Now this is the first time ive featured their products on the channel and id first like to thank nahemi for sending these ones out down under here. For me to review and feature on the perth west rc channel today and today were going to look at this one. Its called the nh330, but uh jocelyn over at nahemi also sent me the nh530 which ill be featuring on the channel soon guys uh. So keep an eye out for that one, but today were going to look at the nh 330 here, okay guys. So, as you can see its a ducted uh mini drone here, i believe its going to be able to fly indoors and outdoors and, as you can see its a 14 plus age group – and we also have some features printed on the box here. As you can see, its got altitude hold this one 360 rotation emergency stop headless mode. Weve got three speeds on this: one also 360 flips in all directions and a one key take off and landing so lets uh see whats in the box and then well take it for a quick flight. Okay guys. So here it is in the box. We have the red version of the uh nh330. I believe you can also get the blue one there, but, as you can see its marked red – and it looks like a neat little drone comes in this plastic packaging here and also on the box.

We have a bag with the usb charger to charge the batteries up. This comes with two batteries. I believe they are 300 milliamp hours in size and we have the screwdriver plus a full set of propellers. So in the box we have two different types of uh documentation. Here we have a quick start guide and a full instruction manual in a couple of different languages here. So lets have a quick look at this uh quick start guide leaflet. As you can see, it shows you everything that comes in the box a bit of a checklist there, all the controls as well, and it shows that it takes three aaa batteries for the actual remote, how to charge it and on the back here it just gives You a rundown of how to bind the quadcopter to the transmitter, how to set the gyro calibration to reset the gyro, how to take off all the basic functions that we need to know on how to fly it and heres some of the parameter specs there. So it does only weigh 35 grams, has a max height of 30 meters and also a control range of 30 meters and theres the battery there guys its a 300 milliamp hour. One cell battery, like i mentioned, and its good for five to six minutes of flight. For per battery, and as you know, we have two of them there, okay, guys so nice quick, start guide here. You probably dont even have to look through this booklet because uh its pretty much all the same sort of uh details.

Okay, guys so now on the bench we have the little uh nahemi nh330 and also the little control that comes with it. Now ive gone ahead and put the uh three triple as in the back here. It only takes three batteries. We have a look at this controller in a second, so yeah lets have a look at the little nahemi whoop style. Ducted drone here guys looks pretty neat. I like the color combination of black and red. As you can see, each propeller is fully caged, so theres no chance that youre really going to break a prop, even though youve got a full set of props here. So i have the nahemi insignia logo there and it says never define your vision alongside some arrows to help you face it forward before you take off, which is neat okay, so lets turn it on press the power button on the back. As you can see, we have led lights all around on this one, so it looks like weve got blue leds on the sides. A clear white led on the front and yeah. Both sides are blue and we also have a red one on the back. So its going to be really easy to see your orientation with this one, knowing what that, if youre flying sideways, youre going to have the blue one if youre flying in front of you away from you, got the red and, if youre, flying towards you, you have This white led okay, so weve got the brushed motors on the bottom.

Here they look like possibly 615 size, brushed motors and uh. We have a direct uh push on prop system here, so its going to be pretty powerful little uh quads when theyre small quads like this and theyre, not gear driven, they are pretty zippy little uh drones to fly around so thats, pretty cool but yeah. I like the design of this one and on the bottom here you can see it has the battery here. Let me just turn it off: okay, so that batterys just held in with the lever here and then you just pop it off like that – and this is the second battery, as you can see. Another 300 milliamp hour, one cell lipo and, as you can see here, this is just a normal lipo that is just caged in this modulus style cage that is proprietary to this little drone, but you can actually get more batteries like this rather easily in this size, Too, so, if you know in a case where one of these batteries go bad, you want to get replacements. All you have to do is look online. Give these 300 milli amp hour, one cell batteries and theyve got this very common connector. That is very common on these types of small drones and you can actually just unscrew this plate off and screw a new one in so thats rather neat. I like how theyve got a very common plug here, really neat, so very easy to find batteries for this.

One okay on to the little transmitter that we get with the nh330 now its rather small but uh. It actually fits nicely. In the palming hand, the gimbal sticks feel very smooth, so it should be nice and responsive for the throttle and the directions here got the on and off switch here, guys, okay, now to bind to the little drone. You got to go up and down like that, and it will be bound to the quadcopter. We also have some buttons out up here on the on the shoulders here. So this one, i believe, is a two function button, so it does two different things: uh quick press will be uh for headless mode thats. Why its got like a compass icon there and a long press will do like a spinning rotating yaw, okay, thats. What it says in the booklet, this one here is for your 360 flips. So if you press that it will beep and then you just go in any direction that you want to uh to flip the drone. Okay guys here is your automatic takeoff and automatic land. So just take off by itself and then land by itself when you press those buttons now youre, probably thinking wheres all the trimmers, and where is the speed switch well to do the speeds on this one? You got to press the actual throttle, stick in says. One speed two speed three and to trim it. You got to press this one in okay and then you see the blinking light there.

