All right guys lets take a look at the box of the nh530 here. Altitude hold 360 degree. Rotate emergency stop headless mode. Three speed switch 360 degree flips and one key take off and landing as well. Theyre advertising this one 14 years plus see what else we got here all right. So majority information is on the back of the box. Here guys looks like we got all the functions of the transmitter labeled on the back here: thats cool advertising, control, distance of 100 meters, 60 meters of fpv distance 720p, hd, wi, fi camera and six axis gyro does have gesture selfie mode uh. What else takes three aaa batteries for the transmitter? Is what theyre telling us here a lot of information on the back here. Theres the camera gain the batteries for this one 3.7 volts. So one cell 500 milliamp hour lithium battery lithium ion battery on this one should be eight minutes flight time 90 minutes charging time. That is the app youre going to need. Then the hemi honor app to use the camera on this one all right, guys well lets get everything thats in this box out on the bench and lets take a look at it guys. Everything that was in the box is now on the bench for us. Take a look at – and i just wanted to show you how nicely this was packaged up perfect for transporting it for storing it in the included uh packaging, not bad.

We did get a little goodie bag here when we take a look at whats included in that right away before we uh pull the drone out of there all right so in the bag. We got our micro usb charger right there. Charging cable weve got a full set of spare props thats awesome. I, like that looks like weve got a couple extra prop screws right here and a little mini screwdriver lets. Put that aside. We do have a quick start guide here that came with it, and this is just uh, basically a fast track of whats in the manual to get you up in the air how to charge it, how to load the batteries functions of the transmitter on the back Side, just some quick instructions how to fly it and then theres your qr code there for your app and all this same information will be in more detail in the actual full size manual. Here you see there ill give you a quick look at it. I just go into a little bit more detail on how to get this drone set up ready to fly so not bad nice looking manual again theres your qr code and then were switching into other languages after that looks. Like weve got english to start dutch. Anything else in here italian, so we got multiple language. What languages in here, i should say, looks like weve got english, dutch and italian in there for what i could see quickly.

There lets pull this open and see here. Weve got our phone holder right there that transmitter. We got two batteries with this one proprietary batteries weve got four prop guards, and the drone so lets make a little space here. So we can have a better look at all this all right, so, starting out with the batteries we said they were 500 milliamp hour batteries and thats what they are. They are proprietary. There is your charging port right there. We showed you the cable, so you would just plug the end of the cable in like so, and this will plug into any usb outlet to charge it on this particular drone youre, going to see a green light as soon as you plug it in when the Green light goes out is when the battery is fully charged all right, so we got two of those batteries. That is awesome, so were gon na get double the flight time. I like that um transmitter. Well, we already took a look, were not gon na review. All the functions of the transmitter, but if you got the box, if you got the quick guard, the quick start guide or youve got the manual youre going to have all the info. You need on all the functions of this transmitter and theres quite a bit and one thing im noticing we do have a photo button, so short press for photo long press for video on the top there, your 360 degree buttons on your other top left hand, button Got a bunch of trim buttons, speed switch, take off landing button, we got more trim buttons here, we got headless mode and weve got to return to home.

Is that no that doesnt look like its uh yeah? It is a one key return. Ah pretty cool. I like that, all right guys well lets, take a look. I believe we said it took three well use the included screwdriver its nice to give us that weve said three triple a batteries. Ive already put them in here, but uh well, show you guys there we go three: a batteries to power up this one! Well, get that screw back in here quickly now for the cell phone holder here, if youre using the camera, just like that this pops in spring loaded, so you can hold your phone no problem. Is it adjustable yeah its adjustable like so perfect? Now lets pull in the drone here, guys check it out nice size drone. I, like these red props on the front. There seems like its pretty solid, does have uh looks like what could be, maybe on another model, an sd card slot right there. We do have brushed motors, they are gear driven. You can see theyre offset from the props, so theyre not direct, driven right off the motor. So there is a gear in there to uh spin those props prop guards. They look like they just snap into place. Lets take a look: oh yeah, those go on pretty easy guys. No screws required no tools required. Let me just pop those on like that and i actually might fly it. I usually dont with the prop guards but im finding with these smaller drones.

