Welcome back to the channel dont forget to smash the like button to show your support and hit that notification bell. So you know when i upload something new if youre new to the channel, i would like to extend a warm welcome. This here is the nationwide micro drone nationwide is an insurance company. Theyre famous for this saying here, nationwide is on your side. I saw this drone online and i thought it was uh very interesting, to say the least that this was made by nationwide. I was really excited about seeing that this thing has no altitude hold. It has a loose throttle over here, and so i just pulled the trigger on it. It was about 25 bucks. I dont think this thing is sold regularly. I think it probably was a gift from nationwide, but someone was selling it online, so i jumped on it grabbed it and guys nationwide was not on my side for this one. This thing turned out to be horrible. It was actually in good shape, cosmetically the way it looks and all it i like all the features that it has as far as um the way its built it has these little rubber landing feet on it. First glance it looks like these lights are all red. This here is a red flashlight, but the other lights actually are different, colors, its blue up the front and red in the rear, and so i thought that was awesome.

It used to have an on and off switch on here. The thing didnt fly well when i first got it, but i think it was very susceptible to interference. It would try to fly away on me or fall down. It just was horrible. It did that the first two times that i tried to fly it outdoors and then the on and off switch got stuck in the off position, and so it just wouldnt turn on anymore. The battery that it came with was dead. When i first got it, it was completely dead, so i had to use my own battery good thing that i have you know a bunch of these little batteries and whatnot, because the one that came with it was completely dead. It came with these props on it. Right here and these props arent bad, but theyre too small for something this large. So i added the 65 millimeter props on here and that helped it fly a little better than what it was flying in the beginning, but it ended up just being a total disaster. The transmitter its on a protocol that i dont know of so i couldnt fly with deviation. I was stuck with this transmitter, but the transmitter actually isnt bad. The only thing the transmitter takes a bunch of batteries. This thing takes pop a little four batteries. The speed button here the right shoulder button is the flip button. I ended up just removing the guts of this thing and i replaced it with the insides of one of these guys.

I had about four of these, and so i sacrificed one of these to put in here and i wired everything up the same way and all, and so this thing has turned out to be quite a purchase for me. It was well worth it for me, but had i not been frequent flyer with a bunch of parts and everything and the know how to repair this thing or doctor it up to what i like from these little quads. It would have just been a disaster for one of you guys, so if you see one of these nationwide drones its really not worth it, these things dont fly well, but mine flies awesome now because of the little upgrade that i gave it well, i guess you Can count that as a massive upgrade, it has a whole new brain in here and i brought my own battery along for it. I got a bunch of these little batteries, so i fly it with this: its a 380 milliamp hour battery and so for the most part, this thing flies awesome. Now you can close this little battery compartment. There theres a little space in there for the wires and all so the wires dont hang out. So i thought that was awesome and this thing is wired up so that it has a little. It has these little boards in here for the lights and the motors are actually wired to those boards too. So when you give this thing, throttle it lights up the lights and when you cut throttle the lights turn completely off, and so, when you give a little bit of throttle, the lights are dim or whatnot and as you increase the throttle, the lights get stronger and Stronger and so thats awesome, though it doesnt affect the red light in the front that just stays on when you first plug it up, and so this thing flies awesome now so uh stay away from these nationwide drones.

If you see them online dont get them a mine has turned out to be something awesome and im going to show you guys how it flies. Now all right, yall, so im out here with this nationwide drone about to do a flight um its night out here now it doesnt look too dark here on the camera, though so, hopefully you guys can be able to see this. Normally, it is dark out here. The camera is making it look lighter than it actually is, but lets get this guy in here, so we can check it out flying with deviation, maybe its a good thing that its a little dark out here, you guys can see the lights were gon na. Take off here were on a classic location check it out. Those awesome funnels now awesome flyer. Now, after the mods i did to it, let me bring it in a little check it out new lights in the front, but it also has that red flashlight in the front red in the rear. You dont really see the blue lights until youre, flying away from yourself see all red and its coming towards you, its a little windy out here. This thing has a lot of pitch. It actually seems like it has more pitch than it did in its original form. Talking about the queen toys, quiet anyhow and it seems like it does better funnels because of that. Oh let me show you guys the flips, so it does be flips those those flips there when youre flying forward and you do a side flip a barrel roll.

I was doing some manual flips with it. Let me try one so it does nice manual flips too, and the way its wired up. When i cut the throttle, the lights actually go off so thats. Why you probably saw the lights go off when i did that manual flip, because you have to bring the throttle to zero check it out this thing, banks awesome its quiet. It actually turned out to be a nice quad, so im not mad at all. Actually happy with the turnout got me an awesome little flyer. Now it was fast too. Okay, so bring it in see if you can get it back on my perch right here, yep. So thats it its the nationwide drone a mod actually, my hooying toys 853 inside this guy.