Last night i went to a trailblazers game and we played the atlanta hawks. It was an awesome game. Um one of the first games ive actually been to for the trailblazers where they actually won so um. You know big ups and respect to the trailblazers for winning last night, very stoked about that. Just barely one, they kind of fell asleep uh for a moment there in about the middle of the game, and then coach had to wake him all up and say: hey man, youre playing basketball, so get back in there and start. You know turning the the vibes up, get the fire going, put the fire under your ass and start making some baskets and and do some defense as well. So i love basketball, huge basketball fan outside of like fpv. I just grew up with michael jordan and the tar heels and all that cool stuff being from north carolina, so a big basketball fan, but anyway, guys anyway, after my like trailblazer stoke for them winning, we have the meteor 75 here today. This little quad is the upgraded version from the original meteor 75. So this one binds up to that elrs native built in elrs light 3 radio. So this one is around 50 to 60 dollars and it will bind up with multiple quads um and its stupid. Easy to bind up so im going to show you today in this video how to bind it up after the flight test, but were going to do some ripping around indoors then were going to go outside and were going to do some outdoor flying.

So this one whats different about it, well its a little more expensive than the original one, but it has a built in spi, elrs receiver and a 350 milliwatt vtx. So its just going to go behind like the shed and stuff a lot better without fail. Safe being back behind the shed its going to give me clear video all the way through, so i can shoot that gap and you guys will see how it performs indoors and outdoors so yeah. I i, which one do i prefer this one or the six five uh. I prefer the seven five, so i prefer this one over the smaller one. This one has a little larger motors and ive talked about this before it has 1102 motors thats kind of the micro brushless sweet spot, but this one its kind of a hybrid between like the feeling of a micro brushless and a tiny whoop. So it kind of gives you the best of both worlds with a little more stability. I think, if you have a smaller place, get the six five you want to go super super fast. The 75, i believe, is faster than the 65. So, if youre looking for something that really really really really really really really rips 75z, so mild freestyle, not really, it did have some tumble in the flight controller and i did a durability test too. We smashed into the basketball goal outside, so i did compromise the frame and ill show you where it broke for that full speed ahead, crash right into the basketball hoop so um its a, not not a good crash straight ahead, um and yeah.

We have a broken frame, but its still flying so no biggie, 120 bucks, ailers and and a light. Radio 3 is the way to go so without further ado. Lets go ahead and do some indoor flying and well talk about this quad characteristics and all good stuff. In the sinus review, well also take you outside for some outdoor flying so enjoy guys. Here we go all right lets. Do the indoor flight test first guys were gon na go ahead and arm, and you know i took a bunch of runs and i just kind of made like a quick little course around. The house here were just gon na fly out through the play room here. Back through the kitchen, underneath the ironing board and by batman right there, the batman hideout super popular with my son and my sounds super super cool, and you know what this is about. My tenth pack and i was finally starting to feel like the lines with this quad. Every single quad is different, so you know uh when you get a brand new quad its crazy. You think that a lot of these power systems are kind of similar and cameras are seem to be similar, but you know, every single multirotor is different. Its crazy, like ive, phoned thousands of these things and theyre all different, every single one of them. No two really fly the same, so you kind of have to get used to it. Once i got used to it, you know i was really feeling the snaps around that connect four board and just kind of zooming through the playroom a little bit bouncing off things.

It doesnt tumble to the floor, which i love, that this quad does not have that characteristic. Some of the tiny loops out there. If you touch something youre done, the flight controller freaks out the accelerometer kind of resets and you have to basically replug the quad in so this one doesnt do that which is really nice and again im not like the best racer im, more of a freestyle pilot And i i typically fly outdoors so flying indoors is a little bit difficult for me, as you can tell, but yeah it handles way better than the 6.5. For me, even though the 65 is smaller, i could probably get away with um a faster and cleaner flight with the 6.5 and with the 1102 motors on this one, i just have way more speed and thats kind of what i like i like to fly, like My pants are on fire outdoors too, but um. It gives me that sort of outdoor feel, if you will, with this quad um, you know, and if i would slow down a little bit, i could probably make a proper lap around the house, but you know it is really really fun on the sticks to fly. So um no problems inside with the durability of the frame, and i love it. I just couldnt stop flying packs through it. So now lets go out outdoors for this outdoor flight test, and you know what this little guy covers some ground and i was going to take the crosshair off there originally and normally you can see that right in the center of the frame.

