theyve taken the pro out of the name, because maybe theyve taken a couple of the pro features away overall, im very, very happy with the Drone ive been able to test the imaging systems and the flight dynamics in three different locations and a few different light settings and, like i said, im overall im very happy. It is an upgrade from the mavic 2 huge upgrade from five years ago, with the mavic 1. um. So yeah five years of develop theyve really come a long way. You can probably see in the the payload there you can see its definitely gotten bigger dual cameras. The the zoom is incredible, its definitely grainy but theyve, given it the right name when it, they call it explore mode, because that explains it well, it gives you a good extra eye on the sky, but probably not the best thing for commercial video delivery, but well Wait and see there might be an application we can use it for, but overall, really really happy ill. Show you some of the footage and explain some of the the things in detail that i liked and didnt like all right, so lets get into the bad stuff. First, so the the first thing i want to bring up, but theres, really only two things i want to bring up that are bad about it, because, overall, it is a really great drone. But the first thing i want to complain about is on the standard flyer.

More combo, which is all ive, got for now the the cine version isnt available here in australia. Yet i probably wont upgrade to that from what ive seen on this. But the standard controller that you get with the standard fly more combo is not really a prosumer controller and theres a lot of things you miss out on and i feel like it is a downgrade from even the mavic 2 pro controller. But you know look. It feels good in some ways and bad in others. It definitely doesnt work well with larger ipads or anything like that. But overall, i just find it a little bit mediocre for what you are paying for this drone and what ive been used to with the mavic 2 pro so im totally aware, theyre trying to push us into the rc pro ive never been a big fan of Those integrated controllers, because generally the ipad, gives you more upgradability and flexibility and theres a lot of apps that arent available on the rc pro, so ive usually stayed clear of them and stuck with the standard controller. So the only other issue that i reckon i had with the the drone was that the app the dji flyer app is also a bit of a downgrade from the dji go 4 app. It just lacks some of the more professional controls in the camera and in the obstacle avoidance, so those sort of things i really did miss as well.

When i was out using it both of these issues, i think ill get over and get used to in time. Overall, the benefits definitely outweigh the downsides and even without any of the intelligent flight modes and master shots im still happy with the upgrades, even as it is so yeah. I dont know if that says that im a simple man but im giving it two thumbs up at the moment and theres, obviously more to come, so its only going to get better from here, so thats a good thing all right. So definitely the best feature from the new dj. Mavic 3 is the increased image quality. The micro four thirds sensor from dji slash hasselblad, is definitely a improvement over the one inch one from the mavic 2. You definitely get better sharpness and dynamic range in your photos. Youre definitely getting less rolling, shutter and more options and flexibility with your video. This is just the standard version of the drone 2, with the 150 megabit compression into mp4h264 format that im using at the moment. So that looks really good. I had a little bit of a play around with the d log. It looks almost unusable at the moment, but ill test that out later in the editing desk, but overall the imaging systems are amazing and when you consider theyve chucked in that extra bonus explore camera, then you know i mean its really just icing. On top of the awesome cake, so yeah really impressed with the imaging from it and its definitely a big upgrade from three years ago, so you can feel good about that.

So the next thing, thats really impressive – that might seem rudimentary and boring – is the battery life uh the battery life, which is what they say at 46 minutes. My air data data comes in and says that the flight time is around 26 minutes, but it says that the flight time on these was averaging at about 18 to 19 minutes at max. So it seems that theres around 10 extra minutes on this one, which is a big improvement, still a 33 improvement on average. I think which is which is really good, and it feels a lot more casual in the sky, the more efficient props which are also quieter. I think help to improve the the battery life and the motors obviously do as well, but yeah its a really really good casual, easy flying drone and, as youll see, ive put it out over the ocean and everything still so that was really good, so theres, just One other thing that i thought i should bring up and its not good nor bad um. I think its just a numbers game. As i said, i work in the industry where we sell drones, a lot of drones, a lot of numbers go out and i can promise you that hardly any back for actual fault. Obviously we get the odd drone come in for user error or pilot error, but yeah when it comes to actual faults, its very very rare to see one of these drones be faulty but turns out.

I got one of the faulty ones, so the downward vision sensor has gone faulty for whatever reason it just came up with an error in the screen and it wont go away and because the drones literally less than a week old ill, take it back to the Retailer, because here in australia, most good retailers will have a 90 day debt on arrival, which means that, if theres any issues within that time, that arent your fault, youll just get a swap over. And that just means that you can get back in the sky without having to send it off to dji, which can be a four week turnaround. And if youve just had your drone arrive in the post. And you have a four week turnaround to get flying. After less than a week of flying yourself, thatll really piss you off, so i suggest before you buy your drone, just make sure that the retailer youre dealing with does allow you to have debt on arrival. If the drone is faulty due to no fold of your own so check into that its definitely a hot tip, i got for you the drone itself. I think once this one is swapped over all things being equal, it will be awesome and come january with the new updates. Itll be even more awesome, but its a big upgrade. My mavic 2 after many hours of flight started to lose its dual band capability when it came to radio transmission, so i was down to a single band which made it a little inconvenient, so it was time for an upgrade anyway.

So i was very open to this, but it definitely delivered all the goods. So, overall, if i had to give it a score out of 10, it would be a nine and a half or 10, because yeah with everything thats coming, i love it already and yeah. I cant wait to get flying again so that pretty much sums it up. The mavic 3 is a great drone. I definitely appreciate the upgrade stay tuned to the channel because im going to do more videos, doing comparisons and reviews and talking about the mavic 3. So its going to make a really big impact in the business for the next few months, so im really excited and im sure im going to bring all that stuff to you via this channel. So dont forget to follow like and subscribe across all the different platforms, because otherwise you might miss out on something so hit the like button and get into it.