What im reviewing today im pretty excited, because over here this is my son corey, my youngest son and hes, going to come out and help me review this board, and it should be pretty funny because he has not driven a skateboard in an awfully long time. And i im pretty sure things are going to go a little haphazard, but this is good because if youre a beginner and you want to buy this electric skateboard, then youre gon na see what its like as a beginner to drive it. Now it does have four speeds and its extremely fast and its extremely modern. Let me show you something there we go. Can you see me this is my skateboard that i ride in all my videos. Ive had it for a long time and it cost me one thousand dollars: u.s guess how much this one costs this one is about 10 times better than this one, and it only costs about 500 us or less so whats great about this skateboard corey whats. The range on it so apparently the range on this skateboard is about 35 kilometers. The top speed is 43 kilometers and it is constructed out of one ply of bamboo and then the next seven plies uh equaling a total of eight. The next seven are a canadian maple. I can tell you as well that the trucks on it theyre, seven inches solid metal and normally when i was a kid and i had skateboards, i would loosen this piece so that they flex back and forth.

This is very new. I dont have a wrench with me. I forgot to do it, so its gon na be a little stiff till we break it in also the battery in here. Its massive look at theres, like two sections here. The power on this is just nuts. I tried it on the slow speed has four speeds. I tried on the slow speed and i almost went flying off on my back, because the torque on it is instantaneous. Ive been told that it has a 50 millimeter clearance for going over rocks. The battery is a thousand watts. How much do you weigh cory? Uh? I weigh less than 330.. I dont know 150 160., so the max weight load you can put on this is 330 pounds so thats like so we can both stand on this yeah. We can both stand on actually were going to try out the flex, see how flexible it is. It should be pretty good. It looks very new, very, very new, but were going to rough it up out here in the test. So lets go now all right, corey test out the flexibility. Tell me if you feel any flex bounce up and down on it without breaking your neck re center myself here this is gon na be funny when he rides it. It doesnt feel terribly flexible uh again it is brand new, so it might break in a little bit but uh you only weigh 150 pounds yeah.

Let me put my weight in the middle yeah yeah its flexing yeah. I mean it feels sturdy, so thats, uh comforting here we have the remote im going to power it on its got an oled screen, i believe remotes on and there we go. I heard a beep there we go, we got the wheels spinning. Do you want a helmet, yeah sure, yeah, all right buds, theres a helmet to try that on see if it works im just going to back up here without falling over whoo and the brakes work yay? So what you think, how about we take it for a long drive and get a good test, yeah all right, so the plan right now is: i have a gopro hat on with an active gopro, and this is a gopro and down here i have my skateboard From years ago, which is pretty much old and ancient compared to coreys skateboard over, there, hes still trying it out learning and were going to take a long journey out to a parkway which has many many trails on it. Train tracks, everything but places that we could ride skateboards and were just going to go there and that should give corey a little bit of experience, driving a skateboard without falling and im going to try to film. And hopefully this goes well here we go all set, got it figured out yeah. I think i was on pro. Oh, you are probably yeah.

I was just ripping it up here were gon na go. This way then were gon na. Take a left. All right lets. Go so youre getting a good view from the back here as coreys learning how to ride this skateboard uh. You can see hes doing quite well, so so far, so good uh, im trying to uh drive with this in one hand and the gopro in the other and im an old guy. When i fall off a skateboard, i dont get up pretty quick. How do you like the speed uh so far so good, but i think im going at like 10 all right, so, as you can tell, we are not pros. Ive been riding skateboards for an awfully long time, but this year i have not driven skateboards that much. You know coreys up ahead of me now. I have to be careful here as im skateboarding, because i do have a dji mini three pro in the back: oh thats, a big crack. Okay, so heres going up a hill mine is on full blast. Going up this hill corys, probably losing no power. 25 30. I dont know im on full. I got my thumb to the top to get up this hill, so its your skateboarding leg, starting to come back a little bit. I dont know, if that i think im too old and fragile to i guess: doesnt, give you a whiplash okay, theres top speed, aha, so on low thats, top speed, yeah and were going, it says, were going seven kilometers okay, so you probably need the second speed.

