This crisis exceeds the current governors ability to deal with it. We shouldnt have career politicians in politics. I think the most important job of our next governor is to make it less important who the governor is tonight. Information voters across california need to make informed decisions, live from californias, capitol, kcra and the san francisco chronicle present. The california recall debate good evening and welcome im gulstan dart right now. Voters across california are deciding two questions. First, should governor gavin newsom be recalled, and second, if he is recalled who should replace him, which is why we are here tonight. We invited governor newsom and six leading candidates looking to replace him. The governors campaign said that hes not taking part in debates larry elder and caitlyn jenner said that they will only debate. The governor tonight were joined by four candidates who did accept kevin kiley is a republican. He graduated valedictorian from granite bay, high school hes. Currently, a member of the state assembly representing the sixth district kevin paffreth is a democrat. He appears on the ballot as a financial educator analyst and he may be better known by his youtube channel meet kevin. He has also worked as a real estate broker. Kevin faulconer is a republican. He appears on the ballot as a businessman and an educator hes. A former city council member and mayor of san, diego and john cox is a republican. He appears on the ballot as a businessman, accountant and father.

He ran for governor in 2018 and lost to gavin newsom. Those are the candidates now to the questions, and we want to hear from you so scan the qr code. You see on your screen to send us questions for the candidates. Our moderators tonight are alexi kossef, san francisco chronicle capital, correspondent and kcra 3s deirdre fitzpatrick and based on a random drawing. Our first question goes to kevin faulconer deirdre, all right gulstan. Thank you. So by agreement you, gentlemen, have agreed to have one minute to answer these questions and for our viewers at home. They will know that their minute is up because on the floor, which you cannot see is a red light green light system. So when the light is green, youre free to talk youll see a yellow, which means start wrapping it up. When you get to red youre supposed to be done talking and if you get past that lexi and i will find a nice way to try to start cutting you off so lets get to our first questions, we did ask people all over california to submit questions. We had well over 400 questions. Come in, we wont ask all of them no surprise. One of the top things people want to talk about is something that affects every single person on the planet. Everybody in this room right now, and that is coronavirus, so well talk about the pandemic and vaccine mandates to start us off today.

So this week the fda gave full authorization to the pfizer vaccine for those who are 16 and older. So now that its no longer under the emergency use status authorization. What is your position on vaccine mandates, both in the private sector and in the public sector, and it is worth pointing out that all four of our candidates tonight are vaccinated. So we will, as gulstan said, start with kevin faulconer. I said. Thank you. I am vaccine that vaccine number one way that we can get over covet 19 is to have everyone get the vaccine. As i said, my familys vaccinated my wife, my kids, i think its incredibly important, and particularly in this now that were seeing fda approval, that we continue to educate and educate the benefits of getting that vaccine and thats, something that ive been strongly advocating. For. All of these many months ever since, obviously the vaccines came out and i feel really strongly that our best opportunity is indeed to educate, were not going to mandate our way out of covent 19.. While i was mayor of san diego, i really stood up against. You know the statewide mandates that we saw from governor newsom one size fits all policy, we want everybody to be healthy, we want everybody to be safe, but the best way to do that is to educate folks to get that vaccine, and that is the best way That we are all going to get over this together as californians, so to be clear, youre against mandates both in the pub for the public and then also the private sector as well.

No man, our best opportunity again, is to get everybody vaccinated were not going to do it by mandating. You need to educate. Okay. Next up is kevin paffrost same question. Thank you very much albert einstein. Once said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. The reality is, the vaccine is very important. However, oxford university just told us last week that transmission still occurs in vaccinated individuals. Now i encourage everyone to get vaccinated, my family is vaccinated, but my three and five year old are not because they cant yet get the vaccine, and so we need to do something different. If we want to end this pandemic, we need to also include an emphasis on hepa filtration in our schools. Theres, a reason our planes are still flying. We dont need lockdowns to end this pandemic. What we need is proper education, like mr faulkner has said, potentially even incentives of up to 250 for a new vaccinated adult, but if we still spread coven from vaccinated individuals, we must also make sure we lessen the burden on our hospitals by ensuring that every building In our state has a proper hepa filtration and we use proper masking to end this pandemic. Okay, so im gon na ask the same, follow up question just to be clear: no mandates private sector or public sector. I do agree with mandates. I agree with mandates at a local level, though not from the governors office.

Im gon na be very clear about this. I believe every individual business has the constitutional right and every individual building has the right to determine their own mandate rules. That means every individual school hospital can determine vaccine mandates themselves. Thank you, kevin kiley, your turn. Well, as i was uh watching your station kcra before the debate started, i saw a commercial from gavin newsom against the recall and he had this dire warning that if the recall succeeds, then these mandates are going to go away and cobits going to spread, which is Kind of an odd thing to say, because the mandates didnt exist until a week or two ago, were the only state that has them and they havent even gone into effect. Yet so its clearly a campaign issue and thats. The way that gavin newsom has treated kovitt from the beginning, hes politicized it ill give you a very clear example of that last year in october, when newsome thought it was good politics, he cast doubt on the vaccine. He said that we couldnt take the fdas word for whether it was safe. The chair of the united states senate health committee had to write him a letter telling him to cut it out. He said that newsome was attacking the career scientist at the fda, that he was discouraging americans from taking the vaccine and he was costing lives and then, when it came time to actually roll out the vaccine, we had the slowest rollout of any say the governor didnt Prioritize seniors and when they were did become eligible theyd spend all day on the phone trying to get an appointment and couldnt get one its been exactly the opposite of the way the approach should have been, and john cox i agree with mr kiley.

