Applause: okay got the drone in the top very small there’s, a controller all very tightly packed i’ll need some batteries for that there’s no batches with it get some pieces with it instructions just let a good way through them put some batches in the controller that comes With three batches i think there’s one inside it there’s a charger usb there’s, a two additional batteries, there’s two chargers with it: there’s a screwdriver and some replacement. Blades let’s get this out and have a look Applause, very small let’s, just scroll on the back. There see oh there’s matty in there it’s not plugged in right. As i say, i should give that a charge up, i’ll fit that in and i shall fit the batteries in and then we’ll give it a test out. I’Ve now charged up the batteries and i’ve put a battery in and put batteries inside the controller. The controller’s got little adjustments here if it’s drifting when it’s hovering, um and buttons on the front, but uh i’ll start it up as per the instructions. Turn on the uh controller and turn on the drone. There’S lights come on there and you move the stick up down and then just press the button and that started it, and where am i, this does tricks let’s see if we can get the trick, others fairly. Well, very easy to control fairly fast Music.