This has really changed my fpv life okay, so it is my third day in a row to come out and fly pretty early in the morning before it gets too hot still got a little bit of shade here, so let's get set up and do it do My so i've flown all of these packs. These are all dead, actually uh. Every morning, so that's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten ten packs a day sounds like a really bad habit, but it's a great habit. It'S made my flying so much better there's these two obstacles on the field that i'm flying on that i call the red devils they're, some sort of torture device for football players. They'Re made of metal they're painted red i've got red chips, all over paint chips. All over this drone because i've crashed into it so many times, but it's just kept on going this little guy, uh, just so so well built and so much fun and so agile and just it's like the perfect size. For me, too, i don't feel like it's. Anything that really requires a huge huge amount of space and flying it with a 4s. For me is perfect. I know there's a lot of people that want to fly bigger batteries and fly a lot faster. But for me, just getting better and being able to hit gaps and hit smaller gaps and get more confident is what this is all about, and right now the vision that i get the clarity.

The picture that i get out of the dji goggles, as well as the familiarity with the remote and this remote actually is all set up in betaflight. So i plugged this thing in and i was able to assign these switches to do different things. So i've got one that arms. It got one that's a beeper for when you know i can't find it in the field. I can turn the beeper on i've got one for turtle mode, which i have yet to really make work yet um. Every time i flipped over it's been in a weird position. I have so i have to go, get it, and then i have one for my different um flight rates, so i've been flying in acro a lot more, a lot more confident with that, starting to realize why people do it, because you do have so much more Control and all of that really is because i'm having more fun and i'm having more confidence flying with this setup um. So if you're looking for a great way to get into fpv, i recommend, starting with something small like a tiny whoop and then when you're ready to graduate to outdoors. This is a great way to go. The gep rc rocket there's the rocket plus and the rocket light i have the rocket plus the only real difference is well two big differences number one. The rocket plus has onboard recording, so you can get 1080 recording straight in here with the rocket light you can only record in the goggles and then the weight of the rocket plus is about 20 more grams, this one's 148 and the rocket light is 128 grams.

Without a battery, and then you can run a whole bunch of different batteries on this thing, you've got uh. I don't even know what brand this is: storm brand it's a 4s as long as they're 4s and have a xt30 connector you've got your tattoo here. That'S that's, actually a pretty good one. I like that battery uh beta fpv. This is not a bad battery, but it's only 450 milliamp hours, which means you don't get a whole lot of flight time out of it. The flight time out of all of these is not you know not what you're used to with a bigger drone, but um. You know three or four minutes and you kind of need a break afterward, or at least i do all right best day of fpv i've. Ever had i need more batteries. Hope you see uh how excited i am about this and if, if you're into it, comment down below and check out ready, set drone and and definitely i'm gon na try and do a full, proper review of all this uh sometime soon. But for now i just kind of wanted to get the word out about how excited i am so take care. We'Ll see you next time. Hopefully, we'll see you at ken herron's meetup, as well as at spin up and maybe even at spin down in dillon colorado. I'M, definitely bringing this guy to fly in dillon at spin down. Take care.