Now i fly a wide variety of drones and whenever i buy a new drone, the very first accessory im looking for is a really nice case to protect that drone because lets be honest. Drones are expensive, plus youre, going to take them out there in the field. With you, which means theyre in the back of your car, maybe theyre in your motorcycle and theyre going to get banged around. So if you just throw them in the back of the car or you throw them in a backpack, you could put something down. On top of it plus theres dirt and theres dust inside those backpacks, so finding a case that really protects the drone is very important for me and really a good case will do two things. The first thing it does is protect the drone. So a hard case like this once you put the drone inside its nestled in there its got a nice little spot for the drone to sit all the accessories have their own little spot. You close that case its completely protected because its crushed proof, its waterproof dust, wont get in there. Dirt wont get in there, so its primary purpose is to protect your drone, and it does a great job of that. The second thing, which i think is probably just as important is it helps you organize your gear, so the right case will have slots cut in it for the drone, the controller, the charging cables, maybe theres a hub that youre going to use to charge it everything You need for that.

Drone goes in the case, so it organizes your gear because the worst thing that can happen is youve got a beautiful sunny day. Youre all excited to go out and fly. You grab your drone. You head out the door. You drive an hour to get to the location and find out im missing something im missing a cable. Oh, i forgot to bring this. I forgot to bring that if its all in the case, youre taking the case and youre good to go, you basically charge up your drone drop it in the case everything he needs inside there. So, for me it organizes my gear and it protects my gear, which is really important. Now this is the 925 case from the nook and ive tested a lot of different hard cases. I really like this company because theyve been around a long time. Theyve made cases for a wide variety of electronic equipment and other types of gear that needs to be protected, and i know theres a lot of different styles of cases on the market and honestly, if its a smaller drone, i may go with a soft case. So if im flying a mini or even an air, 2s ill use, probably a softer case because theyre smaller the accessories are smaller and those soft cases do a pretty good job of keeping everything organized and keep it protected. The problem is when you get a bigger drone like the mavic 3 or even the air 2s.

For that matter, theyre, bigger and everythings bigger the batteries are bigger, the chargers are bigger, everything is bigger, so i want to have a case thats substantial, to protect all that and plus protect the investment that ive made in that drone and again organize all my gear. So i like a hard case for the bigger drones and again theres a lot of companies that make hard cases and it would be difficult sometimes to understand the differences between the manufacturing products out there but ill go through it a little bit and explain why the Nook case is really my favorite of all the cases on the market, but before i do, let me just do a quick, unboxing theres, not a lot in the box when you pop open the box, this beautiful box youll find the case. Youll also find some paperwork, so theres a catalog there. That shows you all the other things that nook makes by the way they make this case in, like six or seven different colors. I like black. It just matches all my other cases, so you can choose whatever color you like theyve got. I think caution. Orange theyve got yellow theyve got olive theyve got a gray, theres theres a bunch of colors, so you can check that on the website, but anyway, thatll show you other products. They make theres a warranty registration card. Now you might think why am i going to warranty? Why am i going to register for warranty well its warrantied against failure now its not going to fail? I can tell you ive done some pretty abusive things to the other nano cases.

Ive got and theyve survived just fine man. They get dirty and scratched up, but theyre not going to crack theyre not going to let dirt or water inside but register it because i guess theyve got a promotion going where you may win something if youre registered so look into that and then finally they give You a sticker, which i think is kind of cool. Now you could stick this on your car. You could stick it on your forehead. You could stick it on the unit, whatever you want to do with it, but if youre proud of the case – and you want to brag about being a drone flyer – maybe stick that on your car somebodyll ask you whats with the sticker. Well, thats my new nook case for my mavic 3. So maybe you start a conversation there, all right so thats pretty much! Oh in the case, you get that too. Ive almost forgot to mention that the case is in the box as well anyway. Now, what id like to do is just talk a little bit about what makes it different than some of the other cases on the market and then ill actually do a closer look to show you what fits in there, because it does seem like a big case Until you hold it, but when you realize exactly what you can put in the case, its pretty amazing that theyve cut slots for all that in there.

So basically, whats different is the fact that its made out of a special material, its a resin material and its called the nk seven i believe it is lets, see yeah nk seven, which is a proprietary formulation from a nanook. Now i have tried to get details on exactly what the formulation is, but nobodys talking so its a secret formulation that keeps the case in really good shape if it gets hot if it gets cold, if it gets banged around ive had these cases for geez, i Got ta say five years plus on a lot of my older drones, not a problem whatsoever. The hinges are rock solid. The case is rock solid and again theyve been on airplanes with me, theyve been through the luggage, its just gotten a lot of abuse and they hang in there. Another important thing is the sealing mechanism on the case, because you want to make sure that any case you use closes up nice and tight, so water cant get in so dust and dirt cant get in because youre trying to protect the material inside. This has a special claw latches on the front which ill show you a little close up in a bit. But the latches are nice because theyre heavy duty and they latch locked closed. You actually have to push down in a tab to open them up. So its not like the case is going to spring open on you when youre carrying it through a field.

