Welcome to my channel check this out the company radio master, who makes radio products that we use in the rc hobby for controlling your drones, your planes, everything else helicopters. They sent me this really cool plaque. That is super large and super reflective and, if im ever stranded on an island, i am going to use this to call for help. Let me tell you what it says: it says: radio master with our greatest appreciation to cap the drone i dont have to read it because the writings so large thanks for all your help and we truly appreciate it and they sent me this wooden plaque, which is Pretty sweet, no ones ever done that before thats cool. Now i want to show you something else here. This is a pillow and it says youtube on it, because i have a youtube channel now, ive mentioned in previous videos that im so busy that i really dont have a lot of time for the youtube channel in comparison to other things in life. But i try to squish everything in so facebook was one area i wanted to explore a long time ago when i started youtube, and i never did so friends of my youngest son approached me and said: hey well start a facebook channel for you and well take Your videos chop them up into little pieces and just post them all over facebook. What do you think of that, and i said if i have nothing to do with it, i love it so theyve been doing that now.

My biggest fan on youtube is my wife. Nikki and she always wants to help out, and she knows how busy i am so she cant do facebook, but she approached me and said how about your twitter account? Will you let me take that over? Well, i have a twitter account. Thats, a captain drone twitter account and i just gave it to her. I said here you go its yours, so what she does youre gon na love this. What she does is every day monday to friday. She walks around with her tablet or cell phone well shes. At work shes at work too, she works from home and if she catches me doing a captain drone thing she just snaps a photo and then she posts it on twitter. So if you want to keep up to date with what captain drone is doing and no matter what im doing uh check out that twitter account so im putting links to that below, go check it out and thats what this video is all about. Just to tell you that now i have a twitter account controlled by my wife nikki. So if you comment on anything on twitter, youre, actually speaking to her, not to me its to her and shes, also the one that sent out all the captain drone stickers when i gave them away last year and the year before. So if you want to get in good with her, you might be able to get some captain drone stickers in the future, all right so thats it for this video, nothing else to report.

I got ta get back to work catch in the next one, bye Music.