I wont call him kevin because we have too many cabins here, but listen the the politicians will politicize this and thats what theyve done and im a businessman. I want to solve the problem and mandates arent going to solve the problem. Uh ive been vaccinated. My familys been vaccinated, i believe, in the vaccine. It comes from the private sector, its well tested, and i believe its good id like to see the vaccine approved not only for adults but id like to see the proof for children as well, and i think thats going to happen very soon. But i think the reticence of people to get vaccinated is all about the lack of trust in government and gavin newsom is exhibit a in that situation. This not just his hypocritical dinner at the french laundry which demonstrated that he doesnt think the rules apply to him, but its also the no bid contracts, the no bid contract, the blue cross to botch up the vaccine distribution that mr kylie referred to. Uh the note. The raising of money for his wifes foundation, uh from pg e uh, which literally has killed people. This erodes trust and when people dont have trust in their leadership, they dont listen to leaders when the leaders tell them that they should do something. I dont believe in mandates, i dont believe in mass mandates. I am not interested in having that, i believe in freedom, i believe in the constitution. Thank you, john cox appreciate lets move on to the second viewer question.

Regarding coronavirus, several of you have expressed opposition to mass mandates in schools, as well as other public health measures that governor newsom has adopted to combat the pandemic. Now that were in the middle of another surge, what steps would you take to slow the spread of the virus? Moving forward? Kevin paffraff well start with you. Thank you very much. Well, first and foremost, we need better masks. Facial coverings are a failure. Dr scott goblins tells us that facial coverings themselves are no better than 20 to 30 percent effective. The reality is, we need n95 masking. The cdc in government has failed us in providing science based evidence that we should not use these. If you go to the cdcs website right now, they say dont use n95s. They should be reserved for healthcare workers. I believe that is a mistake and as governor i will provide n95 respirators. These masks to individuals who need them in our state who cannot afford them. I will make sure we have an appropriate supply of masks that are well fitted for our children and the people of our state. So, with proper ventilation, we can actually end covet and again im for vaccination. But what you just heard from the other three candidates on the stage and what you hear from the other candidates, who are too afraid to be here tonight, to stand in front of the california people is nothing about ventilation and new ideas. Its more of the same and thats, why were failing with covid? I will change that as government.

Thank you very much kevin kiley. What steps would you take? I would follow the approach that other states have taken, which is to have a balanced approach and to place trust in citizens. And when you look at the issue of masks were in the minority of states. That has a statewide mandate and you look at other countries. Like the united kingdom theyve said, were not going to do mass for elementary school students or were not going to require it, because the harms to a childs development far outweigh any benefits and those benefits arent even very clearly established and its almost certainly the case that The effect on a child of wearing a mask all day varies a lot from child to child, which is why this should be. This decision should be in the hands of parents, but we need to were talking about mask right now, but lets not forget the fact that california shut down its schools longer than any other state in the country. We were 50th out of 50 in getting our kids back to school. Was that? Because that was the safe thing to do? No gavin newsom knew it wasnt the safer thing to do. He sent his own kids to in person private school. It was rather that we have a special interest in this state: the teachers unions, that gives more money to political uh office holders than any other group and has given more money to gavin newsom than anyone and so thats.

Why? I think theres a level of distrust that exists in a lot of what the government is doing, because clearly neither public health nor the interest of our kids has been guiding policy making. So youve spoken for the past minute about something youre opposed to which is mass mandates. But what steps would you take moving forward to slow the spread of the virus? I would rebuild the trust that gavin newsom has lost through the steps ive just outlined the way that hes politicized the vaccine, the way hes politicized things like mass, the way that he shut down our schools for no good reason. I would say im going to start serving the people of california. I think when we rebuild that trust people are more than able to take the measures they need. Thank you. Thank you very much, john cox. What steps would you take? Well, i agree with rebuilding the trust. People should trust in the vaccine. They dont because they dont trust, gavin newsom. They dont trust the politicians and you know we need to be honest with people about this disease. This is an awful disease. I got it early on. The chinese should certainly be held accountable for failure to warn us about it as well as possibly developing it themselves, but we have to deal with it and thats the problem see the politicians never consider the costs of any activity they they engender. They whipped up a whole lot of fear among people and, and certainly this disease is certainly not a great disease, but but its 99.

