Man look at this weather. Look at this weather snowing like heck couldn’t, be any more crappier for a drone review right now, but your boy gon na do it. Anyways man bye, i got the nahimi nh525 all right, 720p foldable pocket drone. Really nice little folder man here’s the transmitter. Everything is labeled. It’S altitude hold. You got your automatic takeoff. Emergency stop photo video button. These actually do work. I tested it when i connected to the app for a brief moment. Yesterday, headless mode 3d rose, which is actually 3d flips speed and one key return. These antennas are fake. You have your two uh levers under here and one of these levers when i pull it out it’s going to turn the drone on, but it’s snowy as heck. So we got to make this review quick. We will come out with another one that is for this. Guy but check it out, 720p adjustable camera. You can’t adjust this lens we’re going to leave this guy folded. I mean i adjusted straight forward. I’M gon na put the front legs out first. This is gon na be a quick one guys. This is in the snow, with the nahini 720p camera there’s no altitude hole. I mean there’s, no um optical flow, no sd card, so you’re, recording straight to the app here is the battery 3.7 volt 1200 milliamp hour battery. All right check it out: bang, throw it in this joint power on the quad flashing white leds in the front red in the rear, and let me show you about this transfer check this out, hear that that turned it on check that out up down that binds.

It lights go solid, i’m, gon na. Do it down the inboard that calibrates the gyroscope we’ll. Do that one more time that calibrated all right? So then, you also have these little extended arms to put your phone. This access as a phone mount all right. The app for this guy is the wi fi uav app all right, so we’re gon na go ahead and first of all i’m gon na just go ahead and just throw my phone in and then you dig here. Let it get all mounted up and whatnot. Oh, i just dropped it in the snow. Think about these mounts man, you got ta, you got ta, be all the way together with them. You got ta, be all the way right with it. You know what i’m saying these mounts you got, ta be all the way right with it. So let’s try doing it like this, and that seems to work all right. Let me go ahead. Do that unlock the joint all right now, let’s connect to the wi fi of this guy let’s connect to the wi fi let’s see connections flow 4k, even though it’s not a 4k drone. This is a 720p nahimi. It says flow 4k for the wi fi and the connector that’s gon na say it’s, not a secure network. We know that all right, my phone’s getting all wet wi, fi uav, app all right let’s get into this let’s get into this let’s.

Do this man all right here we go. Let’S click start man, but hey let’s. Just do there. We go in the snow here we go all right, so let’s go ahead and um start the recording and start it through the app here. The recording has started guys. We finna get this nahimi on and pop and let’s go to hit this automatic takeoff. Nice look at that. I haven’t touched anything hovering in the snow check that out. So this is our first rate really into it really isn’t any wind it’s just snowing, not windy. It’S about a five six miles per hour, wind speed, it’s gon na get windy, as i get out here, there’s the wind kicking up, but we’re in the first raid. This is the first rate right here. Look how good it looks, looks like a little little baby. Baby mini mini mini mavic woo check that boy out, though the nahimi nh525 first rate, so this is full four and first rate look at that full forward and first rate nice, bright white leds up front. I can see that red one in the rear check it out so we’re in the first raid it’s, not too bad in first rate check that boy out let’s go ahead and um click up. The speed second beat two beeps means we’re in second rate or the second speed here’s. The fourth flight in second speed check out there, y’all there’s our y’all. Let me go, let me go down to the first rate back down to the first rate.

I want to show you guys the y’all here’s, our y’all in the first rate. Okay, now go back up to the second rate, there’s our yaw and a second rate, so it did increase and the pitch increased. This is still second rate right here. Look how good that little thing look guys! This is a this is a tiny drone and it’s fine, really good, really good better than i expected to be in the snow right now. Guys, don’t fly your brand new drone in the snow like i’m doing right now, because you might be you might damage it. Hopefully, it survives another day after this all right, so let’s go to the third rate. Three beats will be in the third rate let’s check out the y’all there’s our yacht, so it did increase let’s, go forward flight, a lot more picture. Look at that whoa buddy. All right, not a speed demon but check that out, though she guess she definitely will get moving, though, all right that film that that footage is probably going to look crappy, because i was just giving it so much pitch you’re going to see a lot of the Ground, let me stop that recording and save something, so i stopped recording to save something this guy’s all supposed to have like gestures and stuff like that, but it’s snowing so i’m going to really worry about that. We’Ll get that out on a calm day where i could really really really fly, how i really want to we’re flying in the snow right now, but i will take a couple photos or your boy.

