A lot of you said: hey, i didnt know that existed so today i thought id go to another location in huntington beach state park that some of you might not know about. This is the observation, pier slash deck, slash thing whatever you want to call it. That is near their nature center. When you go in the main road, you go down that causeway with the alligators on the right sometimes are on the left. If they get sneaky, you take the first left hand turn after the causeway and youre going to see a building behind that building. Is this observation, pier dock? Whatever it gives you outstanding views of merles inlet from this walkway? You can see the causeway, which is to our left right now, as we fly over and to since we changed views around to the right would be the causeway to the left would be the mouth of the inlet and the jetty that we saw in the last Video from this state park, this video was recorded during low tide. So keep that in mind, you see a lot of fluff mud, a lot of exposed grass as because of low tide during high tide majority of this is underwater. You get a delta of about four to five feet from low tide to high tide, so keep that in mind when you visit may get a totally different view during a different tidal condition. So, as you can see, just on the other side of those trees is the ocean, as we pan to the right about center screen.

Now is adelaide castle at elia castle and theres the causeway i mentioned before. When you enter huntington beach state park, you will drive over this causeway. The body of water on the far side of the causeway is fresh water and theres lots of alligators in there, but just because alligators prefer fresh water doesnt mean theyre not going to travel into the inlet as well. So that is a possibility. Just keep that in mind if youre, kayaking or whatnot in this area of the inlet low tide is a really good opportunity to see some shellfish and crab activity in the pluff mud theres. Usually hundreds of them running around so lets go back up to the sky, and i want to point out where the jetty is that we visited last time straight ahead is a pond lake whatever between the park and the ocean and then that in the far distance, Where the snake leads is the mouth of merles inlet that leads you out to the ocean. So if you were to follow this snaking corridor here, you could go out to open ocean to the left is oyster landing where you could actually put a boat or kayak in back to the causeway. Lets get a closer look at this causeway. This is a favorite for local and traveling photographers when you drive over this causeway or walk over it. Chances are youre going to see multiple photographers with lenses that are 10 times longer than the camera themselves.

So, with that in mind, youre pretty much guaranteed. Some really interesting views, whether its an alligator or different types of birds, so from the causeway looking north, there is the walkway that i brought up at the beginning, which is the reason i shot this video. I wanted to share this causeway because it is a really cool chill spot. Uh gives you really good views and a lot of people dont know its there. They drive right past it thats our trip to huntington beach state park today until next time.