Now, for those who don’t know, i’ve been out of action for probably the last five weeks hadn’t been able to ride the bike because of a slight accident that i had breaking two bones in my ankle but hey. I know the doctor said to me just recently. He said g man, i want you to take it easy. The foot’s stabilized and all i heard in my head is g man go out and ride hard and stop whinging so let’s take a look at the nelson rig tank bag and show you what it’s got to offer, and i think this has got to be one Of the best rigs that is set up for the bike, and i want to show you why this is really cool for me. So as it sits on the bike here, you can either have it one of two ways you can have it with the flat back. Here facing towards uh the rider itself or you can swap it around, and you can have the uh the more curved side here facing the right and the reason why i wanted it this way here, because there’s a special little feature on here, that i just love And this is the feature here that you might be able to see from the rig itself on the inside you’ll be able to feed through your little chords, where you can charge up. We’Ve got this one here. Charging up the gopro and i’ve got this one here.

Charging up the phone as we’re riding along so we’re, going to open it up and have a bit of a look and see why this is so good. For me and i’ll tell you the reason that i’m using it and for the purpose that i’ve got it for so. The first thing you’ll notice, is that the rig is quite sturdy. It’S made of a really good strong material and i’ve clipped it in a few ways, just by underneath the tank here which clips into the back here these these are magnetized here. So if you do have a metal tank, um she’ll, just simply just clip on um or stick on and the same with the front over here, i’m, not too sure if you can see it but it’s great, so let’s start off. Quite simply, here, i’ve got two pockets in the side here: i’m – keeping this open here at the moment. So i can show you what i normally keep my phone in, but that normally slips into there nice and tight and then she’ll be able to close up and and it’s fully waterproof in here now over the other side, you’ve got the same sort of setup on The other side um this kind of opens up here and in here you’ll see i’ve got a couple little protein wafer biscuits not necessary, but it’s got a good uh it’s got a good depth towards it. Also. So one of the one of the things that i think is great it’s got this clear thing on the top here and why you would want to use this.

Is i don’t know the old days? I guess if you were traveling and you needed a bit of a map and your gps wouldn’t show it on your phone or anything. You can simply just put something in here, so let’s open her up and i’ll. Show you why i use it. So one of the reasons that i use this is, as you know i like to do a bit of drone flying you’ll, see some great footage as we’re going along here, but i like to take the insert of the drone out and look how i’ve situated it Here so the inside of the drone itself, if i were to have a look at the inside of the casing of the drone bag itself, i’ve just slipped that inside here and she fits absolutely perfectly into the uh and the nelson rig itself. Now a couple of little things that i’ve got here as well. Now, when i want to go for a bit of a hyper spook, it comes with these small little uh backpack kind of clip ons. I won’t take the thing off, but um it’s great, for when you want to travel and you just want to unclip it i’ve got it clipped in the front here as well, but you can just simply unclip it and then uh whack it onto the onto your Back and go for a bit of a walk along um i’ve got some of the cords in here that i keep.

If you have a look at what’s got there, and i don’t know what these two things are at the top here. I think they’re called pens who uses pens anymore anyway, that’s in case somebody wants to grab my signature and go g man g man. Can i have your signature yeah always going to have a pen handy so there’s, a couple of pens there. This second pen that you see down here is pretty cool for the ipad one or for your phone it’s got a little rubber tip on there. Uh that you can use as your uh as you’re using your phone also it’s got the uh little velcro thing here, hard to do with one hand, but look i’m i’m getting through it. You can open this up here and i’ve got some of the cords in here that i like to use for the gopro um a couple of extra ones. If i want one for the gopro, but also another one there for the insta 360., so that’s got a good little um velcro top in here. So if you wanted to know how you get the uh the front cover in here, where i showed you this plastic sleeve in here, if you want to put your map in there, which is fully waterproof, uh, simply just open up the little velcro scrappy here and You can just pop it inside on the end there now what i love about this too, like you know how i showed you on this side here it’s got that little uh rig where you can simply just move the cords i’ve got the cords tucked down here In here, um there’s, one on this side, but there’s also one on the other side.

