This is my third nami and the other two were great, so im expecting this one to be good too. So this is the nahimi nh320 skywalker yeah its just a little mini drone, a little indoor. You know backyard type deal and has some of the features on it down there. It charges yay indoor flight three speeds built in gyro, headless mode, which we we will not demonstrate that okay, but its on here. Okay, so lets get it out of the box and check it out. Okay, there it is out of the box, and you got your quadcopter, your controller and your bag of stuff, which includes three batteries: okay, theres, three batteries with this thing, just as an fyi plus they give you the dual chargers. So you can, you know you could charge them up quick and get back out there, and you got a little some spare props, which i highly doubt that youre going to be needing by the looks of this thing. I dont think youre going to be breaking many props, but uh yeah. So you get the screwdriver. The four spare props, the three batteries theres two in here theres one in the machine and two chargers: yeah and it does the uh. You know the chargers work on that you know red light charging and then, when it goes off its done deal you know, then you got a manual theres, really not a lot to the manual as you can see its only a couple of pages because it just Gives you the description of the transmitter? You know so not much to it.

Theres the transmitter. You got flips um. The speeds are right here on this uh third button down is the speed and then the fourth button down is the headless mode, and you got your sticks here: theres no um, you know theres no camera, thank goodness and then heres your trim buttons on the side. Here, theres your trims, so yeah, okay, good stuff, heres, the quadcopter itself, theres a little light there on the front theres, the top theres, the little power switch, the pull power button theres. Where the battery goes in here you just unscrew. This screw lift it up and then put the battery and plug it in put the thing in and screw it back in real, simple stuff theres, the wiring for your four motors yeah looks good. My guess is that this thing is gon na fly, pretty good. Okay, thats gon na be im gon na predict, so lets bind it up. Okay, its on okay, so theres the level calibration down into the right and lets just take it off in here for a minute, see what it looks like lets. Give it a whirl see what happens see if we crash okay theres the takeoff button right there, Music, so its in the first rate right now: Music, theres, a flip, oh yeah, its very stable! Look at that. So lets change the speed so theres, the third rate. Music im trying to keep it down here where you can see it.

I know the camera doesnt reach all the way to the top anyway lets go, take it outside and fly it. So we can get a good uh idea on how good it flies, but i can guarantee you its going to fly well. Oh, i hit that dastardly uh headless mode. I thought it was the land button heres the land button right here. So you see what happens when you hit the headless mode, its gon na sit there and beep on you, so you dont want that so lets. Take it outside and fly it ill, swap a fresh battery in there and then well get a flight time. Well, get a flight time on it. You know, when i put the fresh battery in so yeah thatll, be good all right guys. Let me turn it off. Get the new battery and well take it outside. We are here with the hemi, a classic. A legend lets. Do the level calibration which we did lets start it up and go yeah lets get the third rate going some of these toy quadcopters in the first rate outside theyre, not that good, okay, whoa, look at that thing go holy cow that was the uh. I meant that the flip button, but i hit the land button instead, wow that things nice Music, look how a hedgehog it is holy cow. Super nice super fast, oh its another nahemi winner ill put the flight time in like i always do, and just look at this thing zip around here guys i mean come on super nice for this cheap.

Believe me, this things cheap as dirk its got, the little solid core motors in there yeah real nice Music wow Music up. There goes the battery. You know when it dont flip, no more, the batterys going bad, but you know im pushing it real hard. Its not like im going gentle with it im pushing the motors pretty hard with all this spinning around and all this crap, so yeah wow great one, no not doing it im just gon na wait till it craps out which it will shortly great indoors great outdoors. What a nice little bird, the hemi there it goes. Oh, i thought i was going to fly away there for a second. I was like whoa it does. It wants to its im, letting go of it. It keeps wanting to go up. They give you three batteries. So you know youre gon na have at least 15 20 minutes out here. With this thing, all right, guys, thats it its dead. It wont do nothing wont even climb ill, try one more there. It goes all right. I dont want to ruin the battery so yeah great man, great stuff, wow god. I got two good ones in a row. The ink pot and then the hemi wow spectacular, very excited about that wow all right there. You go guys yummy.