So today you clicked on this video to see me on like a review or unbox. Well, this didnt come in a box because a friend of my dads i put this together for me and so were just kind of do like what i got inside of it and stuff like that uh yeah um. I got like kind of first racing drone. I have a 3d printed frame. Let me show you that. Let me show you that from here from uh uncle adam hes, not my uncle, but my one, my dads friend that flies with us uh. We took our reptile cinewoop. My dad dropped out transferred it into this drone crashed it. A couple of times broke a lot of frame, and i broke this frame here. Uh dented the whole thing, so my parents just said: okay, you know what well just get you a 533 pro elite and thats this uh the place. Where me my dad got this drone and my mom me and my dad and my mom got this drone is a drone for speed. I will link his shop down below in the link down in the comments below go check out that shop, because its awesome – and he put this drone together for me – yeah lets just get into this and what i got so first. We got this v locks 2207 motors, pretty nice. Okay, should we show you this and a? I think, weve got a.

I think you got this here whatever this is. I i like im in im a noob in this stuff. My dad knows all these, so i think this is the hobby wing foreign one. I dont know what this is, but i dont know you guys should know theres some pros watching this, so ah reasonable price. Okay, this is the blocks motors i was talking about. Do you wait? What can this thing focus? Okay, this is the blocks motors. I was telling you about with the fork. Obviously thats like the flight controller. Is that one you know what it is its probably offboard, one yeah yeah. We got this too. We got this fpv rush, fpv flight system, pretty cool – you guys – should know what that is too. I dont know what that is. Uh weve got these batteries. Uh drone for speed. The shop that i got this from which i will look down below in the comments makes his. I think this is his batteries, if im not mistaken, if its 6s, this is a sickness battery uh i mean i could show you inside there. I could only show you this kind. Sorry wait there its right inside there, okay, okay, i think thats everything that we covered, and obviously i got the black shark for the top and guys if you didnt know this, this is evan turners frame like a real race. Drone, this is one of my first proper restaurants.

The restaurant that you saw is 3d printed by uncle adam uh, not really one coburn. My dads friend flies with us uh every sunday, but like not this one because uh all they all got work uh. So that is working on a project on drones. My dad is working on some tour on golf, so im here alone and yeah. You guys wait what what what camera did? I use yeah, i didnt show you the camera. Is that it? This is the camera right here, yep the wrong camera, its the run. It is the run cam eraser. This thing is not focusing the e. The riding cam racer 903 is the camera on this baby, uh yeah. I never knew that this stuff already but never mind through that. It is. I well, though, not please, do not put any hate on this, but i think its a five inch. I mean that just i mean i have like the other drones there uh all like measured it. I think its a five inch, so i havent got props for this yet, but if you can uh, if the comments like are on whatever you can tell me what props i should get ill ill. I promise i will read all of your comments. Uh, whatever comments you make, i will read them and yeah theres. The drone uh try not to crash ill. I will try not to crash this. I really will try not to, but you know, im going super fast if im going super fast.

I cant really control that so yeah. So there is the 5 33 pro 8 carbon fiber 2 and yeah everythings very compact. In it, bens vlogs looks super good. Hopefully this flies fast, and that is the 533 pro elite. Thank you for watching this video and i hope to see you again look out for it. If you like this video leave a like, and if you really liked it subscribe to my channel, just consider it just subscribe and yeah. I will post a video, maybe tomorrow morning of me, flying this baby or maybe later on, like a few weeks until i get new props for this, so i didnt get props to me. My me and my mom didnt get props. So if you like, this, video leave a like really liked it subscribe turn on those post notifications. If you want to me to see uh, if you want me to fly this baby and yeah, i will be posting a video very, very, very soon of me flying this uh yeah.