This ain’t the one that crashed into the tree. This is the one that had my history motor here, yeah i’m gon na show y’all my new drone. This time it’s a gps one, like i said in the last video, so this is the drone it’s called the 4drc m1 mark 300 gps drone it’s a mouthful a little bit, but then i’ll make a video of it flying without like footage from this camera. Yeah i’m gon na review it so first off this is the case. You know nothing too. Special i’m gon na show y’all what the it looks like unfolded. Real quick, so hold on now. There’S. What it looks like unfolded looks insane it’s, big it ain’t. No look as big on camera, but it’s big. I would show the batteries how big they are. That gives you a little hint, but what i got the battery charging. It only has one battery which sees like it’s up to 25 minutes of battery life, i’m gon na show y’all what the controller looks like this is the controller that’s. These two antennas go up. You can twist them and stuff. This opens for your phone there’s a screen inside that’s to move the camera. I don’t know what the heck that is. I guess that just doesn’t do anything that’s the record button that’s the photo button. Yeah i’m gon na close this. If y’all haven’t watched the video of me flying it go watch it it’s awesome, so that’s what the drone looks like.

Oh here’s, my kitten, also she’s nice. Her name is ginger. We call her weezy, though, because when we first got her, she was sick, so yeah. This is the drone not too bad. I love the drone. The controller is rechargeable. That means no more delay batteries. Oh, i forgot bring the grips out on the controller. Now what it really looks like there, you can adjust the grips as far as you want until it clicks Music. This is the fire out, it’s pretty small, but it adjusts trust me two yeah guys. This is my new drone tomorrow i might make a video of it flying. I flew it today, pretty nice, so i hope you all enjoyed make sure if you did to comment like and subscribe and i’ll see you guys later goodbye show the stands on the bottom. So hold on it, doesn’t have like those little stands that you find on those other drives.