Okay, let’s start so first you want to turn on the buttons of the controller, and you know the drone. And then you see this right, it’s not. Are you okay? No, it didn’t. Stop me sting you, okay, so you see this hold on put this down just to happen just to show them just to show them the controller that’s that’s. What the controller looks like yeah, it’s, okay, well, guys, i’m slime eden anyway go ahead. Okay and then so you see this it’s not gon na go like front it’s going the other side. I know it’s confusing, but when you’re looking at extractions, i know i’m saying no weird let’s press that and then let’s. Let me show you so the buttons are kind of weird. So you see this the things that’s, how show them the joystick yeah the joystick? This is the turn front. Turn it’s like an rc car, show them how you could drive it. It goes forward like an rc car, it has wheels and it goes backwards. Look – and it also turns okay guys and it was very expensive yeah, not like one of those stupid drones, the good drone. I also have one i do too, but it’s not the same as that. Okay, so i want you guys to go back. I don’t want to hurt people, and you can actually see that under there’s lights, that, like crunch, the whole thing my friend david has his channel.

He has, and this is left right, whatever yeah and then up down i mean this is up and down. This is left and right so can i do it real, quick sorry, so this is forward backwards, turn right, turn left and then let’s show them sure. Let’S go okay and then let’s start wait guys. Can i show you them for something first, so on this channel my brothers, he is very he’s hoping to get um up to ten or five subscribers and, if you guys could help by subscribing or turning on that notification, it would really help him get to that. Please, okay and then actually i forgot how to turn forward, and this is how you turn from see this part that it’s like where you go forward. It’S like that. So let me show you and there’s a land button which is very, very good. It makes this noise when you hear this noise, you’re gon na need to turn off the controller turn it on and do this, which i my friend i should do it too, yes and then closely and including me. Okay, everyone go back up. Music, oh probably do our next video tomorrow, which i i got a real stress friend, yeah cause. He goes too. He goes in person yeah. This has nothing to do with the video, but hope you subscribe like that video and turn on the notification bell yeah and hold on. I want to tell you one more thing guys next time when i come back, i have one more thing too hold on one more thing and one more thing we can bring david and me can bring our drones and then we can put the phone and then We can start showing how good we are and then, when i come back, i can tell you and goodbye wait.