Now today, weve got another nehemi drone to feature on the channel. Now this is sent by jocelyn over at nahemi. So id like to thank him for sending these ones out. I just previously reviewed their little mini drone. The nh330 so uh, if you havent, seen that video ill pop a link up in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can check that one out now today were going to review this nh530 and uh looks like a pretty cool design drone here. Okay, guys and as you can see here once again, it is uh rated for ages, 14 plus so suitable for teenagers and adults, and this one has a few features on the box as well. Its got altitude hold 360 rotation, just like the nh330, where it spins on the dior. Weve got emergency, stop headless mode, three speed rates, 360, flip function and one key take off and landing okay guys and on the back here. I just noticed that theyve got all the uh specifications here, including all the controls here and, as you can see, this does have a phone holder, because this one does have a wi fi system built into it to take video and photos so theyre all the uh Different keys, uh and explanations for every button as well and weve got some aircraft features here: control distance under 100 meters on the actual amazon listing it does say between 80 to 100 online. We have fpv distance of under 60 meters, which is pretty typical, because this one does run off 2.

4 gigahertz wi fi, it doesnt run off the 5g. So that seems about right. This one does have a 720p hd wi fi camera six axis gyro weve got uh gesture selfie for selfie photos. I guess you have to do a little hand, signal and automatically take a photo. Weve got easy to replace battery 2.4 gigahertz radio technology, and this one only takes three aaa batteries: much like the nh330, so heres, some of the camera specs there 720p wi fi – and there are some details of the battery its a 3.7 volt, 1s 500 milliamp hour. Lithium polymer battery and it will give us a flight time for around eight minutes, not too bad and theres. Some details about the honor, the hemi honor, app that you can download on the app store all right guys so lets uh have a look inside the box and then well take it for a test flight. Okay, guys ive got everything out of the box here. As you can see, we have another two types of documentation here we have a full user manual here and a quick start guide, so this one will go through everything that you need to know guys: okay, how to control how to do all the takeoffs and gyroscope Reset its a pretty good uh manual here got the qr code there as well for android and ios a bit of an outlay of the nahemi honor app as well nice to see and its in all different languages.

Here. This is the second language, and you got third language there as well, and we also have the quick start guide leaflet and you can just fold that out, and it tells you everything you need to know as well. So here is how the nh 530 is packed. Nice and neat in this little plastic – shell, okay and underneath here we have another bag that came with this package with all the goodies that you expect got a screwdriver there and the charging cable as well via usb lets, take this shell off now, and we have Two batteries here guys which is nice to see, and they are both 3.7 volt – 520 milliamp hours. Okay, so there are actually 20 milliamp hours bigger than what it said on the box, so thats neat so were going to get about. Uh, like i said about eight to nine minutes flight time and youve got two of them, so youre going to get roughly just under. You know, 20 minutes of flight time using these two batteries. Okay, as you can see, they both have the micro usb to charge them up all right, guys and theyre, a modular design specifically for this drone. We also have the uh wi fi phone clip spring loaded, so youll be able to fit a pretty decent sized phone. There we also have a set of four propeller guards there. You can put them on, especially if youre flying indoors theyre handy to have – and here is the actual controller guys and its neatly labeled here.

Okay, so youve got all your functions labeled. This is the rotation button and it looks like its got. A circle fly. Okay, weve got our speed switch there. I believe this one has three speeds like it says on the box: one key return and we got our headless mode there, a bunch of trimmers with these arrows here – and this particular button here – is the auto takeoff and landing nicely sized uh transmitter here, guys and Nice, smooth gimbal sticks, yeah, pretty decent size, guys and weve got the on and off switch here takes three aaa batteries, much like the nh330 and on the top. Here we have the 360 flips. I believe yep, and this is your two function. Uh, video and camera. Still shot button, okay, guys and, as you can see here, theres a gap up the top here we can actually see the antenna just in there. I dont know if you can see that just there you can see the wire antenna just in the uh controller there, and this will just snap straight on and then youve got the wi fi fpv phone mount okay guys. So here is the hemi nh530. Pretty nice little uh quadcopter here ill put the battery in a second. As you can see, we have brushed motors all around and these are actually gear driven. So you can see the cylinder of the can there of the little motor and then its on a shaft with a gear to actually run these propellers.