Then to enjoy it just because its medium now yeah so medium will probably get you like in the over 10. I would think medium full speed were gon na go were at 15. This is medium wrapped up. Everything lean backwards, all right, im on full speed. Right now, full speed and im barely catching up to you on youre on medium im on medium, it says, were going about 16 kilometers thats, it oh thats, a big gap back there. My skateboard wheels are smaller than corys. So all these gaps in the pavement that we hit uh my trucks, almost get caught in them. So i have to be careful. Give her a shot, see what kind of power it has going up. The hill hes going slow, maybe too much torque, well its pulling him way up. Yeah no issue there, none whatsoever, i think, pros the move, because as long as youre like sensitive with it – and you understand the uh, the range of it, it gives you the most control because you can accelerate when you need to like. If i want to like pass someone, i can just like hey just look how fast you go. I know i would follow my rump whats, your impression. So far. This is pretty fun. I can tell youre loving it yeah you keep on at first. You were like behind me and now youre always in front of me. I i have to struggle to keep catch up its nice and i feel like it.

I dont know if its getting looser or at higher speeds, but its easier to like carve. Oh really, its easier to carve at higher speeds. Yeah were turning here lets see if you can drive it at a skateboard park. This should be hilarious. Dont kill yourself, you ready for this im, ready holy cow thats, so awesome hey. How do i do this yeah? Ah, this is this is a proud parent moment honestly, look at that. Oh look: hes still going put you in the olympics, one of the types of olympics, okay, so no comments below that were a bunch of amateurs out here, because im like pretty darn old, been driving skateboards, but im not going to break my neck in here and Corey is uh well, hes got a helmet on that, should tell you hes a beginner and uh hes, taking it pretty safe, but hes getting pretty good not too long ago. He could even stand on that thing without falling off so whats the fastest. Do you think you can go on that? I dont know like that. You feel comfortable with oh here he goes hes moving. That was uh 25 kilometers 25 kilometers yeah its not bad. So i can tell youre getting much more uh used to this now. Yeah yeah yeah youve got it now. It feels natural youve got the hang of it. Yet all right, weve stopped again because were out here with anna, who is coreys wife over here and shes, coming to check on him, because shes wondering why he has a helmet on driving a skateboard, uh hes doing quite well.

So have you seen him ride the skateboard, yet uh no well lets uh watch him. Go ahead, show her what you can do dont crash into this oncoming van hows that okay thats not looking too good there corey there we go. He doesnt look as nervous wow, pretty impressive eh. What do you think are you? Are you a proud wife so proud all right, all right, so whats going to happen now is im going to try to track corey with the dji mini 3 pro. The only problem is, if you look up there power lines is that a spy drone only if youve done something criminal. I would be careful, hmm all right. You did well mini three. Hmm all right car youve been driving this for a while uh. What do you think its fun? I uh truthfully didnt really have much in terms of expectations going into it. I uh i havent, ridden a skateboard a long time and im more of a bike guy, but i could actually see myself riding this on like bike paths and a lot easier to go uphill on this thing than a bike which is nice and uh. Do you think you could ride it without a helmet in future uh yeah, but i know the second. I took it off thats when i would probably wipe out yeah yeah yeah, so whats it say were going right now, because i have no speed. 15 kilometers. 15 kilometers an hour so thats uh not too fast, but uh 25 below the speed limit for an old guy.

Like me, its not bad, hey, im in the frame you can see me down here. Oh cool corys gone thats. It im full blast im maxed out. I cant catch up to them all right lets. Take a look at what comes in the box if you buy this skateboard first off youll get this massive box, and let me tell you everything is well packaged inside theres, no way that skateboard is getting damaged, the included accessories are a three way tool to tighten Or loosen the various screws on the skateboard, you also get a t wrench to tighten or loosen the bolts on the skateboard. The included remote is very intuitive. With a very nice screen. It is usb rechargeable, so they give you a usb cable as well. In order to charge the massive battery, a charging, brick is included, and this is where you plug it in. Please note that when you receive your skateboard, it will come 60 charged and finally, an owners manual is included all right final thoughts on this skateboard. Let me tell you right now this skateboard im giving to corey because he works about a mile away and he will use that to commute back and forth so hes going to work it in love it and maybe give me an update in a few weeks time On how much he likes it, but for right now, what do you think thats pretty fun to to ride around with um? It feels just like a long board.

So once i got the hang of remembering how to skateboard uh yeah, it was really easy to maneuver. It goes as fast or faster than youd ever want it to which is great its like skateboarding. Without the effort and uh, all the control so seems like a pretty decent way to get around, and if you see these little spots here right here, corey stepped in some dog, poo poo, so ill be cleaning that off soon anyways hope you enjoyed this video im. Gon na put links below to the skateboard the reason we reviewed it is because its a under 500 us skateboard, and because of that, when i read the specs, it looked pretty impressive. Considering that my skateboard, that i was riding cost over a thousand usd quite a while ago and its kind of beat up and almost gone, but this is the new technology. This is what you get nowadays for 500 bucks and its pretty darn decent, all right guys. So links are below go check it out. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch. You in future videos with many more reviews.