The batteries of heavy artillery being sent to ukraine could well blunt the growing russian offensive, but military researchers are also considering advanced weapons to strike against moscows military. Might. There are warnings that the vast array of weaponry entering the country from nato powers could lead to confusion and waste with calls for a more coherent plan. But for now it is the artillery pieces, along with many thousands of shells that are trundling into the country. From the us, the netherlands, poland, britain and czech republic that could turn the tide. The russians have long called artillery, the god of war and by concentrating their firepower in donbass, they can bring to bear a formidable firepower to remove ukraines army from its well dug in positions. In response. The ukrainians are developing a new agile method of counter attack using drones, radar and their own howitzers to retaliate with counter battery fire. If they can transport enough guns to the east in time, they may well make it impossible for the russians to penetrate deep into donbass. It is relatively easy to train gunners on towed artillery pieces, making them ideal for the short term. Hence the us is sending at least 90 m777 howitzers and 180 000 rounds. The gun more recently used in the afghanistan and iraq wars can send a 155 millimeter. Shell 24 kilometers with a well trained eight man, crew able to fire a steady rate of two rounds per minute. The push by the united states to send artillery to ukraine aims to degrade russian forces according to u.

s defense, secretary, lloyd, austin and military experts, not only on the immediate battlefield, but over the longer term. The united states, france, czech republic and other allies are sending scores of the long range howitzers to help ukraine blunt russias, mounting offensive in the eastern donbass region, backed by better air defense, attack, drones and western intelligence. The allies hope that kiev will be able to destroy a large amount of russias firepower in the looming showdown after returning from kiev, where he met ukraine, defense chiefs and president vladimir zelinsky lloyd, austin told journalists in poland early monday that washingtons hopes are larger than that Music, lloyd, austin said russia has already lost a lot of military capability and a lot of its troops quite frankly, and we want to see them not have the capability to very quickly reproduce that capability we want to see. Russia weaken to the degree that it cant do the kinds of things that it has done in invading ukraine, american and allies are moving fast with the supplies to take advantage of the slow regrouping of russian forces after their setback in northern ukraine. Already at least 18 of the 90 towed artillery pieces, washington promised in the past two weeks have been delivered to ukrainian forces and more being rushed in early this week. According to a pentagon, official washington is also supplying nearly 200 000 rounds of howitzer ammunition and is arranging for ammunition supplies for the russian made artillery that ukraine forces currently operate.

Some 50 ukraine military have already been trained to use the usm 777 artillery howitzers and more are being trained this week. Meanwhile, france is sending its ultra advanced caesar. Mobile howitzer and the czech republic is delivering its older self propelled. Howitzers, canada 2 is sending howitzers and advanced, guided excalibur shells that can travel more than 40 kilometers and deliver munitions precisely on target more formidably. The dutch are understood to be sending about 20 of their panzer hobbits 2000s to ukraine. That could prove significant. The tracked pzh2000ns can fire three shells in nine seconds and tolerate 20 rounds in two minutes. They are highly accurate and their rocket booster shells can give them a range of 67 kilometers or 35 kilometers without artillery spotters. Key to thwarting russia will be the ability to spot their guns once fired and bring down accurate counter battery fire.