I have something that i’m pretty stoked about and by the title and the preview of this video. You probably already know what it is. But yes, today i got a new quad and that quad is the pro tec 35 by iflight. Now i know i’m a little bit late on this one, but the protect 35 is a cinewoop that was recently released by iflight and honestly, a lot of people seem to really like it now. I’Ve personally wanted to get my hands on one of these ever since i saw the preview for it because it just looks really cool and it seems different than any other cinewoop i’ve seen out there before now. I should mention this isn’t, the first cinewolf i’ve ever owned, and i actually already own two but personally i’ve just never been that impressed with any of the cine whips i’ve tried before, which is why you guys have never seen any reviews on them. The first to know what i bought was this one with its big bulky ducts, and it was all right, but once i actually mounted a gopro to it, it just seemed a little bit too bulky and slow. For me, there was that one time when i tried to fly down a mountain which, looking back on, it was incredibly risky. But honestly, i just had this guy hanging on my wall and i never used it. So i thought why not just give it a shot, and that was without a gopro that was just using the dji system once you actually mount a gopro to it.

This guy flies like a tank which, for the type of flying that i like to do just wasn’t working for me now. I just want to reiterate that there was nothing wrong with the take hand i was using and cinewops are supposed to fly that way. That was all just my personal preference after that little cine whoops, like this one became really popular with naked gopros strapped to them, and i thought i’d get one of those. But first of all i had so many problems connecting my stripped gopro to my phone. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t not only that, but whenever i would get it to work. This quad in particular, was giving me a lot of vibration, issues which i just didn’t have time to troubleshoot. So i decided to put it aside and forget about it. For the time being, but i thought that i should still have a cinewoop in my arsenal that i enjoy using, because some shots are too dangerous to be done with exposed propellers and a little bit more protection can sometimes be good. So when iflight released this one, the protect 35, which they advertised is slightly faster and more nimble cineup. I thought this is cool. This actually might be it. So i got one and today we’re gon na check it out, but first let’s see what we get inside when you open the box. You’Ll first find some spare props a little bag with antennas battery pads, straps and extra hardware.

Another bag with usb cables that you might need this one has some spare connectors, which won’t be needed right away, but don’t throw these out. You never know when they’ll come in handy some extra foam bumpers for the ducts and the drone itself. Now, just like all of iflight’s most recent packaging, they really show that they care about the consumer and there’s a ton of warning and other label stickers all over the drone to help out any beginners. Now my first impressions of the drone, the ducts, are definitely much thinner which make them seem less cumbersome and will maybe impact flight performance a little bit less. I personally decided to add the extra foam padding to the outside for extra protection and, honestly, i think it looks pretty sleek. The propellers are slightly bigger than most cinewomps most have three inch propellers, while the pro tec has 3.5 inch, which should give it a little bit more thrust. The quad is also big enough to carry a full sized gopro which i’m excited about, but you can also opt for a naked gopro if that’s, your preference, but there is actually another thing i found from iflight. Is this cable which allows you to take out the battery from your gopro and the battery door, which, on the hero 9, will save around 45 grams? And then you can plug this cable in and charge your gopro from your lipo battery as you’re, flying, which kind of seems like a middle ground between a full size, gopro and the naked one, so that’s something i’m going to test out during these flights as well.

Okay, very quickly, because i don’t end up actually talking about this cable in the video. This is one of the best investments i’ve made in a long time, and i think you guys should get one as well, because even if you don’t care about losing a couple grams on your quad just having a spare one of these in your bag can be A lifesaver, if you ever forget to bring a gopro battery or your battery dies on you. This could prevent you from ever being in a situation where you can’t get the shot that you want to get so just get one, throw it in your bag and one day you’ll be happy. You did finally a few other small details that i noticed. Besides, the wonderful labels are the sleek 3d printed parts, the bonus leds on the bottom and the back of the quad and, most importantly, a very thoughtful design to the frame which allows easy access to all the ports and binding buttons that you may need from the Outside of the quad, so you don’t have to take it apart to do any pairing or troubleshooting or anything, and the black version of this quad just looks super sleek and far less like a toy and something that you could actually bring onto a professional shoe. But the only question that matters is: how well does it actually fly so now, i’m gon na take it through my version of the ultimate cinewook test, and this test is gon na, consist of three shots, all of them being shots that i would never want to Do with my freestyle quad, the nozzle 5.