I also like the fact that they lock in the open position, because a lot of the latches are flapping around and when you open them up and you try to open the case. Maybe a latch hangs onto the case and youre just wrestling with the thing. Another. Really important difference – and this is something that a lot of people miss is the quality of the phone, because, if you think about it, when you first buy a case, its great everything works great. You put the drone in there everythings fine, but over time with inserting and pulling out the drone and all the accessories and putting things in taking them out. Youre gon na wear that foam down and its really important to understand how resilient the phone is. Foam is because, if it starts breaking down now, youve got these little flakes of foam floating around inside. Your drone case now think about that for a second youve got a lens in there, youve got a really sensitive gimbal in there. Youve got all kinds of electronics in there and if that phone floats around inside the case and gets on your camera gets in your gimbal gets inside the drone its going to cause you a lot of problems. So some of the less expensive cases really dont hold up that. Well, because i did some testing where i had two cases side by side for a year when i had the mavic 2., because i had the mavic 2 pro and the mavic 2 zoom, and i thought let me buy two cases.

One was the nook case. The other one, i wont mention the manufacturer, but it was about half the price. Maybe a third of the price – and i thought well – am i going to really spend three times the money to get this one if the other one holds up real well, so i used that case for two months, and i found that after about two months, that Less expensive case the foam was breaking up. There were chunks of foam all over inside the case, so the nook looked just like the day. I bought it, so its really important that the foam is good. Another cool thing about it that i like is that it floats now. I dont know why youd worry about that. Ive only dropped one drone case in the water because i was getting on a boat had a bunch of stuff in my arms and i dropped it. It bounced on the water and floated and i was able to grab it, but if youre out in the water a lot, maybe you like throwing your case in the lake i dont, i dont, know why youd use that, but it seals tight enough or waters not Going to get inside so theyve done a great job overall, with the case now, if you stay tuned, what id like to show you next is how everything fits in there, because one of my big pet peeves with some of the cases is that they dont hold Everything so theyll hold a drone, the controller, but with this one theres two different versions of the drone, so you can get this the mavic 3 pro or you can get the cine edition.

If you get it with the smart controller, i dont want to have to buy two cases. So if you buy the standard controller or you buy the smart controller theyll both fit in here and if youre going to pack in the standard controller like i have here, youve got a giant open space down there, where you can put a ton of accessories. In that you may want to bring along for an afternoon and flying. So i like the fact that its versatile and covers both of those drone models, because some of the others really only hold the basic controller. And then, if you decide to upgrade to a smart controller later on, youve got to buy another case, and i dont want to deal with that. So this case has got everything you need so stay tuned next and ill show you what fits in there and then ill come back at the end with a couple of other final thoughts, because i know it may seem crazy that ricks talking about a case for 10 minutes, but this could be the most important accessory you buy for your drone, and i know a lot of accessories like nd filters and chargers and extra batteries are important, but this is the basis of protecting that really big investment youve made in the drone and Its super important to get a good case to take care of that, so stay tuned and ill. Take a closer look.

Next then ill come back with a couple of final thoughts. So for the closer look, i actually took the top off the case and thats really easy to do. There are two pins that slide in from either end here. You simply flip those up and pull them out and the top pops off now i dont know why you do that out in the field, but i did it here to make it easier to see the different sections inside the case. As i mentioned, the foam is very resilient, but the actual cutouts were laser, cut to be just the right size for all of the different things youre going to put inside the case, so theyre theyre small enough to hold it really well, but not make it too Hard to get it back out, but theyre not too big and sloppy like a lot of the cases where things are going to bounce around, so you can see youve got a spot in the middle for the drone standard controller goes here. Smart controller goes there. Youve got room for two batteries plus one in the drone. Youve got a charging hub slot right here, charger here and then a bunch of other nooks and crannies, where you can hide things so in the bottom. Actually, here youve got spots below the smart controller, where you can put a few things: maybe your filter kits or a lanyard, whatever you want to put in there, so to start with, ive got the drone and it works really well with the actual covering on it.

