This set only has 73 pre pieces, so this is going to be a very short one. Its got um, obviously three components to the build. We have a vehicle, we have a drone and then we have the minifigures all right. So, taking a look at this vehicle right here, great great great, great, printed, piece up front thats, one of the benefits of the four plus sets is all printed pieces. The vehicle is pretty much small and generic. You could easily call it a jeep versus a regular vehicle because it only sits one very quick and easy build great trans red pieces on the back. All in all, really good build got some gunners here on the back, and then you have your trans, red and trans blue on top, so very cute build very easy uh a four year old could do it um. In addition to that, you have this nice little drone uh really love this printed piece in here. You actually get two of them uh its a little hard to see here, but you actually get two of them one here and then one on mysterial mysterios uh radio, which is pretty cool uh. All in all, you get some trans green uh tiles in this as well. So you get red blue and trans green. Then you have the discs that of course, uh shoot uh and they are easy. You put just pop it in right here and then you push from the back and it fires.

So it comes with three of those discs. I went ahead and just placed these those discs on the top there for easy grab, but nevertheless this is actually a really great uh. Little drone build great pieces good stuff, all right guys. So taking a look at mysterio here, he comes with a radio that is has the same piece as the drone, which i love, because i love that printed tile uh. Then it comes with a trans red gem, which is pretty cool im gon na go ahead and take these off for now, just so that you can see uh mysterio in all his glory, really like the um coloring and the texture and the print uh. Even for a four plus set, which is very um, you know very small in cost. You have some great details in the minifigure itself. You got some fuchsia in there you got some gold, you got some silver. You got some dark green and its printed. All the way down to the feet, which i love coming around to the back again more great detail on the back torso, nothing on the back of the legs. But again that is typical, but i mean you can clearly see a lot of amazing stuff. Now he does come with a cape which, as you guys know, i dont use capes uh unless theyre the hard plastic theyre they just you know they dont do it for me. Uh now coming around here its its rather interesting because i love the opal uh dome that they put on his face uh and then they have a um the light blue um.

I cant remember what the actual color of this is, but you got the minifigure head again, something i keep reiterating theyre making the pieces for more. Everything is awesome stuff and we all want more monochromed minifigures. So i hope they continue that uh. All in all, really great uh minifigure, you got gold hands with dark, green um, arms, uh, good stuff. Moving on to nick fury, again look at the detail on this i mean uh. He doesnt have any detail on his feet, but he does have detail on his legs. Moving all the way up. The torso i mean look at this. This thing looks awesome, uh, great use of coloring. As far as the grays and the silvers, you got a shield patch right there and, of course the facial feature of facial expression on him and the eye patch is awesome. Coming around the back uh, you just have the um the eye patch uh there, which is fine, and then youve got a little bit of detail here. Typically, i would want a secondary uh facial expression, but with nick fury it works uh. I would have actually loved uh. I know on some of the sets they have the like: the chrome dome. I think that would have worked really well here. They could have easily done that um, but they just left the one stud so all in all great minifigure. I would i would have preferred the the dome uh for the head, but hey you know: thats thats, just my preference last, but certainly not least, spider man himself.

Now he obviously comes with this web here and this rope web here uh. So that is awesome. Im going to go ahead and take those off that way, we can show you the entire build or minifigure. Looking at this, you have great detail. Uh in the legs, you got the black in there you got the silver in there. You got some amazing details up on the torso and, of course, the face. They did amazing shading on his eyes, which i love uh again. I wish they would start making the chrome domes. You know just as a personal preference but thats just me coming around the back again, you see some amazing detail on uh the back of his torso moving up to his head with the netting. I do wish they would have done something with the arms here. They could have easily followed, you know the silver lining and and all that kind of fun stuff for the details, but all in all really great minifigure, im im super excited to get it and add it to my collection. So there you guys have it set number 76184 spiderman versus mysterio drone. Take a look at that stuff right there. It is amazing three amazing, minifigures, nice, webbing, amazing parts, especially for a four plus set, got ta love it. I really like what theyre doing with these sets please like share and subscribe, and we will see you next time on 36 bricks, hey everybody.

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