9 survivable uh. Certainly we should protect the vulnerable. Certainly, we should protect people with pre existing conditions, but what we should do is be honest. With people this disease has animal reservoirs. Smallpox didnt were not going to get rid of this disease, so weve got to encourage people to trust the vaccine get the vaccine. So if they do get the disease its not going to be as serious and thats the best that thats the best way, so are there any specific steps that you had in mind beyond rebuilding trust with the public? Again im, not i look at the costs. You know we can eliminate all highway deaths if we all drove at 10 miles an hour. Well were not about to do that. Governor newsom shut down small businesses. He shut our kids out of school places like florida kept their businesses open disney world was open in july. Thank you, disneyland just opened in april, so i you know. The destruction of saint pauls destruction to our childrens psyche is also serious too. Thank you for your answer and and kevin faulconer. Are there any steps that you would take moving forward to slow the spirit of the virus? The most important thing is to let our local school districts working with parents make the right decisions based upon the facts of the ground in that community. I think one of the things that youve heard very clearly is that gavin newsom, always his first step is to say lets, have a statewide mandate, our states very big, its very diverse thats, the wrong approach.

Again, we need to have parents school district members working together, ill tell you. Our schools should have been open this past semester. The fact that this governor shut down our schools for as long as he did i mean i kicked off my campaign in los angeles in front of a closed public school and right across the street was an open private school, where teachers were safely teaching and kids Were safely learning why? Because that school reported to parents, but yet the public school, where i was at with ultimately reports to gavin newsom was closed. My daughter should have been in school this past semester, just like everybody, elses kids across california, in the classroom safely. Learning with great teachers doing it, zoom was no substitute. We had a governor that didnt understand that were still dealing with those consequences. Now, thank you, and just quickly again, are there any specific steps that you would take to slow the spread of the virus in california? All the great steps that we have seen, we have seen our local districts with our great teachers working with our parents in terms of social distancing in terms of all the hygiene things that you have to do, make those decisions locally, not again a statewide mandate coming From the governor to shut our schools down, thank you very much. It is not a surprise were in a severe drought and that many of californias water reservoirs are at record low levels.

Would you mandate restrictions on water use to get california through this season? If so, how would you actually enforce them, and if not, what would you do to address the very dry months that we have ahead of us and well start this time with kevin kylie? I would not do so. Rationing should not be an option and you mentioned the reservoirs are low. They were overflowing just a few years ago. So if we had political leaders who were exercising any semblance of political leadership, we would have figured this out a long time ago. Maybe we should find a way to save the water in the wet years so that we can use it in the dry years. What ive proposed is a constitutional amendment that will say that, from this point forward, a fixed amount of our state budget is going to go towards projects to increase our water supply towards dams, towards reservoirs, towards conveyance to reuse towards desalination. Until we add 5 million acre feet to our annual water supply and by the way there will be protections from litigation as well and it would make sure the funding is actually used for that purpose. You know we havent significantly expanded our water capacity here in california, since the state water project we have more than enough water that comes to us by the grace of god. We just need to manage it responsibly, you know, and scarcity and rationing and cutbacks are political choices and if we make different choices, then well end this era of shorter showers and fallow fields in california.

Those are long term ideas. What do you do for the next? Six months until the rain is back well, i point you to, for example, a letter that a democrat in the assembly, adam gray, wrote to the water board telling them not to impose these cutbacks on farmers and pointing to other solutions like a lot of the environmental Regulations that cause us to divert water from productive use right, john cox yeah. This is another one of the management problems that the politicians and the celebrities and the insiders who have run this state for too long have cost. I mean this is a management issue. This is not a political issue. If you need water, which we do, we need water to live, we need water to farm. We need water for every use. You make sure that you have the water available. You dont just sit and blame climate change and not do anything about it. Im a businessman im going to solve the problem and, of course what that means is that we have to do things like desalination recycling, programs and reservoirs, and i agree right now. Uh, we are in a problem because of the lack of management, skill and the politicians are to blame for it. You know weve passed two water bonds in the last 10 years and theyve yet to spend most of the money from those water bonds. This is the voters have spoken, they said we we want uh water stored and you know another constitutional amendment isnt going to do the job.

We need to get just better leadership, kevin faulconer. The only solution we get from gavin newsom every time were in a drought. Is take a shorter shower thats not going to cut it. We have to build more storage, we have to increase the supply in california. In fact, just last week i had the pleasure to be up in maxwell about an hour north meeting with folks on the sites reservoir. We have to turn that into reality. We have the ability to do not only that but temperance flat down further south and about we have to increase our supply and for a governor to just give lip service to that, but not actually take the steps and the emergency steps necessary to get these reservoirs Going, i think, is unconscionable and it has to be an all of the above approach, and i have a lot of experience with that. As when i was mayor of san diego, we moved forward on one of the biggest water recycling programs right now going on in the state of california. We have desalinization in san diego county, strong, proponent and supporter of that, and so instead of what we see from gavin newsom every single year take a shorter shower cut back, we have to get smart increase the supply. We know what needs to be done. I will have the experience and the political will to get it done, but what do you do? The day after you become governor when people dont have water because reservoirs take years to build? What do you do for those months in between? I will move immediately on building reservoirs day.

