You guys ready for another busting video lets, get it popping you guys its been a while, since i had this guy out man and we got some rain coming this evening and i was itching to fly something because i know its going to be rainy as heck Over the next few days were getting some bad weather coming, and i wanted to get it drawn up, so pulled this guy off the shelf, its been quite a while uh. This is in the hemi in h, 5 shout out to nahimi man. They sent us, they sent this guy out to me to review a while back, and i did review it and uh were gon na. Take another quick test. Fight of this guy again lets check it out here now. Here is the drone. Has a 720p camera wi fi fpv feed theres no sd card, it looks like it has an sd card slot, but theres no sd card to be mounted in there guys thats empty in there. So dont put a sd card in there. It comes with two of these batteries. Let me uh get my hat cam mounted up, so i can show you guys here comes with two of these batteries. Here, 3.7 500 milliamp hour batteries, you get two and you get a charger which is a usb to micro. Usb and theres the port for the micro usb right there, you guys, so you get two of these bad boys.

Bio has an on and off switch there, like, i said, 720p wi, fi, fpv camera, so its your typical wi fi footage guys got some red like bull nose, props on in the front black props in the back nice transmitter is fully labeled. You guys you got your forward and back trim left and right trim automatic takeoff and land one key return, headless mode, speed button. You got a couple trick trick buttons where theres like an auto, rotate and theres like a uh, a funnel like a circle me and then you got a 360 flips and you got photo and video on this shoulder button here. You guys thats, the you got spring loaded throttle. Stick means altitude hold the app you need for this guy is the nahimi honor app. You guys lets turn this bad boy on red, led in the front green in the rear. Lets turn on the transmitter up down. Binds it you want to take both joysticks and move both joysticks to the lower left corners that calibrates it that calibrates the gyroscope of this guy, and you want to connect to the wi fi of this guy, auto recon. Now hemi nh530 is the wi fi connect to that and were going to connect to the nahemi honor app. You guys the hemi honor here it is right here were going to hit connect and we should be good to go all right. So there we go. We got fpv feeds you guys so lets go ahead and start the recording recording started in three two one recording started.

You guys so lets go ahead and just take off automatically take off and throttle up. We are, in the first rate, im gon na have to click into my race, because i dont have a lot of pitch, so lets go to the middle speed, the middle rate, because it was already getting blown away. So we are, in second rate, i believe it has three rates, and this is a little guy, so we want to keep this guy close. You dont really want to go too far with it flying decent right now, so it looks like the wind is blowing it back towards me. So it looks like the wind is blowing towards me, because every time i let go of the stick, it gets blown back, which is all right. I guess Music, so lets go to third rate. Now we are in the third rate. You guys im not sure how the camera feed is looking im, not looking down at the camera feed im just focusing on the quadcopter. So you guys tell me whether that little 720p camera look like we out here banging with the then the hemi nh530 flip on that bad boy. Another flip on that bad boy, yeah its a pretty overcast day, you guys so its not sunny or nothing like that. So, keep that in mind were not going to get no crisp sunny footage, but we out here with this bad boy, getting it going. Leds are nice and visible, though cant say that nice and visible leds altitude hole altitude hole works pretty good with this guy gon na hear me guys its fine all right.

I do remember i kind of remember the first time i flew it. I had that wi fi lag, you know in the controls, but i guess that depends on where you fly it too. I guess you know what im saying because its doing all right now, but i want to speak too soon, but it had that. I remember had that when you had the wi fi going it had that lag, because the wi fi from the phone would interfere with the 2.4. Like there goes a little bit. There will interfere with the 2.4 gigahertz of the controls, so you would get like lag in. Your commands got two and a half minutes of recording. Here we go so right now i mean its not too bad its flying decent nice little beginner, camera quadcopter, and you want to try to fly nice and slow to get any kind of decent footage from these little cheapos, but where these guys shine best is flying. It without the wi fi attached and you just sport flying this – is where these things fly. The best to me, in my opinion, you just fly im like a little sport quadcopter and they fly great theyre, not doing bad, no, not doing bad so ill say it does. Have these little like gimmicky little trick buttons that you can press. I can press one of them right here and thats like a automatic funnel and you press it again and it gets out of it and then theres another one where that was in the funnel.

That was basically like a automatic yaw and you just press another one and then its like a circle button and its doing that all on its own and then you press it and it gets out of it, come on back here in the hemi. So i had a little couple little trick buttons if you guys are into that flying pretty decent, though its not like just getting your drone out guys on a decent day and just flying it and its just enjoying the hobby guys. I mean thats really what its all about, no matter, what the drone costs, what kind of drone it it is as long as you are enjoying it thats all that matters. I dont care. What nobody tell you. Some people will tell you. Oh you dont! No, that drone sucks, you need to get a mavic. You need to get a dji there, so you need to get this this and this no, you dont guys you need to get whatever puts a smile on your face and keep flying that joker to it. Dont fly no more and then, if youre ready to upgrade, you can upgrade to whatever you want to. You know what im saying just take it from a guy who has tons of drones, guys i enjoy flying them all believe me from the expensive ones to the cheap ones like this as long as they fly decent and good im happy with it im flying them And im enjoying im enjoying them.

You know what im saying we got over five minutes of recording with this guy thats, pretty good, see the cornfield over there, yeah thats, pretty good. Yes, whatever puts a smile on your face. In my opinion, you know what im saying enjoy it get out and enjoy something. Are we flashing? I cant see. Music were good, its been a while sitting on the shelf and the hemi is flying good. It wanted to prove itself. I guess they said. Take me out draw the dogs im, ready, im, ready all right and, like i said guys, you get two batteries, nice, two batteries, another flip for you guys – and this is a quiet drone – listen to how quiet it is its pretty quiet, Music. Theres me drawing the dog yeah its pretty quiet. This is a nice looking flyer man, this is nice. I dont remember it flying this good this time. The last time, at least with the wi fi going were hitting were already almost seven minutes. Recording right now we hit, we hit seven minutes right now and now we got flashing lights. Let me go ahead and stop this recording stopped leds are flashing guys. Can you see that oh nahimi did really good today guys we got over seven minutes of flight time. One battery so with combined batteries, youre gon na get about 14 minutes guys. Let me go ahead and uh land in the hemi go ahead and land the hit me.

You did really good today, man, budget, quadcopter, guys you can get this guy on amazon dirt cheap. So, like i was saying, if you are a beginner or maybe you want to pick uh your kid uh their first drone up. This is a decent flyer. This is the hemi nh530. You rock it with your boy, drones or dogs catch you guys in the next episode.