If you wanted to use that as well. So let me just see if i can find that other one now here’s the other one, and this one here is not hasn’t been punched open as yet. So you need to probably just punch it open with a little knife and you can use the other side. Now i haven’t as yet look at this i’ve still got enough room in here to be able to put uh, which i have done in in uh in when riding last couple of months. Is that i’ve actually put the charger on top of here and and the charger that i’ve got for the drone to charge up? The batteries is as simple as clipping it in taking it through those little holes and then i’ve got an adapter that i can use a little adapter, so it’s a little bit charger that i’ve got because the bmw chargers are a bit different. So i need an adapter here, so i can simply charge up my drone as i’m riding along so that’s going to be pretty cool. Now i haven’t at this stage here raised the bag at all so check this out. Let me just close this up for a second but check this out down here. If i was to just simply just grab the little zipper and just pull her down what i’m doing pulling it down here, pulling it right across now opening it wide up now, i’ve got i’ve, got it right open now what she does is watch this i’ve got That much more space look at that.

I haven’t even used it so that’s flat that’s that much more space, so let’s open it up and see how much more space you can have by simply expanding the scene like that, of course, to raise this up. Look how much more space i’ve got to put anything else. I’Ve got another four or five inches, just on top of that so that’s. What i would use my my rig for and i can put a whole lot of other stuff in there, so it has got a little cover that comes with it, so for wet weather. I’Ve left that at home at the moment, but i think for the for the dollars now, i think for the dollars that you would spend on a tank bag or some sort of bag or a rig to carry your gear. I have been looking for a drone bag of some sort for ages. I used to have it clipped onto the back here by using one of my panniers, and i just thought it might have been just a little bit too bumpy here, but i love it that it’s got this area in the front here that i can just simply Open her up, while i’m sitting down, i can be sitting down on the bike open it up. I’Ve got my drone. There i’ll pull it out. Look how easy it is just to pull out it’s, not even stuck in there. I pulled the drone out and i’m using for those who are asking.

This is the mavic, 2 zoom and i’ve had this one here for close on two and a half years now. Have i crashed it? Yes, okay, but hey nothing like uh having a good drone, a couple of batteries situated in here and look how easy this is just to come out the controller. Now, what i’ve done as well is i’ve got some velcro on the back of the controller, which also, when i take the phone off here. I can simply just pop this in here, but what i can do, too, is: let me just see if i can open this up, i can also open up the controller itself. I can hook the troller controller here and voila. Look at that. I want i’ve only got one hand peeps two hands one hole in the gopro. Look at that. Look at that look. Look how i’m doing that that’s quite not quite on, but of course this here. This here would be unplugged and i would plug in the uh the cord that needs to go into the controller itself, and i can, if i wanted, to control the whole uh drone when i’m riding my bike totally illegal would never do that. That would be just unheard of, but that’s how good? Let me just pack this up down again, so this now here slips nice and easily back into what’s case everything’s situated here and i’ve still got some space in here that i can put some things in here now, of course, what i’ve got is i’ve got the Gopro that i’m, using now this gopro slips into one of these two holes here, and i use generally this little hole here to put the gopro spare battery in and then here sometimes what i might put in here is some some extra blades.

If i need that, but i haven’t had to change a blade for ages, in fact here’s a blade, so that could just simply go in here, and that is the pack. I don’t know about you. But if, if you are looking for a kit, i didn’t know if i would use it actually that much. I had some problems at first trying to work out. How do i hook it all on but uh simply with my bike, which is the bmw, 650 gs. Um, you simply just lift up the your uh, your seat and you feed it underneath and it fits uh fits quite beautifully, that’s pretty stable. So when i’m riding that’s really stable, it’s comfortable, it doesn’t, impede on on my site, doesn’t impede on the on the comfort of the bike, but i’ll tell you what, if you’re looking for a rig, the nelson rig bag is something you got to use, go and Check it out, go and get yourself one, and if you are a drone operator – and you feel like that, you want to use something to be able to keep your drone in well. This is the bag for you. If you’re interested in getting yourself the nelson rig bag i’m going to leave some links in the description below check it all out but i’d love to hear what your comments are. If you are using one and you think uh, the use of your uh nielsen rig bag is something that you use it for something different.

Let me know um, but it’s been great having a quick little review of the of the the kit here thanks everyone don’t forget um. If you haven’t subscribed to this channel we’d love you to subscribe to the channel it’s. The next adventure show you’re, probably on here at the moment. I don’t know how you got in here, but uh follow spook and i, as we go on our adventures, we are going to be heading out to uluru uh in august. Hopefully, the foot will be a lot better by then check out the site.