Hey guys today, i woke up on the south coast of iceland and today is actually a super exciting day, because yesterday i just received the dji fpv drone. This is going to be my first fpv flight ever i’ve been practicing a lot in fpv simulators for you that don’t fully know what this is about. Fpv drones are quite a lot more challenging to fly than normal drones. You have to practice first in a simulator before you actually take it for a real flight. Today is going to be my first fpv flight with the dji fpv drone. Oh my god, i almost dropped it. That would be embarrassing to like crash it before i even play it. This drone has three different modes, so you can fly it like a normal drone as a beginner, but what i’m really excited about is to go full manual mode, which is the you know, original fpv mode, and that means that you are flying this thing fully manual. So there’s nothing helping you with hovering. You need to compensate for everything like wind, so that’s. What i’ve been learning in a simulator to do that. Also, this drone is a lot faster than a normal drone. This one goes 150 kilometers an hour. Look at the remote here i was studying this a little bit yesterday. The drone actually has three modes: it has an s and n and it’s like a normal mode. Ask mode is somewhere in between the normal mode and the fully manual fpv mode, and then n mode is fully manual mode and then you’re completely on your own and flying fpv.

Hopefully that explains a little bit. What fpv drone is about, i think, i’m ready for my first flight. I love that song, so let’s go. Take off Music um feels like a roller coaster. Oh, i think i’m ready for full manual mode, see what happens. Music sit down because she started shaking so much from the drone. This is scary funny with your goggles and your mouth open. I can imagine how high am i he’s back home i’m still shaking from flight number one, but i think i’m ready for flight number. Two Music, Music, so so i’m very excited about the day because i’m gon na be flying over some glaciers on these icebergs uh it’s quite hard to launch from the beach. But we find a fountain iceberg that we’re just gon na launch from okay, it’s lighting Applause.