So weve got red propellers on the front and some black ones on the rear. So thats really easy to orientate the front from the back as youre flying you can tell the front is with the red and heres a little 720p hd camera for your onboard video and photos. Okay, guys so yeah neat little design here, guys weve got a power button on the top and weve got the hemi insignia logo with never define your vision so lets uh put one of the batteries in okay and just clips in just like so, okay slides in Okay, just like that and lets turn it on, and we have some nice bright led lights. So we got some red ones on the front arms to go with the red propellers and we got the green on the back very nice. So anyway, guys im going to charge up those batteries and then were going to take it for a flight so ill catch. These guys out at the field lets see how this new nahemi nh530 mini. Drone flies. Okay, guys ive got the nahemi nh330 here and were going to take it for a flight now so ive already connected it to the wi fi. Okay, we should have wi fi fpv coming up shortly and to ive already bound it to do. The calibration of the gyro two sticks down to the left and im going to do a screen recording here. Okay lets get that going all right guys.

Well, i noticed with this one: it uh has a sd card slot underneath it, but it doesnt actually uh its inoperable. It uh doesnt actually have an sd card dvr, so lets. Take it up for a flight here see how it does. Okay, now it looks like we might have dropped wi fi. Let me just check it is bound to it. Yeah just turn that off and back on, okay might have to back out of the app well see what happens here. Guys well connect again. Okay! Here we go so what im going to do is im going to start a recording see if it is recording doesnt seem to be recording from the from the actual uh button. Okay, so were recording from the app and take it up. Now, unfortunately, it looks like the app is frozen already. Okay, so put in third rate and were getting bad wi fi guys bad wi fi signal from this uh quadcopter is very delayed. Yeah thats not good guys so im gon na lower it and uh. It is creating bad interference here guys. So i think well give the app a miss okay, thats unfortunate, created, really bad lag in the control, so im going to turn the wi fi off and well just fly without the wi fi guys so thats unfortunate, okay im going to turn that off so lets. Just fly it without any wi fi and instantly weve regained good control of this drone, so unfortunately guys uh, as you can see, i had some bad lag there with the uh with the actual um app okay.

So this right, one pretty slow, kicking into rate two. Your is a bit quicker and rate three, so the your stays pretty much the same. Okay lets try some 360 flips im, just looking where the buttons are just some nice, flips, okay lets bring it out here see the distance does fly much better without the uh. Without the app wow i had really bad lag. There guys thats rather unfortunate the winds picking up but its fighting that wind rather well take it down there its got some good distance. I think its meant to have about 100 meters distance, oh whats, going on there. Okay, ill regain control. I think i just went out of range there and i better bring it down. Okay, guys, im gon na go for a bit of a walk. I think i maxed out the distance there around 80 meters. It took me a little while to find it in that tall, weeds and grass there so lets uh. Take it up once again, put in rate three and uh yeah. What happened there? I did, it must have exceeded the range because it did keep going. Okay, so its definitely one that you want to keep fairly close, even though the range states, i think around 80 meters or so, but it is flying rather nicely. There is a bit of wind that its uh battling here. Okay, do some flips. There is a button here that i want to try out or it does the circle lets bring it back here.

