, its a beautiful day in zamunda here its a little breezy here for this little guy, so it might get blown around hey. Hopefully, we should be able to fight the little breeze. This is primarily an indoor flyer, really cool. I like the little design and accents on top of it here. Its red with the four bladed props, has nice little protection around the blades, really nice uh for kids and beginners to get into the hobby. I feel that breeze kicking up um comes with two batteries: click in really easily. Here it is 3.7 volt, 300 milliamp hour battery, guys proprietary, unfortunately, but i do think you can open this guy up and actually change the battery if you need to after looking at, but i do i do believe you can um features on this guy, its pretty Simple uh its a altitude hole flyer, it has throw to go, which means you can essentially throw this guy in the air and it should take flight, um, flips and thats pretty much. It has some pretty cool lights around it. I dont know if youre going to be able to see it during the day, but you definitely see them at nighttime and its basically aimed at beginners guys uh heres, a real nice transmitter here for it three aaa batteries for the back at this guy. Okay, you do have some bumper buttons here. You have a 360 flip bump bumper button here, so you press this for a flip um.

You have your headless mode button here, short pressure for headless mode, long, press it and it has a 360 rotation with a quad. Will actually yaw and a circle uh automated, like an automatic function, automatic take off and land here on and off switch for the remote control with the led indicator? Let you know its on and off spring loaded throttle stick so that tell us altitude hold uh pitch and roll here, and then you press in on the throttle, stick for uh rates, so i believe it has three rates and thats not too much else to be Said about this guy so were gon na go ahead and fly like i said this. One came with two batteries, so were gon na fly the the one battery here and see how this guy does this in the hemi in h, 330. You guys lets. Do it. Lets do this lets go ahead and power on it, so we got some blue leds on the side red in the rear white in the front, nice orientation lets go ahead and turn this on. Do a up down, binds it the lights, go solid. Now to calibrate it is both joysticks down and to the left. I believe yep joystick beeped uh calibration is uh successful lights, flash on the quadcopter, so that means we are ready for takeoff guys. So, like i said, theres three ways to take off you can you can uh do down and out, i believe down and out or theyre both down an inboard huh.

I believe its down and out. Oh so just press the automatic takeoff button and that works, like i said, were second rate im already in a second rate just so, i can kind of combat this little breeze here. So thats, one way to take off was just pressing. The automatic takeoff function. Okay, so i did that now supposedly youre supposed to be able to do down and out both sticks down and out, and that post will be able to start the motors as well, but its not working for me down an inboard. Oh both sticks down and outward, and that takes off okay, so lets go ahead and land it again see if that works again down yeah both sticks down and outward guys – and that starts the motor, so thats the third way to take off and then throttle down That shuts off the motors, so you can automatically take off both sticks down and upward will take, take off and then the third way should be toss. The fly so lets, try it and there we go all right. So we have successfully taken off all three ways. We are in a third right now, so lets just fly it now then the hemi nh330 yeah. This is definitely an indoor fire, because we are in a third rate here, its a little breeze, and you can tell it wants to fight this little breeze here. Lets. Try a flip, oh im, hitting the right button, thats thats, trying to flip okay, okay, okay, all directional flips man, nice little flyer, definitely digging a color.

Definitely digging a little toss to fly. Thats a cool little feature. Breeze is blowing from behind me, so its actually flying into the breeze right now im flying forward into the breeze. Look at that thats full floor on a stick into the breeze, so yeah, not much of a wind fighter and thats to be expected. With these little whoop style, drones theyre not really good for wind actually flying better than i expected, though, to be honest. Im getting blinded by the sun yeah its pretty good, especially the price, oh yeah and then blades are protected. All the way around were doing a little yay Music, oh yeah. I can get with this im liking this and then hear me. I picked this boy up off amazon. I dont know what i paid for it was cheap. It was like less than 20 bucks. I got a dirt cheap lets, get it all up in your fitness all up for your fitness all up to you, crazy wow, your boy drove the dogs. You know how we coming man, you know we rocking fighting right into the wind. You see im pitched right into the breeze coming back with the wind. You know Music. Now, if there was no breeze out here, this thing would be flying excellent, its really not doing too bad. Now, though, Music all right now hear me, i see you boy, you know its got a little uh maneuverability to it a little fun flight Music man.

Look at it. This thing is super responsive, decent flight time too full of 300 milliamp hour battery Music got a decent fly time to it, i think were flashing. Are we flashing? Now? Let me see i cant tell yeah were flashing, were flashing lets get it on over here. For a landing, then the hemi hit the automatic land button and bow the ns330 finally hand me guys. What more can i say great little flyer for the low low for the cheapo for the chick chick yeah yeah, your boy, drawing the dog dont forget to like and subscribe guys.