One slat night told not only that insights reservoir as well. These have been on the books forever. We have funding in the water bonds, but we havent had the political will to move forward. We have to start. I will start on my first day as governor kevin pathrav pafras same question. Thank you very much. Well. Much of what weve heard here about solving our water crisis is the same old. That weve heard a lot of complaining. The same thing that we heard with our covet plans, the folks on the stage with me, did not have strong plans and they each had to be asked, follow up questions for what their actual plans would be. We need emergency action when it comes to our water crisis on day one. I will declare a state of emergency to begin the construction as soon as feasibly possible of a pipeline to the mississippi river. We will build an interstate pipeline by coordinating with joe biden in the federal government. Now this sounds outlandish, but we have a massive problem. Researchers and phds have come up with a solution. It would take just 14 power plants to pump water here. We can buy cheaper, cleaner water, theres enough federal land between here and there, with the exception of texas, where were going to rent land were going to double the flow of water to the mississippi river. We need strong ideas and thats why im polling better than all three candidates on the stage combined in august, both polls in august, i poll better than all three combined by a four to nine percent margin, because my plans will work.

Have you explored cooperation with these other states to do something like that absolutely heres the thing we have spoken with a lot of folks about our plans, but what i want to be very clear about first, is i stand for win win negotiations? I recognize that were not just going to take water, but we also do desal conservation. Wells were going to do everything all hands on deck, but we need more water. We need to double the flow of water to the colorado river. It would only take four percent of the water from the mississippi well from water were going to go to fire. Now, yes, were in the middle of another record, breaking wildfire season, which has leveled towns and a destroyed property all over the state. Do you favor? Restricting new development in high fire risk zones, john cox, will come to you first, no, i dont. I do i favor better management to deal with the fires. This is again another problem of the politicians and the celebrities who have run the state into the ground uh. We solve the problem and how do we do that? We manage the forest we go in and we get rid of the tinling, the uh, the dead trees and all these things that are going to cause fires to be, you know, become infernos. We also revive the timber industry, which has been run out of this state. They did a lot of the fire forest management uh before they were run out of the state, and then we need to have new ideas like a air force.

I saw today theres a new fire in grass valley, i mean if we had decent air force. If we werent spending four million dollars a day on that train to nowhere in the central valley, i propose taking that money and buying or leasing a whole bunch of jets. Theres never been more jets available than any time in history, outfit them with tanks and make sure you go after these fires and put them out before they become infernos. That money for the train was set aside by a constitutional amendment passed by voters. Do you favor going back to the ballot to to redirect that money toward wildfires that yeah, if necessary, but ill, tell you what that project is way over budget way behind schedule, its a honey pot for all kinds of interest groups that are making money out of It and the taxpayers are footing the bill its wrong. Okay. Thank you, kevin faulconer. Do you favor restricting development in high fire risk zones? I favor putting our state on a war footing when it comes to wildfire and what we see from gavin newsom year after year is rhetoric, hell, go out and talk about climate change, but he wont take action. He wont take action. What we need to here in california to do it and so thats, why i believe we have to – and i will declare a state of emergency as governor to move forward immediately on the fuel reduction that hasnt been occurring in our forests that need to on the Brush management on all of the emergency ingress in the aggressive fire exits that havent been constructed, because this governor wont do it and what did he do? He cut the funding from cal fire last year and then he also went out and tried to take credit for treating acres of force that never actually happened.

Im going to treat this as the emergency that it is because lives are literally at stake and if we do not actually get in and reduce those fuels do that brush measurement by providing a tax credit for home hardening thats. The only way were actually going to make a difference on this in california and again it starts by saying we have to change. It immediately, put our state on a war footing for wildfire prevention. So just quickly yes or no do you favor restrictions on development? I favor giving the increases that we want for folks to do their home hardening and we need to do that and all the legislation thats out there. It works. Okay, thank you. Um kevin paphrath, same question to you ill answer the question. No, i do not favor restrictions. I favor doing what our governor said. He was going to do now. I understand im running as a democrat and i encourage people to vote. Yes on that. Second question for kevin paffreth as a backup but heres the reality have a bone to pick with governor newsom. He overstated fire prevention by 690 percent. He was exposed by npr for doing that. The day he was exposed. We had governor newsomes administration. Try to cover up that they ever made that promise, which is news that came out last week, but look heres the reality. The economist told us that in 2017, portugal had devastating wildfires, then conducted controlled burns at a cost of just 35, an acre versus the 1500.

