Yesterday i made an attempt, just after i picked up the unit after at a press event at drona dk, i tried to go out and perform a first flight, but it was raining cats and dogs, so that was kind of both irresponsible, but also a little bit Impossible to make that work. On top of that, i got a major new firmware update that introduces all the new great features of this drone that i had to install as well. The drone came with the the controller partly charged, but there was no charge on the drone battery, so i had to kind of fill my way through using a power bank, so all of that did not end up very well. So i decided to just sneak down here on the parking lot and do a first flight video for you, guys um, showing you the drone, its not my first flight, because i actually tried to fly the drone during the event inside copenhagen. So i kind of know how it flies and it behaves and flies exactly like you would expect from a dji drone and with this controller we do have the opportunity to start a screen, recording just pull down the screen here, and then i tap this. Yes. So now you can see that theres a counter in the bottom of the screen. That indicates that the screen recorder is running, so that is super nice. So lets get this stuff here, a little bit out of the way and get the drone airborne.

And now we are getting all sorts of check complete. Yes, yes, we have done all that stuff and the drone is put in normal mode as it is right now. So so the first thing that i want to talk about is how quiet it actually is. It doesnt make much of a sound so once its up in the air. Of course, you can still hear it, but its not this aggressive sound that you had with some of the other drones in the past, especially, i remember the mavic air that was ex in this exact location. I had a lady coming from down there yelling at me. Why i had to fly my drone sounding like i have a swarm of bees around when she was sitting outside a sipping rose wine or whatever she was doing okay. I fully understand that people get annoyed with this, especially if the sound is very high pitched. So its a very, very pleasant experience, putting this one in the air and, as you can see, the screen here is super nice and its super bright. It is supposed to not be as bright as the rc pro, which is a thousand nits. This one is 700 nits which is equal to, i think, maybe iphone 12 pro max, but this one does not, hopefully overheat and dim down, like my 12 pro max does. This is one of the main issues that i have with this drone ill. Not with this drone, but this phone is that is dimming down when its getting a little bit hot outside and i cant barely see whats going on in the screen.

So i hope this one mitigates that problem. So this is the area where i live here. Very beautiful, so we can just fly it around a little bit here. Just do a little point of interest here and the sticks are a little bit twitchy for default, but i would expect we can do a separate video about that where we um kind of trim. Those settings to make it really really nice so here and i can move the exposure on the screen here, just different areas. So look at this. I can also say that i actually want to lock it so just long press it. So i get this lock that locks the exposure to a specific position. So that is super nice, so lets just check here. So we can just. I can show you the firmware that we are running right now: thats, the mini 3 pro, and the aircraft firmware is 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 14., and the fly app is 160. lets just fly over here a little bit, so we can see the castle. The beautiful fringe poke castle and then now we have dedicated buttons to uh sort of tilling the gimbal with this one, and then we can use the zoom level. So we have the zoom level available. Just at your fingertips. Look at this! How nice is that, so right now we are recording 4k 30. So if i take the chance, how not to put it so, if i put it down to 1080p, i would assume that i can extend the zoom even further yes up to four times.

Let me just record it, so you can see what it looks like on the screen not on this screen, but on your computer screen unfolding so smooth in and out. That would give us some options to do. Uh some dolly zooms or stuff like that and what i just did there was i pressed this button and that will tilt the gimbal up and down very very easy. What does the other one do? The other one does not do anything, so i would expect we can program that as well with the other features, so so lets just do a reference clip here for you, so you have something to look at. Of course, we dont want to do that in the in the lower resolution, so we bump that up to 60 fps 4k fujibang the best the drone can do and we can put this castle over here. Maybe we need something to guide our composition and we normally do that under lets. Just say we normally do that on the camera here. So that should be some lines here. Lets just get those lines here, so we can put the castle in the rule of thirds yeah like that. Ah thats, not very good its flat over here whoa. Ah, some small gimbal loving whats, going on there. So i do the five seconds of reference video here that you can get to play around with like that lets see if theres anything else that we need to provide, while were here thats all exposure warnings.

I always like those you dont like those when we use those inside the video here so theres. This decision, like format, lets just record Music five seconds of that and then swap it back to normal mode and one of the really cool features about this is. I can actually turn the camera so look at. I can do like a really really nice video here vertical format, so its this renaissance garden here and, as you saw, i just tapped the screen to make the camera switch theres, something we havent seen since the original mavic pro that had that feature which many have Forgot but its really nice that its back with all the short form formats that are currently being Music – okay, maybe you shouldnt have 22 seconds of that 4k 60.. So we just do five seconds here and i will make all these clips available through the tech drone media website. So you can watch them at your own convenience at your computer. Okay and the brightness of the screen here is turned to 100 percent. So thats also not an issue, lets um swipe it into a photo mode and lets just do a few here, and i have put it down here so it it can do both jpeg and raw, and i will make both versions available. So you can play around with those. Maybe we should change the motif here, just for the fun of it. So we put it here so youre getting one image, a single image.