Okay, so if your drone is swaying, you can go left or right and if you hold it thats the center okay and you can press it in again to confirm it so thats. Basically it guys uh to do a gyro calibration. You have the drone on a level surface like this. Let me just turn it on. Maybe youll be able to see the lights okay. So what im going to do ill turn that off and on ill bind it first? Okay, so all the lights are solid, as you can see now for a gyro calibration. Hopefully you can see this two sticks down and to the left, and it is flashing just there, okay, so thats. Basically, it guys all right so anyway lets uh charge these batteries up and well take it for a test flight and well see how this little nahemi nh330 performs all right, so thatll be coming up next. Okay, guys im out here with the little nahemi, nh330. Okay and im undercover. Actually, i thought i might fly it in sort of indoors outdoors, but uh yeah theres a bit of wind uh, picking up out on the actual main field, so uh yeah, i thought ill fly under under this undercover area. Um also well be able to see the lights a bit better in this bit of shade here. So uh lets take for a quick fly and uh see how it performs so were gon na turn the controller on first press, the power button.

As you can see, the lights are flashing, gon na bind it up and down now its bound okay and then first off. We want to do the on the level surface here: gyro calibration, okay and the lights flash all right so lets take it up. Guys were going to use the uh take off button. There we go, you can see its got bright lights, all the way around blue on the sides. The clear white one on the front and weve got the red on the back. So this is rate one pretty slow, Music, so nice and controllable step up to rate two. You press that throttle in and sign a bit faster there, especially if youre outside in some wind. You want to uh fly in these second and third modes. Id say lets say i try some flips on this shoulder button. Nice flips there, so you press it in itll beat, and then you just do the direction that you want it to flip and it elevates a little bit there get some clearance barrel rolls nice thats. In second right lets pick it up to third right, and this should be third right, yeah getting a bit quicker there, so you can definitely see those lights, hopefully theyre coming up on camera, but i can see them rather well, especially on the sides there. The blue, okay, now theres a little feature here: weve got the headless mode button if im going to hold it down, and it means to do this.

Little spin just have a look at that. There you go spinning around by itself, okay, and to get out of that youre gon na have to press it again. You can actually go up and down with it and itll, keep spinning itll keep spinning if youre pitching your as well. Look at that forward! Back. Okay, so to get out, youre gon na have to press that again: okay, Music, yeah, guys neat little flyer, thats for sure very maneuverable, pretty quick and third speed rate. Look at it go be a great one for the kids, especially with christmas coming up and you guys in the usa. You know you got winter approaching in the next couple of months. Flies really well. Whoa now lets check the automatic uh land. So weve got the button here for automatic land Music. You can see it lands automatically there all right guys so yeah nice, bright lights on this one, okay lets uh see ill. Take it up again: okay, press it again. I tried to take it off from my hand, but i wouldnt do it. So this is rate one as you can see the yaw to get it closer to me. The ore is pretty slow lets see if the your changes straight too rate three yeah. It does change a little bit see if i can still do some flips yeah. I can so they state the batterys meant to last about five to six minutes depending on how you fly it.

If you fly in low rate, uh youll probably get that full six minutes well see how we go ill. Put a flight timer, pretty much covered all the features here, except our headless mode, just try that but quick press, and it should be in headless mode here. So if i turn it yeah im sideways, zip im going forward and back see the blue light flashing, its actually flashing, left and right, but the drones facing that way. Okay, now i can keep doing that, while youre in see forward left right so headless mode. Not many people really use it, especially youve been flying for a long time, but if youre new to the hobby new to flying thats just to help you uh, if you lose orientation, you want to press that button. That way, you can direct it back towards yourself. Rather easily thats, all its there for other than that uh headless mode is not usually used, so ive, just pressed it again and its facing towards me this time: okay and the lights flash so yeah step it up to rate two again Music. Okay, see! If i can do any flips, no, i cant now it looks like weve got low lvc its flashing now, okay, so i put in rate three quickly. You just fly it around as quick as it. It can go. The remainder of this battery yeah its a neat fly. Okay, here we go its landing itself, so ill get a flight time up on the screen.

Okay and well see exactly what it got it felt like it got around six minutes quite easily, so uh yeah guys. I think its a neat little flyer, its a lot of fun. These are direct driven motors when theyre not geared on these mini drones, theyre pretty uh. You know zippy little drones as you can see in rate three. It fires really good see you guys: um ill leave a link in the description below to amazon the nahemi store where you can purchase one of these. You can get it in blue as well guys. Okay. So if you fancy the blue color over the red, you can choose a blue one im, pretty sure that maybe the controller will be color coded in blue as well, but yeah great little controller too. Very responsive youve got all the buttons working very well as well as the gimbal sticks and uh yeah. I recommend this for a christmas gift, especially for your kids or even, if you know, during winter time, for yourself a teenager or even an adult, you could buy one of these and uh. You know especially wintertime when its snowing, especially in the us, gets rather chilly and cold over there with the snow. This is something good to just fly around the house. If you want to get a bit of a flying fix, but uh, you probably even put a little all in one camera on this one. I i dont see why this couldnt carry it.

It weighs about 35 grams im, pretty sure it mentioned on the box. So, im sure a couple of grams with a little all in one camera, you could uh fly this around and do a little bit of fpv around the house, all right guys! Well, thanks very much for watching this review on the nahemi nh330 mini drone and ill catch you on the next one guys, if you feel free to like subscribe and comment below and uh yeah until next time, happy.