 oclock. Well, i didnt sleep until 11, but i slept until people. First of all, let me say: im wearing this, not because of covid, but because of the sun, because im at 10 000 feet elevation. I have no sunscreen because our bags are not here yet so for those people that are crying because im wearing a mask out alone, its not because of covid its because of the sun. Nor does this mask provide any kind of protection from covid. This is strictly a sun mask so now that thats out of the way yeah im gon na try to fly at some point, maybe get some of this. We got this cloud moving in, though so like later. In the day, all this weather moves in and it becomes a little a little more hairy to fly because its so windy, so even the full scale stuff. They have issues later in the day, thats why our bags are not here because they showed up at two and the landing strip was too foggy. I guess its a little windy.

Where did you fly from here? Yeah, yeah yeah? Oh yeah! Excuse us yeah theres, like a lot of lines over the water, which is scary, yeah yeah i wanted to like run near the water. I guess, if you stay below like 30 feet, or maybe 20. yeah theres one place where we can like. Oh, i dont need to be near the river. I just need to be i, but i dont know if thats someones, like property here, watch out its a guy yeah, but you can fly there. Yeah yeah thats a lot of weight id be sick to get on that rock Music namaste good. So i made a special drone for this trip. I have two: actually they both this one is an apex with uh moon boots on it. So two of 2207. – sorry, 2407, 2200 kb so its like geared up because were at altitude or 8 500 feet and then im running s5 props and then hero 10 and i have 1300 on here or sorry 1100. Now, maybe i have a couple 1300s as well. So that might i might use that later and then this has got a vista on it and im going to be flying dji, just because i dont know uh and then yeah. This has crossfire diversity and a hero 10 on it. I need to check the see if were good on indy 32. I dont think we want to be on a v32 right now, but its a little light.

Do you run 8, 30 or 8 uh, 65 or 9 15 here, 9. 15. Applause, Applause, Music, Music, foreign wow; ah, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, wow, so, Music, Applause, Applause, so Music, oh yeah! Well, that was terrifying, but it happened. Thank you aztec. That was yeah. If i was doing that alone, i probably would not have been as brazen as i was, but pressure im kidding, those candies props holy crap youre, going fast getting up on my dinner is Music. You guys got to give me one random tie, saying that i can just yell Music, which means im horny everybody clear of the drone clear of the drone Applause. Oh, you still see it im like going up the ridge like right at probably 11 oclock for you coming down to the river now like right above the river heading to the right, everybody good. I have the stick damn, but you can do it. Oh, i got a little water splash wheres that chopper oh cool, so is, i literally thought it was gon na crash no thats all they did thats one of the sickest things ive. Seen on this trip. A cave watch out, ethernet, cable on lockdown whoa. There is an actual cave. This is rad wow thats, a nice boulder. Please use that audio in the show. Oh hes filming us thats a nice boulder. Oh oh wow! I wonder if they have to build that ethernet cable through here, oh yeah, my knees, oh donkey! Music gon na break a pole in here no daniel.

I will not do a q a so. This is bridge back there. Like i mean looking at this camera theres a bridge right here, double bridge actually im gon na try to fly it well see what goes down: Music Applause, Applause, hmm Applause, oh Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, sorry, so so so, foreign, so Music, Music, oh so uh Foreign wow, hey thanks. Ah dairy queen big fan, sir bro yeah, you and nate were like. I was killing it around you guys it was rad, solid, dude yeah. He threw me that was a wild card. He came out of nowhere. I didnt know what to do. I just kept running yeah. No, when you started walking back, you were going to get your bag. No! I was going to the center because i thought i was supposed to yeah. I ran out of battery from all the i actually landed on the bridge and was waiting for you. I landed in the middle of the bridge and was looking that way waiting because i didnt know i didnt know the trail switch back dude. I jogged up the whole thing. I saw you at the top come out. I saw your yellow hat. This hike is literally like the if youve ever been to foster falls and you go down by the falls in tennessee. This hike is that, but for 38 miles so weve been hiking like the last two hours super vertical trails, super gnarly, honestly, probably one of the hardest trails ive ever done and now were getting some yak milk or what something milk, the female of yak i dont Know check it out.

Is there more tea or more milk protect that gopro? Oh thats, not good, excuse theres a lot of in here Music. You were here like four hours ago right and i went past this place.