I just finished today, i’m being so good. Where did i put it right? I went to the post office mailed out a one of these uh custom, like spray cans that i painted uh, a fellow by the name of eric mohler, which i met at the protest in washington. Super awesome guy. He wanted one, so i sold it to him and next day i mailed it out i’m being so good at mailing stuff out i’m, so proud of myself for being responsible for everyone. Uh, so have a few rigs with me. If you want to call them rigs, then you can call them rigs. I have a new five inch, long range that was sent to me by die tone um. So i want to do that. I want to do the long range thing uh. However, it really sucks, because it doesn’t have the nebula pro camera on it has a nebula and the nebula sucks. So i don’t know how accurate of a review i can do without the camera that is going to be on the final it’s kind of dumb, but whatever i think the long range would be worth it. I just hope it survives anyway, so that’s what i’m doing right now i have a cramp on my side. Every time i bend down on one side it like i get this charlie horse on my side, so that’s pretty cool uh. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen when i’m applying anyways enough of the yabba dabba dabba i’m gon na go i’ll, see you there.

By the way, have you tried the new crispy chicken sandwich, uh the spicy one from mcdonald’s? Well, i have and i’ve been eating it for like three days now, maybe that’s what the crab’s all about. Am i right. Anyways uh good chicken sandwich it’s, not like chick fil a but it’s, not bad. I, like the spicy one dude spicy dude, burger tiger yeah um. Can i have the 4b that’s it awesome? Do you guys still have the drone pilot discount, which one from a drone pilot discount? Oh no, all right, thanks, yeah, okay, all right! Okay! He’S! Like oh! No Music, Music, Music, good, damn it oh man, gross, never guys, was gon na think i was choking my chicken i don’t know people still say that all right i’m here i am at treasure, island in san francisco, and i have a pretty good shot going out. There’S this one spot that i used to go to all the time. Another new construction and i can’t go to it. So i have to go to this place, which is fine um. A few notes about the the quad i’m gon na fly Music, the daitone l5 roma l5 it’s a 6s drone i’m going to be flying a 4s battery with it, and i know i’m not going to have a lot of punch and but that’s how it is. That’S what i have uh. Secondly, i think i’m gon na do the first run without the insta 360 go on it.

I was planning to put the insta360 go 1 on it, which i will, but i want to make sure that this thing is legit. Before i put on that camera on it so i’m about to go, fly it right now: Music Applause. I just hope it survived Music. Oh my god! I lost it. Music, oh my god, i’m. So glad i didn’t put on my insta360 go. I would be so sad, this is what happened. I took off from the little shore thing: uh it’s, a straight shot, there’s, nothing in the way, it’s really awesome. Actually, let me go show you so i was sitting right here and i had a straight shot to the bridge and i wanted to go fly the bridge and i was going along. Everything was fine. My battery was at 16 volts by the time that i got like halfway there or wherever i was just like. You know a little bit out this way and um all of a sudden it just like looked down and kaput done. It’S done now the lake or the the sea has a new freaking drone. Oh no, why did it fail? My battery was at 16 volts. My transmission was great. Everything was great. I was going along. Luckily i did hit record in the goggles. I hope i recorded that um, but that was whack that was wickedy wickety wiggity whack thanks for watching. I appreciate you guys and uh. Sorry, it wasn’t crazy long range.

I was actually wanting to to go far, but it didn’t it didn’t happen. Well, i’ll see you guys later have a good one.