I usually dont fly with the crosshair, but for tiny whoops, its kind of nice to be able to kind of look ahead and see where the quad is heading with that crosshair, this particular osd seems to have it lined up properly. Ive had crossfire like crosshair. On other quads and its just off center to where the camera directions going in the quad, and you can re center it to you know if you have your laptop outside, but its kind of a pain, and this one was already set up and ready to go. So no problem behind the shed right there that vtx does fine, even on 25 milliwatt, which is pretty impressive and im able to make some nice clean and straight lines low to the ground it tracks really well. The tune is okay for uh freestyle. I i did have some tumble um and i did actually break this frame as well. I crashed into the basketball goal post um on the bottom of that electronic basketball, gold right there, so um in the very front two front braces broke. So if you hit something really hard like solid steel pipe or straight into concrete, full on crash youre, probably going to break this frame, but theyre not really not expensive its easy to maintain tiny loop style quads and on a budget if youre, if youre, really on A budget youre strapped for cash um, you can fly tiny whoops all day, theyre theyre, the cheapest fpv quads out there and whats cool about them is that parts are cheap and still the fun factor on.

These, i feel like is like just as high as like. Some of the five inch and six inch quads um. So and again it depends on the day and there i found um, a ghost branch, wick witchs finger, brought me down and im back on the course, but im loving this quad. I love the way it tracks. The tune seems to be really nice and im able to get away with a lot uh for flying something thats 75 millimeters and at high speeds low to the ground. Its awesome so lets go inside and lets talk about this quad on the bench. Here we go. All right, my drone camps army, welcome back to another honest review. This is the meteor 75 elrs version and uh yeah. I have to say that this one, this one is fun um. I know theres a theres, a ton of cool little loops out there all over the place, and i talked about how the 65 and the light radio three its kind of like a the perfect pair uh yeah, so either one that you wan na. Get it just really depends on you and what you want um im, not gon na sway. You either way. I will tell you my favorite out of the two i found both of them this week and its just been raining non stop. But i i like the meteor 75 better, because typically i do like uh, the 75 millimeter frames better.

This is a 40 millimeter problem here, its a viability prop and what i think that does is. It gives us a little less punch at the just the movement of the throttle. Stick when youre running a tri blade prop, it gives you a little more juice and a little more lift. It also pulls more power out of the battery, because youre youre making the battery sag a little bit more. But if youre running by blade props, what happens? Is you have a little more control when youre flying at fast speeds and you just kind of just bump the throttle a little bit you get less uh altitude out of that throttle bump. You follow me. So what happens? Is you make some cleaner lines at high speeds with less you know, kind of bump out, so that happens a lot with tiny whoop when youre flying tiny, whoop youll. You know you, you come around a corner too fast, your corner too wide. You hit the throttle to kind of like get back on the track, and you just kind of blow out and get too much altitude. Maybe youre four feet off the ground and you really want to be a foot off the ground. You know when youre you know racing around this course, depending on the course of course, but um yeah, and so it just has better a better feel to it. For for high speed racing um so go with the buy blade prop this 40 millimeter props, where its at and this quads also pretty lightweight.

It is lighter than some of the quads that i custom built back in the day, this ones 24.36 grams um. Without the battery were also rocking an f4 flight controller on here with five amp escs, we got that c02 camera on here. This 5.8 analog camera and it has the 350 milliwatt vtx. It is changeable from 25 all the way up to 350, with this dipole in the back. We have a little slot back here for leds. If you want – and this one has like – i talked about before the power system on here – its the 1102 18500 kv motors. Those are bigger than the original meteor 75 motors, so this gives you a little more horse, a little more horsepower and a little bit faster flying quad and it is still sitting on a 75 millimeter frame. Weve got four struts on the bottom here, um. Well, eight struts total two on each. We have three bolts on the bottom of the motor. We have plug and play pcb connectors here for these motors. So if you have a motor go out, you can take it off easily. Now, im, just gon na re bind this as well, and what you want to do is just grab a toothpick. You want to turn on your radio, throw in your light. 3 radio theres a bind button at the very bottom right here on the far left. You have a usbc charger. You also should be able to use this with the simulator.