An acre it cost to fight wildfires, and then they didnt have a devastating wildfire since and thats what we need. We need a governor whos actually going to do what he says hes going to do, but i dont think that could be a republican thats because we have a 75 percent democratic control in congress and democrats in congress will sandbag a republican governor through the 2022 election By overriding vetoes from a republican governor by overriding emergency action and overriding or delaying appointments, this is why we need a jfk style. Democrat vote. Kevin paffroth. Thank you, uh kevin kiley. Do you favor restricting new development in high fire risk zones uh? I will agree with my namesake and uh. I want to thank him for underlining something that is abundantly clear to any everyone except gavin newsom, which is that this is not a partisan recall. This has been bipartisan multi, partisan from the beginning, its about the failures of our government to do the most basic things like manage. Our forests and the result, of course, is that our communities are at risk and we keep having these catastrophic events, so i dont think its necessary to restrict development there alexi. I think that in the areas where theres an unavoidably high risk, people are not going to be eager to build and there are plenty of places to build. But i will say this its an entirely different story for folks who already live in areas that have become high risk.

Thanks to the states negligence, we have many many people in this state whose fire insurance rates have doubled, have tripled more theyve lost their coverage. Theyve had to go to the california fare plan and its imposed a real economic hardship, their homes have become unsalable, and i do think those folks need tax relief. It should come in the form of a tax credit which i actually proposed in the legislature, but the larger issue is that we need to actually start prioritizing forest management. We have 15 to 20 million acres of overgrown forests in this state and were seeing the tragic results of it year after year. Thank you very much. Our next question is another one that viewers submitted and it has to do with housing, affordability, spoiler alert. They think its really expensive to live in our state, so some democrats have pushed to make it more, affordable and easier to build small apartment buildings in residential areas and neighborhoods or to turn unused commercial property into residential housing. So would you sign a package of bills to allow those kinds of changes to happen, and we start this time with kevin faulconer. Our state is too expensive. First and foremost, and people are voting with their feet, theyre leaving our state because they cant raise their family. They cant afford a home gavin newsom appointed himself as the homeless are. The housings are right: everything under the sun, but yet doesnt take the action necessary to actually construct the units.

A lot of experience in that as mayor of san diego, i brought together democrats and republicans to pass one of the most significant reforms to help increase housing in san diego increase, the supply where we want it along our transit quarters. We called it complete communities its going to make a huge difference. I eliminated the regulatory burdens to construct that eliminating things like parking requirements to make it easier, so you can get more units. I have the experience in actually not only getting these plans there, but getting them across the finish line. In this case the super majority democrat city council. We have to make housing more affordable in california, and i will take the same types of steps that i took as mayor. Those immediate steps that says were going to cut through the bureaucracy were going to build. More homes were going to build them where we want them to be, which is along our transit corridors, and we can actually do it all right well go to uh kevin paffrath. You certainly have a lot of youtube videos on topics like this. Where do you stand on it? California currently builds just 80 000 housing units per year to break even with our housing disaster. We need to be building 300 000 homes per year, thats to break even kevin. Faulconer mentions that we should build along our transit coordinator quarters. Thats, not enough thats, not enough its, not that it will create a drop in the bucket for our housing crisis.

It doesnt help that when you had a real estate deal in san diego 101 ash, you understated repairs and ended up costing 115 million dollars. Then you stated they would 115 million dollars more heres. What we need to do. We need to build hundreds of thousands of homes throughout california, ideally half a million homes per year. There are 482 cities in this state. We build them outside of our large cities. Well, average them out, we will have affordable housing again. That way were not affecting housing prices within our city, but instead were providing an affordable option outside of our cities, and then we can have better infrastructure to connect these homes. We will also make these communities net negative by building them near and around solar and wind farms, but we must build more houses fast by streamlining the permitting process and enabling californians to build yeah. You can no, you have 30 seconds to respond im happy to its. Not the time for on the job training for youtube, somebody thats never actually had to get legislation across actually had to get the units constructed and built and actually take the stance to get housing constructed in california. I think thats a clear difference between you and me. My friend and thats, why its important that we elect a governor that can actually get hit the ground on day, one who has success, working with democrats and republicans to actually get housing across the finish line like we did in san diego.

That will help a hundred thousand new units to make it more affordable for our families, its not time to test drive its time to actually have somebody who has the experience to do it all right, its kevin kylies turn ill. Remind you im. Sorry. I should respond to that. The ques were going to move to kevin colley. The question to remind you is: would you sign a package of bills to make changes including building small apartment buildings within existing residential neighborhoods or turning unused commercial properties into housing? Well, its hard to commit to signing or not signing a bill in the abstract theres a lot of things. We need to be doing about housing, and you know some of the ideas you mentioned may have merit but uh. Fundamentally, this is the issue uh more than any other. That is the reason the american dream is falling apart in california. This used to be the state where anyone could get ahead its now. The state that so many people cant wait to leave behind last year. For the first time in california history, our population declined by 182 thousand people. We just lost a seat in congress based upon the last census. Now gavin newsom came into office. He ran for the governorship, claiming that hed do a marshall plan for housing, but hes produced nothing of the short. As a matter of fact, hes delivered one fifth of the units that he promised now youll get other states.

