They provide us with a new perspective that we normally cant get with just any other different types of camera, and really they can provide a new level for your footage and in todays video im going to show you five of my favorite cinematic drone movements that i Typically default to whenever im flying whats going on everybody welcome back to another video, so this one was really tough, trying to narrow it down to five different movements. Out of all the different types there are uh. I think this list is going to definitely help you guys, no matter what level of skill you are when it comes to flying. This doesnt require active track, as i try not to use active track a lot because it tries to center your subject, and you dont always want that, especially when youre trying to reveal large landscapes of like mountains and rivers, and things like that. You dont always want to have your subject. Centered you may want to have it off to the side so doing these in a manual flight mode is definitely going to give you far superior looking shots. This is all manuals. Some of these might take a little bit of practice, but overall theyre pretty simple to do now. If, at any point during this video you like it, you get something out of it, be sure to like share and subscribe again that helps us grow our channel. We all know it helps the youtube algorithm, but it also helps me determine what type of video you guys are looking for.

So that being said, lets go ahead and jump into these drone shots starting off with number five. Is the crane up or crane down? This is a great way to reveal your landscape or area. Your subject may be heading such as maybe following behind it in some foresty areas. Then you crane up to reveal the vast forest and twisting roads. This adds a dynamic feel as you get a low perspective. As well as a high perspective, i prefer shooting this mode in cinematic mode or normal mode and can be done by simply pressing up on your left. Joystick shot. Number four is just simply moving the drone forward. This is a simple but very powerful movement, its great. If youre trying to do like establishing shots or trying to show off a large scale of the shot or whatever it is that your subject is in, you can also go really low to the ground and move forward to show off a ton of movement. Now i prefer to shoot this one in normal or sport mode, but you can do it by pressing all the way forward on your right. Joystick number three is the top down shot now this shot is really fun to do just because its very unique to drones. Theres, not very many cameras out there that can give you this type of perspective. So all you need to do is just go up as high as you can or as high as you want to and point the camera straight down now.

Other ways that you can do to kind of add a little bit of flavor to this is either move forward or backward or left and right or even add some rotation just to kind of give that shot a little bit more spice. Now, with this shot, another thing that i like to do with the controller is take one of the function, keys and and program it to where you double tap. It itll instantly pitch the camera straight down and if you double tap it again, itll pitch the camera back to the horizontal position. Now i do prefer to shoot this one in either normal or cinematic modes. So number two on my list is orbit. I absolutely love the orbit shot its an epic way to circle or orbit a subject, but revealing its entire surroundings, its probably one of the most powerful and common drone shots that you can do. This works best. If you do have a subject moving or some type of action in the shot, you can either choose to center that subject or move it off to the side. Now, to achieve the orbit, you can either move your joystick sideways in towards each other or youll move them outwards away from each other. This will definitely take some practice and requires more or less input from each one of the joysticks in order to keep the subject where you want them now, i prefer to shoot this one in either cinematic or normal mode, but you can use all three modes and Still get outstanding results now, my all time, favorite shot when it comes to drones, is using the gimbal plus any type of drone movement, whether thats forward backwards, left or right, pitching the camera up or down.

I just love this one because of the versatility you get when you combine the gimbal pitch, plus the different movements. Now i love flying forward or backwards, starting with the camera facing straight down and pitching it upward, revealing whatever it is, that im flying either to or away from, i sometimes will even add a little bit of complexity by trying to keep the subject centered as im. Moving away and pitching the camera up or down in order to achieve a parallax like effect, this one does take a little bit of practice just because youre combining a gimbal pitch, but you also want to fly the aircraft to match the speed of that pitch. This can be done by moving your right, joystick up or down and using the gimbal pitch wheel to pitch the camera up or down at the same rate. Now i prefer to shoot this one in either cinematic or normal mode, but can be shot in realistically any other mode just to achieve some nice motion blur. So there you have it of course, theres always tons of different drone movements out there. You can go out and even create your own, whatever it takes to get the most dynamic feel out of your footage. So these are my top favorite drone movements. What are yours leave your answers down in the comments below that is going to do it for this video.