This is a dji fpv drone that i paid 1500 for with my own money im, also going to throw in two batteries the controller and the case, and you will win this for free, no shipping charge at all. You dont have to send me any money. So if anybody is imposing to be drone camps, rc on my channel making a comment saying you won this dji fpv drone, theyre lying so dont reply to anybody. Dont send any money online. It is a 100 free giveaway. This is going to be shipped to your door by me, so one lucky subscriber in the next 100 000 subscribers will win a dji fpv drone. Now lets get back to the program. All right guys, welcome to todays video be sure to get in on that giveaway. So lets jump into the topic of todays video now right here, youre looking at the c techie ct 500 portable power station, whatever blah blah blah, and why is it so special? Why should you even care – i put some things on the bench here, for you guys to see that it charges it pretty much charges everything i possibly need in the hobby, its 500 watt and its powerful enough to be able to charge my dji fpv drone batteries. My new insta360 one rs camera my insta360 go to. It also has two ac ports on the side and i can plug in any of my chargers to this.

I can plug in my toolkit, rc m6d, dual port charger, and i can charge any of my batteries anywhere. I go. It also has three usb ports on here and thats, going to charge up to 2.4 amp, and it has a usbc port right here for charging. My iphone or my airpods, and it has two wireless spots on the top to charge wireless charging devices. So if you have a friend in the field with you, they can also charge their phone as well, and aside from the usb charging options on the front, we have a power button. We have the power output indicator for the temperature as well and we have a watts output. So, if youre charging batteries on here, you can see how many watts youre outputting it will charge up to 500 watts on here. We have an input spot in the front. Here and that will plug into your ac adapter for the wall, we also can charge by the included car adapter, so this plugs in here plug it into your cigarette, lighter while youre driving – and you can charge this thing before you get to your campsite or your Fly spot we also have a 12 volt port right here, plug in your cigarette, lighter adapter type of device here and you can run say like a portable coffee maker or something like that. We did something like that on my last review, but this time i wanted to focus on the fpv.

We also have a dc port here, our dc button to turn that on and off as well, usb can turn on and off by holding this button, and these two little icons here will disappear. Another feature it has its pretty cool if youre, camping or youre out somewhere, and it gets dark and youre trying to work on your quad. You have a light bar across the front, so you can actually push this little button and itll. Give you a solid light. You can turn it up and down brightness. You can also change the setting. So if you go here, you can also do a strobe, say youre on the side of the road and youre trying to get attention. You can do that or, if youre needing to get attention from rescue or help it has an sos option. Its kind of kind of neat – probably not going to be useful because youre not really going to be hiking with this anywhere, because its really heavy its i mean its its probably around the weight of say, a standard, smaller marine size battery, and i know we got Some dji guys on the channel. So if you want to charge your mavic or your dji fpv drone battery, you can do that too. This plugs in just like this and now im off and charging my dji fpv drone batteries, thats pretty cool and if youre doing some intense drone battery charging, it does have an internal fan.

So it has a cooling mechanism inside here and it has venting on the side. You can actually feel the air kind of coming out of there, as the fan circulates from one side of the unit to the other. So ive been wanting to make this video for a while guys, because i literally take this thing with me every day and i just leave it in the front seat of the car in the passenger seat. And i can charge all the things that you see here. On the bench my radios, my batteries, i can run my lipo charger. I can charge my lions, my dji batteries, so i can keep my phone going and if i want to take it in the sprinter for like a family vacation, i can use it for that. As well and charge my girlfriends phone um, this ones called the ct500. By the way it has a rated power output. A 500 watt, like we talked about before peak output of 1000 watt, um thats, not too bad uh and the product weight is around 7.5 kilograms and it weighs like something like a small like marine power battery um, something you put in like a boat or a Lawn mower and i think that this one is decently priced, i mean go into home depot, go into cabelas and look under the counter in the camping sections, for some of the more like name brand power bank chargers, theyre still coming out of china theyre all made In china, you guys, like these things, are 800 bucks for the one that is like 500 watt.

Go, find look at the wattage on these go in any store, walmart! Look at the watt, the watt. If you get a thousand watt, one youre, probably gon na, be talking about a thousand dollars uh or twelve hundred dollars. So 500 watt is somewhere in the middle. For me, and generally, i feel like those should be priced around 500, but this ones 2.99 and thats crazy, because i paid 80 bucks for this one in best buy, and this is 10 000 milliamp. This one is like 16 500 milliamp, but i can charge it on the road or i can charge it on the bench before i go out and fly and it charges up in about, i think, about four or five hours time so um right now, the flash Sales on and its funny because they havent sold one yet but im sure after this video comes out. Somebodys gon na grab one um because i think its, i think its probably again my most useful item that i have in my arsenal there. It is guys uh. My most used fpv related hobby related item in my arsenal, as of uh. First second quarter of 2022 spring this thing, freaking, rocks and um. If you want to charge all the things grab, one of these at my link down below be sure to use my bg davis 2021, its still good, you can get eight percent off. Hopefully you can still get eight percent off of 299.

That would be a pretty good deal so hop in there and grab one of these and youll definitely help the channel and, like always, guys, good luck for that giveaway, because uh one of the next hundred thousand subscribers is gon na win that dji drone the charger And two batteries and my beautiful drone case thatll go along with it guys. Im justin davis take care subscribe, and i appreciate you watching my videos as always. Thank you.