They can get projects off the ground in weeks and for thousands of dollars that in california take years and cost millions of dollars thats the reason we dont have the housing supply that we need, and there are very simple reforms we can make to get the results That other states do reforming, sequa, rolling back the costs that add 150 000 to the price of a home before the project even gets off the ground, certainly streamlining the approval process. Okay, the last person to answer these questions. John cox well ive been in the housing business for over 40 years, so i have the experience and im, not a politician and the politicians have jawbone about this for years. You know this isnt, just a supply issue. Thats certainly part of the issue, but its the cost of building, and mr kylie referred to it. Uh i build for a living most. My building is done in indiana uh. I can build there for 125 dollars, a square foot here in california, its 450 500. A foot you can build 300 000 units – all you want, but youre never going to make it affordable when its that expensive and its driven up, as mr kylie said by sql by the impact fees by the lawsuits, i can get approvals in six to 12 months. In indiana – and i assure you that people in indiana care about the environment, they care about traffic, they care about building standards and its not the cost of the land thats the difference, because when youre building multi family, the cost of the land isnt significant, we need To get somebody as experienced can bring down the cost of housing because it is killing families and their ability to live in this state.

Its all about families. But many of the regulations that you refer to are in place to protect things like air, water and labor. Is there one regulation you would look to end first, like i said the people of indiana care about the air, water and labor as well. They managed to approve property building in six to 12 months, not 12 years like here. They certainly have high standards as well, but they managed to get the and its done like that all across the country. California is the outlier here, and i think we all need to understand that its because of the politicians and the celebrities that weve had running the state uh were going to move on to the next question. Um one of the biggest debates to emerge from the recent racial justice protests is whether the state should be able to strip law enforcement officers of their badges when they break the law. California is one of only four states in the country where there is no statewide process to do this, but there is a bill moving through the legislature right now. That would make that change. Would you sign it kevin paffraff first to you. Well, first live three thousand hours of experience in law enforcement and i support our law enforcement community, but i also understand there are problems in law enforcement. We need a massive community style policing package in our legislature to make sure we can reform law enforcement, and i would consider exactly what youve just asked me: crime proposition 4757 weve got problems.

We need to enforce the law. We dont need to defund the police. We need to properly fund the police, not over fund the police and thats. What i stand for now id like to respond to the claim of experience. I have 11 years working in real estate and my experience doesnt include ripping off my city. It also doesnt include a display, a disdain for transparency or such a disdain for california, that you prefer to invest in real estate outside of california. All the properties i own are in california. I respect the experience i have in real estate here. The reality is, i am a jfk style democrat who can work with our democratic legislature. A vote for any republican, including the ones who are not here, is a wasted vote and whether you are yes or no on recall, you should vote for kevin paffraff and see my full plan at Okay, thank you, um kevin kiley. Would you sign a police or decertification bill? Well, i will answer that. Question alexa. Let me just say first that you know i believe there is room for criminal justice reform and police reform, where appropriate. I authored a bill brought together the aclu uh and law enforcement to provide transparency in for grand jury, proceedings and officer involved, shooting cases and, for example, in the brianna taylor case after there was the decision not to move forward there. The family wanted to see the transcript if that had taken place in california, they could have because of my bill now with respect to the specific bill that youre talking about, i think everyone agrees.

There needs to be a fair process, but i cant just commit to whatever the the bill may be at this point in time. In my years in the legislature, ive spent five years in the legislature, i can tell you that these things are sort of a moving target a lot of times as they won their way through the legislature. But the larger issue is this: that we have had a a policy towards our law enforcement in california. That has been incredibly disrespectful. I mean the slogan defund: the police is one of the most defensive political slogans ever concocted, and i think that at the end of the day, we need to restore the reverence and respect for law enforcement that they deserve and also put public safety first in our Communities again at a time when crime rates are rising. Okay, thank you very much, john cox. Would you sign a police decertification bill? We need to get the politics out of this. We need to make sure that we have the most professional law enforcement force that we can muster, and that means we need to get the politicians out of the picture. We need to make sure, certainly that we have a transparent process, that weaves out people that abuse their badge thats a very rare occurrence by the way, and i think it stains a lot of the people that already serve. I mean my law partner has a son in in the police and – and he says he doesnt understand how his son continues to serve because of all the abuse that theyre getting the politics gets into this, and we dont have the leadership that stands up and defends The police, 99.

9 percent of whom do a good job. They deserve our respect. They certainly, we certainly have to have body cameras and make sure that we go after police who abuse their power. But that is such a rare occurrence. I agree: defund, the police is not the way that we should go. We need to get rid of 47 and 57. We need to enforce the law, make sure that crime is is punished, thats, the first role of government. So this question was about a process to strip law enforcement officers of their badges when they break the law. Just to be clear, do you support that concept or not? I. I certainly think that a police officer was found in a professional hearing. Thats not politicized, found to have committed a crime or abused his power certainly should be stripped. I dont believe it should be run from the state down. I dont believe in top down so thats a no no on a statewide process. Okay, thank you. Kevin faulconer same question: i stood up during a very difficult time in our city. I had hundreds of protesters out in front of my house yelling at me. My family defund, the police. I stood up and said no. I hired the first female police chief in the history of san diego. We were selected as the nations safest, big city in america. Why? Because i understand that balance and what you have to do to protect your city and actually bring people together in a safe way.