Its fighting the headwind. Try this button out. Where is it? Let me see just here and does this your okay, its getting taken away with the wind here its in the afternoon early afternoon. Let me just bring it out in front of me a bit more so theres a button here, just underneath the throttle where it will just spin and to get out of it. You just regain control with the pitch stick forward or back or right, left. Doesnt really matter. Lets try this other circle mode button its supposed to fly in this circle fashion. Okay, now this does have headless mode im not going to bother trying it, because i cant remember which way i was facing. I think i was facing this way, but uh ill try, maybe the return to home one which is just near the led button here now the wind is blowing to my right, so it is coming in that direction, but its getting blown back as you can see, See thats unfortunate guy, the guys the uh wi fi really did affect it. It runs on 2.4, gigs, gigahertz and uh straight off the bat. As you can see it just froze up, and then the controls are really really iffy uh. There was a couple of seconds lag between my input and the actual uh what the drone was actually doing. So i definitely dont recommend you flying it with the wi fi fpv app, especially since on this my iphone uh, just it did connect, but it wasnt showing any picture just a still shot once it connected.

Youve got quite a bit of wind now trying to fight that wind, it does have altitude hold. Let me bring it down a bit might help its getting drifted away. So what im going to do in this case is uh press the automatic land and well land. It once again because its just getting blown in that direction, guys im going to walk out towards the center of this field a bit more and well. Take it up for a flight again with whatever batteries left. Okay, gyro reset see how much battery life is left. Make sure im in rate three yeah? Okay, we cant do flips anymore, so i must be nearly on lvc. It does fly nice. I think, with very little wind youd be a really good flyer, thats for sure just find a bit of wind today this afternoon, unfortunately send it out again. I dont want to send it too far. Ill learn my lesson from that. Okay, but all in all, it reminds me of a drone that i reviewed a couple of years ago. That looks exactly the same as this one that one did have a working sd card slot. What was supposed to, but it actually didnt work, but it had the same specs. It looked exactly the same, except it was white, and that was a great flyer as well. This does fly pretty good. I mean its battling, this wind. They really dont want to fight on a too much of a windy day.

Okay, the lights are still uh. Theyre, not flashing. Lets have a look at it here. Lights are not flashing just yet, but i cant do flips. Okay wont, let me do any more flips or will it? Oh sorry, i was pressing the wrong button. My bad, i was pressing the photo button because im used to the flip spin on the right hand, shoulder theyre actually, on the left hand, shoulder here. Okay, so we got some power for flip, still see. If i could do a barrel roll on the go yeah it can thats pretty cool. Some drones dont allow that so you can actually fly and do a barrel. Roll lets. Try that again go fast pace. Now. It wont, let me do the flips okay, so were in lvc. Now we should see some lights flashing and yes, they are lets. Just fly this battery out. Well, do some funnels here oops sorry about the sun, so im not too sure if the app will work any better with the android phone im using an iphone today, i might try it out on an android uh another day and well see if that actually works. Well, with an android, because some apps can work better with different phones than others, okay, so there we have it thats the flight time of the nahemi nh530. I mean its not a bad little drone. It flies really nice uh, especially in the wind today, if youve got a perfectly calm day, youre gon na have much more enjoyment out of it, flying it.

Without fighting the wind but uh yeah, we could see the distance range. There was around 80 meters, 70 meters, something like that. Uh just be careful. Dont fly it out. As far as i did id say about 50 meters would be your best bet, um and yeah. Just the controls are really responsive. As long as you dont use the app guys uh that sort of spoiled it right at the start of the flight, i was expecting it to be a bit better than that, but um. Obviously, the app has is running off 2.4 gigahertz wi fi, which is clashing with the 2.4 gigahertz between the the actual transmitter and the drone, and i had really bad lags guys. I i was given an input and then it a couple of seconds later. It would do and thats yeah thats not very enjoyable at all, but uh besides that guys pretty decent little flyer. Just like the previous one, i reviewed um thats exactly the same design a couple of years ago and uh yeah guys um thanks very much for watching ill leave, a link in the description for this one on amazon, guys in the description below id like to thank Jocelyn for sending these two nahemi drones out for review and testing today should appreciate it and uh until next time guys ill catch you on the next one and have a great day if youre new, the channel be sure to subscribe. Like comment in the in the comment section below and uh yeah make sure you hit that notification bell for my upcoming rc videos, so thanks very much for watching guys and ill catch you next time until then happy flying bye.