As well, so it slides down there nice and nice and snug its not too snug, where i had a hard time getting it in or have a hard time getting it out. I like that, but its not going to rattle around, which is really nice batterys going here, theres battery two battery three got one in the drone heres the charging hub again perfectly fit for the charging hub charger goes down here. I put the cable in first just like that: put the charger in on top of it and thats good to go. The controller ive got the standard controller right here that slides down, and here no watch it goes down that far. I have to push it so its a little bit firm but its not going to pop out on its own, but it comes out really easy as well so again perfect size. Now ive got a couple of accessories im, not taking the smart controller with me today, but i use a tablet extender. This is a drone valley, product and ill slide that in right there and ive got a lift kit for the mavic 3 2.. I use that a lot in the field, because i want to give it a little extra height when im landing and these fold down nice and small, and that fits in right here now. I still have plenty of room for propellers filter kits whatever else i want to bring along and what i like so much about it is.

I know everything i need is with me now. One other thing i didnt mention earlier, which is really important, is if youre going to take this on a plane. There could be an imbalance in the pressure inside the case at ground level and outside the case when you get up at 30 000 feet. So this case actually has an automated a pressure relief valve right there, its automatic you dont have to do anything with it. Some of the other cases youve got to manually, adjust that knob mid flight to let the pressure equalize between outside the case and inside the case. So i love that its automatic. These are the claws that i was talking about: the power claw, latching and again thats the lock position. You can see its out of the way its not going to open on its own to open it. You pull down gently, pull this up and then pull it off the top of the case, so thats their power, latching system and ive never had these pop open on me and believe me: ive dropped these cases a bunch of times. Also, you see the foam on the handle i was talking about before now its in the down position lock now, but you lift it up to use it when you let go it locks against the case. The reason thats important is because, if youre sliding in the back of your car and this things sticking out and something slides up against it, you could crack that arm.

So i like the fact that its spring loaded and actually closes on its own thats, pretty much it for the closer look for me. This is like the perfect size to carry everything i need out in the field for a day of flying and not have to worry about g did i forget something then ill bring it along. I hope that closer look was helpful and im super impressed on how much gear i can fit into this case with the mavic 3 pro now a couple of things to keep in mind when youre, comparing the nook 925 to other cases, you may be considering because Again, theres a wide variety of cases out there at different price points. These are key things to keep in mind. So for starters, you want to make sure any case. Youre, considering is crush proof because, if it flexes even a little bit, you put something heavy in the top of it. It could push down on the drone, maybe damage the propellers crack a battery theres a lot of things that can go bad. Most of the cases have foam on the top, but you want to make sure its crush proof, because you dont want to be dealing with replacing that case in a year. You want to hang on to it for a long time. Another key difference between a lot of the cases on the market is the quality of the foam, and i mentioned that earlier.

There are cases out there that have foam in them that look like this, but the foam is not that resilient so over time. Putting a drone in pulling it out on and off a couple times a week, youre going to wear that foam down and that foam is going to start flaking and its going to get into everything its like the worst possible situation. So you want to make sure you get a case. Thats got really resilient foam. Another key difference is the way the forms are cut into the foam. Now the nook uses a laser cutting process that actually perfectly mimics the size of the drone, the controller the accessories to fit in there now thats a tricky business, because if you cut them too small to make it really tight to put them in there thats a Pain to get out, but if you make them a little bit too big, then everythings rattling around inside there, and even though its cushioned youve still got electronics thats getting shaken up in the back of your car. So theyve done a great job of balancing those two things between being too tight and being too loose, where it just fits in its easy to get it back out. I talked about the latching before theyve got this power claw technology, which i just love. When i first got the case, it took me a little while to get used to unlatching it and latching it, but i love the fact that it stays closed.

I can hit the tabs and open it up, and i also love the fact that i can lock them in the open position so theyre out of the way when i open the case, if im out flying, i can close it when im flying open it up Again and not have to deal with the latches, so the handles nice, its a folding handle that locks in the folded position as well. Its got a little cushioning underneath when you get heavier drones like this. Its really nice to have that cushioning, because, if youre walking across the long field, youve got to lock walk a long way to get to a lake. You know that that hard plastic can wear on your fingers over time. So for me, thats just the comfort thing, but overall i like it, uh nanook has been in the business a really long time, so youre not buying a case where in a year theyre going to be gone and the last thing ill mention again about the size Of the case is, i think, theyve done the best they can to be frugal on size to not make it bigger than it has to be. Make it just big enough to fit everything you need in the case, even using a smart controller or the standard controller, which i love. The fact that i can put both in there because right now, im flying with the standard controller, and that gives me that gigantic spot over there to put in landing gear and a tablet holder and anything else i bring out in the field with me, nd filters.

Whatever youre bringing and if i want to use the smart controller, i can pop that in there and ive got plenty of space for that as well, which means i dont have to buy two cases i buy one case. It covers everything. I need a lot of the other. Cases are either made for the smart controller or theyre made for the standard controller, and if you decide to upgrade later on or decide to bring a different controller, youve got two cases you got to deal with and im, not a fan of that. So thats pretty much it for today.