For myself, to put the prop guards on just makes it a little bit more visible while filming, so you guys can see it better so there it is with the prop guards on that. Only took what 10 seconds to put on lets put a battery in there. Now these batteries, they only go in one way: youve got a little retainer clip up top and it clicks into place and to remove the batteries you got to squeeze top and bottom to pull them out. You can see you just squeeze like that and pull them out all right lets power it on here see what kind of lights we have uh there we go. We got green on the back. We got red on the front if we turn on that transmitter. Lets see what happens: uh the transmitter, didnt notice this on off switch on the bottom slider switch. There we go were bound, you can see. Ah you can see. The lights are solid here when im on flat ground, but i picked it up and see. I think it messes with the gyro a bit. It knows that were not on level uh ground right now, so its probably not going to be able to uh well, it wont want to take off unless youre on flat ground, like that, you can see the lights as soon as i put on flat ground where Uh were good to go so guys enough of this. I think we took a good enough look at it at the bench here.

Lets uh lets, get it out. Lets have some fun with it and see what it can do in the air guys. We got the nh530 out getting ready for its first test. Flight here were going to power. It up. Lights are blinking on the bottom, there put on flat ground power up the transmitter, youre gon na wan na go up and down on the left. Stick there and theres two ways to take off. First, we got ta, calibrate it and were gon na go down into the left with both sticks. There youll hear it beep and then we can either hit the one key take off or we can go down and out to fire up the motors and then up on the throttle now its a little bit windy out here today. So i am gon na start out in the higher speed rate there we go. You can heard the three beeps and were just gon na mess around with it see how it flies here. Not bad well try to keep it away from the fence here, get a little height, so we can see it up in the air there. There we go now. This is the only clear day i have in the next week, or so so well have to deal with the wind. For today now we have advertised 100 meters of range on this one. If we drop it a bit here, we might be able to get away from some of that wind.

You can see its struggling a bit to fight the wind here. This things going to be good on a on a light, maybe with a light breeze or a calm day, if youre flying it outside indoors wont be a problem but uh for what it is right now. It is a little too windy for this guy out here, but its still still handling it in high rate Music. So there are some uh. Let me get a little lower here. There are some uh cool cool functions here options i guess its got. A high speed rotate, you see, does it right there and you just hit the stick to take it out of it. Just hit the directional stick, and we also have circle fly again if it was a little calmer outside. So you can see circle flys, just basically its just a slower rate. Well, do it again here and then you just hit the directional stick to take it out. Im gon na try to trim it a bit and its a little bit better and then were taking. Oh theres, those red props on the front, really uh, really do help. You see it theyre very visible, bring it back towards us here. Hes got some good speed. Now let me find it here. Do some flips nice, quick flip? Some rolls very nice well get into uh testing out some of the camera features here momentarily. I always like to uh test out the functions of the drone, make sure it can fly good and this things flying great now lets try uh return the home so were way out there take it now.

This return home is not gon na auto land. Its just gon na keep on going back thats all right. It brings it back in the direction you need it to come back in were gon na. Try that one more time this way, this time coming from an opposite direction and the winds not helping things out so well, take it out of there, but it was coming back trying to come back the proper way, all right now, headless mode, well, spin it, while Keeping the front uh directional, stick going away from us and thats working and well continue to spin it and bring it backwards. Yeah headless mode is working. Fine now lets take it out of headless mode. Before we mess up and forget were in headless mode. Wind is dying down a bit, so this will help out a bit. I want to try that circle fly one more time. Well get it up in the air, so we can see it a bit better. There we go. This is a slow spin. It actually is a slow spin, well flying kind of in a circle, not bad and well do that 360 again, oh, we got to take it out all right, so we got a little bit out of range there. It looks like were back in now and wasnt flying away or anything it just started to land on its own. So i like that, seemed like it wanted to land on its own.