It takes character and judgment im going to take this opportunity, because one of the people that is not here tonight, larry elder, does not have the character. The judgment the skill set or the experience to be governor and ive been very outspoken this week and im going to take one more opportunity to do so. His attack on working women is unconscionable to all the working moms out. There know that with kevin faulconer as your governor im going to support your right to raise a family to have a career. Unlike what larry elders talking about im going to make sure that californias daughters have the same opportunities as californias sons? We need a governor thats going to stand up for working women and knows that every woman in this state can have a career, can raise a family and to all the working moms out there right now. I want to say one thing. Thank you. Thank you for what youre doing we value you, we cant wait to work with you is there? Is there a specific policy uh promoting gender equality that you would try to pursue as governor? It is and talk a lot about the opportunity for equal pay, thats. Incredibly important, i promoted some women into the top management positions in our city was. I was mayor. I understand how important that what about as governor, rather than exactly okay, its going to be a strong point, ill be talking more about that later? Okay, thank you.

Our next question has to deal with tax cuts. Many californians believe the cost of living is too high in the state im sure that is not a surprise to you. What would you do to make california more affordable and for those of you who have proposed tax cuts, please be specific about how you would make up for the loss in revenue, and this time we start with kevin kiley. Well, we do need lower taxes and you dont need to make up for the loss in revenue. I mean i talk to people who who hate the taxes, but they say. Look if i was at least getting something in return for it in terms of the quality of government service, then id be okay with it. I mean you know. We just gavin newsome just signed a 267 billion dollar budget by far the largest in state history. The budget has more than doubled in just the last decade. Yet do you look around and say, wow look at these beautiful reservoirs and dams. We have look at our perfectly paved roads. Look at our sterling public schools. No, of course not. Everything has continued to get worse. The quality of life in california has continued to decline. That is the story of modern california, as epitomized by gavin newsom, that we sacrifice the most and get the least in return, and why is that? Its because ive seen this in my five years in the legislature that our state government is fundamentally broken and what has broken it is political corruption.

We have a state capital that is entirely run by lobbyists and special interests, which is why im the only elected official at the state level in california that refuses all special interest funding, because we need to get back to the idea of government by the people. John cox, yes, or no on tax cuts, i propose the largest tax cut in the history of california across the board 25 percent. This state taxes its people way too much its, not just the income tax, its the corporate tax, the sales tax is one of the highest in the country. The gas tax is one of the highest in the country. Our gasoline prices are now approaching six dollars a gallon in most of california. The cost of living is way too high, its literally killing families and forcing them to break up and move to other states, and you know the parents then have to move themselves. The real problem is spending im a cpa and i cant wait to get my hands on this budget. I practice zero based budgeting in my own businesses. Ive done that for 40 years you start at zero. You dont just take last years budget and add money to it. You know when im the governor im gon na have to appoint three thousand political appointees thats ridiculous. We shouldnt have that many appointees we shouldnt have most of the boards and commissions we have were going to have an audit of every single agency, starting with the edd, and we just learned of a homeless audit that was blistering in terms of its criticism of governor Newsom that was just released today.

They have no idea what theyre spending the money on it takes too long to get done, and they have no idea if its even helping homelessness. This has got to change. We moved to kevin faulconer. Where do you stand on tax cuts? We have to give californians the relief that they deserve, yet our state is too expensive. People are leaving, and everyone is listening to us tonight understands we need to let you keep more of your hard earned tax dollars in your own pocket, not send it to sacramento and thats the same thing that we get from gavin newsom in the legislature year after Year, send more money the fact that were at a 70 billion dollar surplus ive proposed the largest middle class tax cut in california history. One reason to make sure folks have been able to keep that, so they can afford to live here in our great state and its significant. What do we have? We have kevin newsom going around giving out a stimulus, check, six hundred dollars and thinking that thats the be all end all its, not its, not even close. We need permanent, lasting tax relief and my plan is real dollars in peoples: pockets enough for eight months of grocery, eight months of utility bills, 92 tanks of gas and thats. Just for starters, weve got to stop being the highest taxing state in this nation and understand that were going to create good quality jobs, help california families by letting you keep more of what you earn.

That is a huge difference between what were seeing from this governor, who only wants to tax and well end this question with the democrat on stage. Thank you very much. Well, ive heard a lot of complaining from my fellow candidates here, but the reality is. I have not heard a plan as a jfk style candidate. I have a plan step, one no homeless, on our streets within 60 days. We have a very thorough plan for making sure homeless can finally get the dignity and services they deserve. Homelessness costs. California, eighty thousand dollars per year per homeless person is very expensive, then step two. We need to solve the causes of homelessness. We cant be the fifth largest economy in the world with schools in the bottom twenty percent. We need to teach financial education in our schools. We need to teach mental education in our schools, provide drug treatment services. One dollar into drug treatment services saves us three dollars in crime and with the legislature i will pass a very comprehensive package to address housing, transportation and traffic and busing. We will address homelessness and the causes with drugs and mental health, and we will also make sure we have future schools in the state. Now. My full plan is at meet, but the reality is once we invest in californians, then we can lower taxes and we can make california competitive by cutting taxes on anyone making less than 250 000 to zero.