Look at your boy, drones and dogs there. I will take a photo. Let me see if i can do that, took a photo snapshot. Let’S see took a photo snapshot. Okay, let’s take a photo let’s, get a scenery, shot, take a photo out here in the street, get a scenery, shot digging the scene with the game i saved it. I looked down on my phone and almost crashed into the tree. That was epic, though, how i saved that the wind started to kick up, and i looked down for a second. It was always behind me trying to get a couple photos or so let’s just go ahead and start that recording again got the record started. We got the nahimi out here. This guy came with two batteries and they boast a 12 minute flight time on each battery. Now keep in mind it is cold and we it is. We are flying through the snow guys. So i don’t know if that this battery is going to last to exact 12 minutes, but they do give you two shouts out to nahimi for that. So yeah man. Oh, let me try some flips wow there’s, a flip wow and it’s nice. It does front flips and back flips all directional flips, with this guy. Usually these little like like tiny little mavic clones don’t do a front and back clip. They only usually do side flips, at least the ones i’ve had this one does all directional all right nahimi.

I see you look at that front. Flip! Look at that! If you hold it down, you can do multiple flips. That was kind of cool. Well, check that out nice flipping i’m gon na keep flipping it too much doing all the crazy stuff, but check that out i’m gon na stop that recording to save that with all the flippity dudes up in that joint let’s. Just get a a quick look at it up close look at it up close it’s, a nice looking bird man in the snow flying this joint, the nahini man check that boy out let’s go ahead and start that recording again, the app looks pretty decent too. For what this guy is, it actually looks pretty decent guys, no cap, so i’m, going to just fly around real smooth, try to get some decent recording the first two recordings. I was doing a lot of crazy, flips and um sporty flying. This is how you really want to fly a camera bird. You want to fly really nice and slow and docile to be able to get the best footage back when you find it all fast like i was just a minute ago. Your footage is not going to be the greatest, but when you fly like nice and smooth, this is where you’re going to get the best out of your camera. For whatever drone you have apply it nice and smooth to get the best footage that you can possibly get and sometimes it’s hard to do when it’s snowing all in your face and the wind starts to kick up but we’re gon na try to do our best Here your boy, drones and dogs, making it happen for y’all.

You know what i’m saying making it happen. So yeah you try to give it the best, the most slow and gentlest movements you can give it to try to keep all that rocking rocking and all that crap out of the footage, a little beginner tip for you guys. You know, fly nice, slow and smooth when you want to film, even though i know sometimes flying nice and slow like this – is not the funnest, but when you’re looking at the footage back, you get better footage than when you’re trying to fly all sporty and stuff. Like that, like right now, i’m getting some pretty decent footage back camera free looks pretty good i’m flying nice and slow nice and smooth, and it should look pretty decent when it comes back through the camera. But you guys will be the judge of that before. I will, and this guy is flying for a heck of a minute in the cold guys my fingers are freezing, so the drone is outlasting me i’ll. Tell you that right now the drone is outlasting. Me now i’m, not sure how i’m going to incorporate this footage. If i’m going to just throw it in the end or if i just uh put it up in the side or something like that or a picture in picture i’m, not really sure how i’m gon na do it, but you guys will see it when you see It and you guys, let me know you guys leave me a comment below.

Let me know what you think of the nahimi nh525. Is it pretty decent? I like it. I like how small it is how compact it is. So this is a nice little folder, guys that you could be able to throw in a small backpack. The controller is nice and compact and you’d be able. This is a good little selfie, drawing right here, nice little pocket little folder, selfie drone. It looks good and it’s flying good that’s, the most important part it’s flying good and it’s flying for a heck of a minute and you get two batteries. So this is not a bad quad at all, we’re flying in the snow, guys and it’s flying pretty good. For a little guy i’m telling you this guy’s, like half the size of my mavic mini the mavic mini, is small, but this guy is tiny, just like if the mavic mini is the mavic mini. This is the mavic baby, the mavic baby, baby, baby minnie, or something like that. The the pico mini Music – oh there’s, our flashlights. Let me stop that recording to save it. Look we have flash leds now. I want to fly it into the battery kills because i don’t want it to land in the snow so i’m going to just hit this automatic land right here, and hopefully we can land this guy nh525, not a bad quad at all guys. We just went for a quick snow flight with this guy.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’T forget to smash that, like button click that notification bell guys, if you want to see more cool reviews like this – and i appreciate you guys for watching thanks for joining me today – i’m, your boy, jones and dogs catch you guys in the next one deuces Music.