Oh ive got some dirt on it. This is the lowepro photosport 70 liter aw, mark iii, uh backpack and its specifically designed for people doing foot photography, video on multi day trips, and i have overloaded this thing to the gubbins and today im going to show you everything, ive got inside it and a Really quick overview of some of the features, its 70 layers, its made of this really good material, which is something its like 70, its a 70 recycled. This is a bag type ive been searching for for a long time, its something that carries enough stuff like good camping in the winter and bring a lot of camera equipment in as well. I mean, if you look at this. This looks like your standard 70 liter backpack. You can see. Ive got stuff in the bottom bottles on the side and you can also store. I had the tripod that was on here was on the side before its got a nice lid on the top. Its got theres a waterproof cover in here that you can put over it features and make this somewhat different, youll notice. In the front, there is a zip because it has very nice, fully front access here now at the minute. Ive got a jacket in there, but if i wanted, i could have access to my camera equipment, but well flip it around ill. Show you where this really starts to come into it, so on flip it around on the back, and you can see here, youve got low, pros, active, lift, shoulder, strap system here and the um the waist straps, which i looked at these when i bought that got This didnt buy it lupro sent this to me.

Thank you. Lowepro. Please continue to send me. Expensive goods very expensive, buy this. By the way this bag is close to 500 pounds. So definitely a niche bag. Definitely a niche bag but um if youre a photographer or a video person that might be worth it for you. You can adjust these straps up and down. As you like, really thick straps and a waist harness which i found i went uh. We were out for two hours, two hour hike with this and no problems. Ive got this packed. It must be 17 to 20 kilos in this bag. I was fine. It was really really comfortable the entire time i was out so in terms of comfort, no problem, but this is the cool bit. This is the cool bit because drop it down, and so you see theres a zipper, zip. The zipper watch this and theres a camera compartment inside in here and in this ive got well ive got a fuji x100 ive got a drone in here. Ive got a spare lens for my sony, which were currently shooting this on, and i can also fit in there a full frame mirrorless with a big lens on it. Ive got a 24 to 105 on the camera, a spare lens, a drone, a small mirrorless camera spare batteries and a microphone all fits in here all nicely protected because its on the back here im not dumping the straps in the ground. I just put it down flat, sits nicely opening up really quick access to my camera equipment, so ill quickly.

Show you everything, ive got in this backpack. I can first of all detach the top brain. If you want to call it that – which is quite nice, because i tend to keep my personal items in this, so this ends up sitting in the tent up close to my head, thats it on the bottom section. Ive got my tent got my foil mat and in the bottom here ive got insulated. Trousers tarp, silk liner for my sleeping bag, ive got my camping pillow. My sleeping bag lets open up this bit and take some stuff out of here insulate the jacket my water bottle, unclipped to be sleeping mats, personal items. My cook set bag of food camp like a thermal underwear, all my camera stuff in a nice cube on the front here, theres a nice layers section for your layers, so my waterproof trousers in there – and i got my waterproof jacket that has a place in the Front they attach detach your hiking poles as well lots of securing points for attaching things, and that is everything i can get in this pack from the front and outside. It looks like theres no frame in this, but is actually on the inside theres, an aluminium frame that runs the full height of this, so the back of it is actually quite rigid and it does sit against your back, but the two, the points of contact are Really just these plus plus the straps, so it is lifted off your back and it does seem to be quite good air flow.

I was out for two hours my back didnt get like crazy, crazy sweaty. What i think of this so far having used it well, so far, im really impressed it was really comfortable. Despite all of this stuff, you see being stuffed into this. I suspect this is probably going to become my go to bag for multi day trips and i do have a really good osprey bag, but theres no point keeping two bags the same size. Im. Probably gon na sell the osprey and keep this because, in general, this bag suits me a lot more now there are a couple of things about this bag im, not not thrilled about um. One of them is that the waist straps dont come with and theres no pockets in here. So i cant have like anything around my waist handling, which is a bit of a a bit of a loss, and you can plan around it. If you know thats going to be the case, maybe like because theres attachment points here, i could put something else something else on and it does come with a range of accessories, including this little phone holder. You can put on a strap. So i can put my phone in there and there are other accessories that allow you to you can put you can know you can put theres a theres, also a strap that comes with it. So you can then put this around your neck and carry this uh.

Just like a little satchel uh, you can also do the same thing with the whered. It go with the brain. So i i forgot the spare straps, but you can hook into the buckles on here, theres a strap that comes with you can flick around click click and then you can wear this like a little thats, the bag a little bit niche a little bit expensive. But if youre somebody like me who needs the car a lot of camera equipment as well as a lot of hiking gear, this uh, this might work out quite well for you. So i think david has managed to put up his entire tent in the time. Ive been blabbing here, so i need to go and put mine up before it gets a lot colder david. What do you think of the backpack looks really good yeah. He says it looks really good thats all he had to say right. So hopefully, you find this video informative about this bag um, if youre not interested in this bag. Thats, fine, theres, other videos on this channel outdoors hiking running technology have a look around might find something else. You like Music, its quite windy, but quite windy. I mean its exceptionally windy. I should probably get into my tent and uh hunker down for the morning. I am so glad that i had enough space to bring so much stuff with me. We were able to sit in the forest with a tarp over our heads.