Once we properly invest in california, okay, we need to move into round two of our questioning tonight and this shrinks your answers to 30 seconds. Okay, so good luck, governor newsom, i think everybody would agree – has been dealt a unique set of challenges. Everything from the pandemic to the recession, wildfires, drought, civil rights, unrest, in your view, what has he done well and what would you continue and well start this time with john cox? This state is a mismanaged mess. I mean you cant, really name anything that this governor has done well uh. I might have agreed with in the first couple weeks of covid, where he you know cautioned us to slow down for two weeks to stop the spread. But beyond that, his pandemic management was an inconsistent disaster and listen. We dont have electricity, we dont have water, we have live in fear of fires, crime is rising, housing prices are out of sight. Taxes are out of sight. The homeless problem has only gotten worse when, in the the audit today said that we dont even know what the money was spent for, we got to stop with these politicians. The question is name something hes done well, and what could you seek at the very beginning of covet? We all pulled together as a state. Those are very difficult days for all of us. I was mayor of san diego and i had one goal: keeping us all healthy and safe and communicating, but i think the problem we saw from this governor is again.

He went into lockdown mode. He went into a one. Size fits all policy thats that just caused all of the shutdowns that caused our school closures. That is not the right way to do it. We have to bring people together, as i did when i was mayor republicans, democrats, independents, and i will make sure that we put the facts forward first and move forward in one direction, not a top down policy to kevin paffraff. Now something the governor has done. Well that you could see continuing the governors done a great job at branding this election as a republican recall, unfortunately, hes wrong, im a democrat running against the governor thats one thing: hes done well, but heres, the problem. We have a big threat and that threat isnt. Here to defend himself thats larry elder thats, because larry elders with his disinformation, friends, tucker, carlson and laura ingram right before this debate aired, he went on laura ingrams, show its time to end the big threat and make sure that larry elder does not become the next Governor by voting for kevin paffraff, kevin kiley, can you name something the governor has done well that you could see continuing so the governor actually is my constituent. I should say he lives in my assembly district and one thing that hes done well. Is he does these big splashy announcements like he did uh with fire mitigation efforts which my friend over here uh said uh pointed out, has was exaggerated by 690 percent theres.

Never any follow through, but whats. Worse, is you know, kind of the image that should stay with people about gavin newsom is the one of the french laundry, not because of the hypocrisy, but because of who he was there with a table full of lobbyists. That is who this governor listens to, and what we need in our next governor is someone who will actually serve the people of california. Thank you all right. This is our final question. The integrity of our elections was challenged last year and one of the candidates in this race, larry elder, has promoted unfounded theories that the recall election is rigged against him. Do you believe this election is fair and will you accept the results of the recall, kevin faulconer? First, to you, said, larry elders unfit to serve as governor of this state doesnt have the character of the judgment. Today, we just found out by the way that he supports legalizing some of the most dangerous drugs on our streets in california, thats crazy, its not just dangerous its crazy. Not only will what will that will mean for our homeless, encampments and itll grow beyond exponential belief, but think of all of our families and our kids. What those dangerous drugs opioids are, if you legalize all the heroin, methamphetamine thats, big, no thats terrible theres no place for that for a candidate whos running for governor, accept the results of this election dramatically. Worse, will you accept the results of this election? Just yes or no uh yeah, im planning on winning, and i and i cant wait great kevin pafras same question to you.

I dont know about the plans to win right now: im beating all three of you in the polls combined, but i will accept the results of this election. I do understand. The secretary of state needs a lot of work. I have a bone to pick with the secretary of state, but we have to remember nothings going to get done and im so worried about california for the future of my children. I have three im. Sorry. I have two children ones: three, once five im so worried about the future of california and a republican governor will sandbag california for a year as democrats take complete control until 2022 to win the governorship back. Okay, thank you, kevin kiley. Do you believe this is a fair election and will you accept the results? Well, it should be pointed out first that actually there is a lawsuit right now to try to cancel the election, and there are people in gavin newsoms inner circle who seem to be supportive of this effort. They have tried every step of the way to delegitimize the recall they called it. The california coup, and indeed gavin newsom himself, signed a bill to change california law a couple months ago in order to allow the date of the election to be moved. When went to the date where he thought he had the best chance of winning. And so there is no doubt that this election has. The scales have been tilted uh in favor of the incumbent here and i think thats why a lot of people distrust our election process.

Will you accept the results of this recall election? We wont even know when the results will begin once thats certified its certified. So, yes, you will accept certified. It is thank you and john cox.