I just held the transmitter up a bit higher there to make sure that connection was good and the seam seemed fine. What else can we try here guys before we get into the camera? You can try the one key landing lets. Try that well bring it in here and see if we can land it on the landing pad here. Well. Well, do our best all right well hit that landing and im not going to be able to the wind is pushing around a bit, but that worked good. I just took it out by hitting the throttle were in first rate of speed now lets just check out since the wind has died down a bit lets check those yaw rates well bring it a bit closer, so we can uh see it a bit better. The wind actually has changed direction on me is whats happening, so well bring it right in front of me and well check those yaw rates, all right, first rate, yall second rate and not much quicker and well do third grade a little bit quicker there. So the rates not incredibly fast on this one, but it really doesnt make a difference to be honest with you and its quiet. Now the lights are flashing, which probably means were in lvc. I would think lets bring it a little closer. It looked like the lights were flashing. I dont hear an audible, so im not 100 sure there yeah, the lights are definitely flashing, so we are in lvc mode, were not keeping a timer on this one.

Its a little chilly out here today guys about 10 degrees celsius, whats that about 50 roughly 50. I think fahrenheit so its not not that warm Music slide around get a little close im gon na have to uh, oh and its auto landing on me all right. I was gon na bring it up over the dugout, but lbc was in and well have to go retrieve that it uh auto landed, which is nice to see. So all right guys what were going to switch out the battery and we will test out some of those cameras – gave it a few attempts to get the camera to work there. The camera works but uh im. It might be something im doing not 100 sure but uh. Typically, what happens with these toy grade drones that have a camera on them? They do interfere with the connection from the drone to the transmitter, and i was having some issues there. I uh decided. You know what im not going to waste this battery, trying to get that to work right now. I just want to have some fun so were going to throw it back up in the air and were just going to cruise around for a bit to finish this video off and ill uh ill head back home, ill uh ill mess around the camera a bit And uh, if i get it uh to where i can test it out properly, well bring it out and uh.

Well, have this uh drone back up in the air for another video guys so were gon na calibrate it right now were gon na go get those motors started, get it up in the air and were just gon na have a good time for the rest of This uh rest of this video there we go love the way, this one flies and uh no complaints about that. I i usually uh for myself: im not buying these for the camera im more uh, more what we call it more concerned or curious on how they perform, and this ones performing just great for for its flight, really like the transmitter on this one. Everythings labeled nicely easy to determine dont even need the manual to figure it out. Looked at that manual once or the back of the box, as you saw had all the functions on it transmitter and the transmitter itself is, is nicely labeled with images good little flyer. This nh530 is no complaints there, like i said i dont really uh im, usually not too interested in the cameras on these ones. So for myself not being able to get it to work properly out here is not a big deal, looks cool up in the air. We kept the prop guards on so we can see a little bit better in the video here guys. I know the last time i had a small drone out on the channel. It was a little hard to see at some points in the video, and i figured these prop guards being on would help us out a bit nice blue backdrop there, and actually you know what, in third rate its able to handle a little bit of breeze.

No problem wind has died down a little bit, so it is uh its not struggling like it was at the beginning of the video we had some pretty good gusts, but uh it was able to handle those as well do some barrel rolls here now i heard A beep there now im wondering if that was lbc kicking in it very well could be. I didnt hear it during the first battery. No, it doesnt look like its kicked in so i might have accidentally uh hit the photo button by accident with my finger just noticing it there. Oh yeah lights are flashing. Now maybe that was lvc im curious to know that i didnt pick that up on the first battery there. I will keep messing around here, a bit ill. Keep it a little bit closer, so i dont have to walk so far to get it Music, bring it back around. Oh and i crashed it, took my eyes off a it durability test there lets see. I think we still got uh. You can hear that wind, probably its picking up again yeah. We still got a little bit of flight time left here. I was being a little cocky there and took my eyes off it Music. Just looking at the pitch, you do get a decent pitch there in third grade. Well guys thats about it. For this one thats, the nh530 from the hemi decent little flyer, definitely would be good indoors light breeze outdoors, no problem.

You want to keep it out of heavy winds other than that guys. I think youre good to go with this one easy to set up easy to calibrate easy to fly.