also, i should say that i’m, not sponsored by iflight. I just really like their product so far, which is why i keep coming back, but anyways let’s get into it test number one indoor shots now flying indoors with a freestyle quad can be extremely dangerous, because if you hit anything, your propellers can cause some serious damage. This is why it’s one of the biggest benefits of having a cinema – this is one of the first shots i tried indoors, and this is with no stabilization in the gopro and my terrible stick control. I should also mention that all of these shots were with the standard rates that come with the drone. Now, with a little bit of help of real steady, the shot ended up. Looking like this. Now it wasn’t too hard controlling the protac in smaller indoor spaces. It is pretty easy to maneuver and get it where you want it to go. The only thing i noticed is that compared to a smaller quad like this one, the protac’s bigger propellers create a lot more thrust or wind power blowing down. So when i was flying through more narrow areas, the wind seemed to blow down and then around and kind of create this like funnel effect. That would cause the protect to drift from side to side. It was a little bit harder to get it to go straight. Now this would only happen when i was flying very slowly, the more momentum i gave it, the better it dealt with those situations.

So, overall, even though i was pretty happy with the shots, i ended up getting, i would say, if you’re getting this to fly it indoors, it would definitely be better in medium to larger indoor spaces. Now the next category is flying around people, but the pro tank is supposed to be fast, so i didn’t just want to fly around myself. So i got my buddy matt and i gave him a bike and asked if i could chase him – and i got ta say this – is where the pro tech shined the most now i’m not going to blame my ability to stay on target on the wind. But it was incredibly windy that day and i got ta say that this guy still held up really well now, yes, following a target like this, would be much easier with a regular 5 inch freestyle drone, but it can be dangerous. You don’t want to hit somebody in the face with an fpv drone, so being able to get a shot like that with a ducted quad in my books is a huge win that’s. Why? In the flying around humans category, the protect 35 gets a big, oh yeah from me, but there was still one more test and for this one i wanted to do something special, something that i’ve always wanted to try. So what i always thought would be awesome would be to see somebody chasing a car with a drone and then all of a sudden flying in through one of the back windows flying through the car and then out the other side.

Now do i actually think i can do this honestly. I have no idea, because not only is this a really hard shot to do, but also i have one of the smallest cars with tiny windows. So first i tried to do it stationary and i made it, but it was honestly much harder than i thought it would be all right honestly, i feel like my chances of making. This are pretty slim to none, because even when the car is not moving there’s, just absolutely no room for air, but i’ve come this far. I might as well try also i don’t know if you guys noticed in those clips the awesome new goggle strap i’ve been using. I had this sent to me by a guy named juan gallardo, who owns his own fpv shop, and he makes these himself and i think, they’re pretty awesome. So thanks, one and i’ll link his store down below in case. You guys want to pick one up yourselves. Now, with the car being stationary, i was able to get it through, but it really wasn’t that easy. I started getting really worried about whether this would work out, but sometimes you just got ta go for it, and this took a lot of attempts also because i wanted to get this shot so badly. I slightly regret not changing the rates on the pro tech because for some reason the rates that come on it are extremely high uh much higher than i would think anybody would want to fly a cinewoop with.

But i wanted to keep them how they are to show you guys how it flies straight out of the box, but as i kept trying over and over, i did start getting pretty close and finally, on one of my attempts, this happened, i was so close and At this point, i only had a few batteries left, so i tried again and on my final attempt, i crashed again. Yes, i didn’t end up getting that shot. The way i envisioned it i’m not going to give up, though i’m still going to try again another day. However, i also want to pass that challenge on to you guys to see if any of you watching can pull it off better than i could. If you can send me or tag me in a shot of you flying your quad through a moving car i’ll make sure to include it in one of my next videos all right. I shouldn’t actually condone that. You guys do that, because i’ll mention that flying a quad close to humans, whether it’s, ducted or not, can always be extremely dangerous. So i don’t want anybody getting hurt and if you guys do decide to do that, just you’re doing it at your own risk. All right, just don’t, be an idiot don’t, do it on public roads and make sure your driver is protected and safe. Now, as for the protac 35, this is definitely my favorite cinewoop to date. I do think i’m actually going to try it with a naked gopro.

8., i think, with a little bit less weight and my own rates uh. I think this guy will fly even better, so to any of you guys looking to pick one up, i definitely recommend it. If you guys enjoyed the video, please make sure to give it a like subscribe.