We talked about simulators on the last podcast by the way. If you want to get in on our podcast, you should definitely do that. Uh friday nights at seven pacific standard time and were going to go ahead and plug this guy in and already is so easy to bind guys. This is definitely like the gateway drug into elrs, very simple, so right now you can see that there is a solid green light and what you want to do is go ahead and quickly. Take your toothpick press bind on the radio youll, see it flashing, red and just very quickly press this here, little gold button youll see it flashing and when it is solid, green, it should be bound now it might be still looking for the radio. So if it didnt go solid, go ahead and do it again and you can see now its green and thats all there is to it you guys thats, it were bound up with elrs. There was no firmware updates, no messing around trying to get a module working inside your radio with lewis grips and all the other just stuff that no one wants to do. Um beta fpv made it easy, so there it is. I mean this radio is like. I think its a little over like 55 or something like that. Um really really awesome. So i am super stoked and i got this cool little uh lanyard to go along with it. It says express lrs on there beta fpv, light radio im loving this um, its adjustable for really big dudes or smaller dudes.

Like me, and its a comfortable, thick, strap and the radio. It is one of those game style controllers, but it really. It really does feel good. We have two position switches here. We have three position switches here: uh it should run a beeper and um. It has three modes here on this side so modes, and this is the arm switch and mostly it came set up with all everything was i didnt have to do any beta flight on this quad all the osd. Was there all the information that you saw during that flight test that was all there and and ready to go in my sky zone goggles? It also comes with this little charger right here and it works also as a battery checker. So i will show you how that works, its pretty cool. It has a test spot on the very far left hand side. It says test right here, so youve got one tester. It doesnt work on both sides, so 3.87 volts on this battery. Now, if you can see that or not, hopefully you can, if i can get that to focus, come on dji camera um were on the awesome mode today, so yeah thats a nice little battery checker option. What i like to do is i run my eachine six and one charger, and this one handles lipo and hp, so i can switch it back and forth. I can also change um the switch from low low charge or or high speed charge fast charge.

You can also get these little adapters to to the bt 2.0, where you can charge the original, tiny, woot batteries and the ph 2.0 connector on there. So i can literally get three types of batteries going on that charger, whereas this ones kind of stuck to just one thing: bt: 2.0, so um, yeah, thats, uh an awesome little package and you know what, if youre stuck inside like like, i am, and everybody else Is right now this is really really nice to have and and this one i feel like – we should get a permanent course set up at my house so that we can just like do some friday night whoop sessions during the winter, with you guys and also be Sure to start submitting some of your videos to me, um, starting today, its its tuesday january 4th so um yeah id love to see some of your videos, because we want to share some of your either freestyle videos or cinema videos whatever. If you have a cool video, send it to me on facebook dm me, your video and well try to share that on this weeks, podcast coming up its called everything, fpv um, because thats. What we do we everything fpv is were all about planes, quadcopters, 4k drones and also the analog drones and hd drones, so were into it all. Come hang out its um, its its real nice, its laid back and its like dude chat, so um.

We are stoked to have you in the live, chat and uh. I appreciate tips or any patreon stuff as well. If you like the channel, you want to help benefit drone camps and keep us going. That really means a lot. You can check out my links down below and i really hope you enjoyed this review. I did this is one of the reviews that i really enjoyed, and i wanted to just keep flying this so get as many of these 1s 450 batteries as you can, because youre just going to keep them going in rotation and itll. Keep you busy for an evening or the morning and you wont, have to go outside in the snow, but thanks again for watching guys, im, justin davis, please do subscribe and ill see you on the next one.