Then we are doing a 48 megapixel one and im just using the stock settings. So you can sort of see how those look directly out of camera, then theres the exposure bracketing and were taking three images, one that is neutral exposure, one that is overexposed and one thats underexposed and as youre getting jpeg and raw youre getting six images in total. So and i dont want to do burst, i dont want to do time. Shots first is just firing a series of shots in a row which can be very useful, but not for this test and with the new firmware update, we got access to all the new crazy stuff of this drone. You can see here, theres hyperlapse, theres panels, theres quick, shots, master shots and we also got access to Music. What is that? Maybe i put it in fpv mode or something yeah lets just see what we did here, this doesnt yeah, so control fpv mode. Yes, this was why the the camera was basically or the gimbal was tilting when i was flying around its because it was put in fpv mode. This is just a manual orbit or manual point of interest, its always nice to be able to do that. Really. Really. Nice basic skills that you need to do very very easy, but it requires a little bit of muscle memory to do it. So one of the things that we got here with the new firmware update was the tracking capabilities.

Maybe it will be challenged because i have all these obstacles in the back, but basically uh. I should be able to highlight myself here. Focus. Try is not supported in this shooting mode. Yes, so we cant do this in 60 fps so lets just crank it down to 30., see if we do better. There yeah get an instruction here: yeah yeah, yeah close go away, so close go away. So now its actually dragging me. So if i walk in this direction, the drone will track me and of course we can put this to the test and we have the three options down here like we normally have, but the spotlight mode. That will simply just allow me to fly the drone around, and it will keep me in focus. We should just record some video just for the fun of it, so even regardless. What i do it will keep me in focus, which is very nice, probably make it lose me as well. How nice is that thats super super nice. We kind of know that and then we have another very end of it and thats the point of interest, and we just want to make sure that we dont collide with anything here its a point of interest, and we can ask it to yeah circle around me. Here, subject too far, you want me to go closer here, so i just put myself in an easier position here so lets. Try it again see if we can make it do it.

So now its circling nicely around me and i hope we are not colliding with anything here. This parking lot is so brilliant because i can just go down here and yeah have fun lets see what happens if i move this, can i actually adjust this? Yes, i can so im getting in the center of the frame instead of being in the bottom. So if you can see the screen here, but i can very clearly see the screen just turn myself around, it is very cleary as it is right now. You can see its very glary in the sun that might cause some problems. Maybe one should find some film to put on and we are down to half battery and looking at the screen recorder, we have been flying around for 13 minutes and well almost 14 minutes. So 34 minutes we will not get that today. I am pretty sure about that. Already see what happens if i walk over here, see if i hopefully not crash it so theres always a certain confidence when youre using a dji drone. It just does what it does, but do be aware that when its doing stuff like this, there are no side sensors that will protect the drone. So if there is something like you see here on the ground and you fly too low, it will collide. So so we will manage to keep track of me while its going bad behind these obstacles. Okay, so thats super cool, so lets stop that one.

We can always dive into this and do more videos exploring these flight modes when we get to that point so lets um lets, try the other alternative here that is trace, and for that purpose i actually think i will use the car like that. Put the controller down here so lets see if it follows. I wouldnt expect it to do to follow so right now, its just doing spotlight so lets just put it up in a height where it doesnt do any harm and then switch it to active track. Go trace like that, so you want to get too close to the trees down there see what its doing is. The tray tracing me chasing me. I think it is yeah yeah yeah. I need to put a seatbelt on lets not get too close to the trees. In the back here so lets just try and challenge it a little bit here and then we can try another test, which is the parallel track, which is always nice, and we can do that. So we put the drone here so right now we say: stop and – and i only have one battery with this drone – so thats kind of annoying, because that puts certain limitations to what we can do so ill. Just fly it on the side here like this, and then i make sure that it has a certain height, so active track. Parallel go so now its in parallel position, so lets just see.

Is it yes, it is so lets see. Yeah kind of look. Nice lets just turn around the car here, see whats going on here, so see if it can figure that part out and still stay parallel, so positions itself and i just adjust the gimbal here a little bit like this guys. This is real life testing, not five weeks in advance, having a chance to play around with this for a long time. So this is putting stuff to the test. Look at this. This is actually nice very, very nice. What happens if i go over here? Can it do parallel still, so we can do more extensive tests with this feature when we are getting a little bit further down the line, but this is a quite nice demonstration. I think i should not write into the camera when i put the camera here so lets get out. So i stop it here. Take it out of this mode by hitting the cross here. So i just show you here so that could probably have caused the drone to crash if i had continued there, so you need to still need to be a little bit careful, even though it has a front rear and bottom obstacle avoidance sensors. You need to be a little bit careful still and the sound is so pleasant. It is me so its a really really nice kit of features that were getting with this so lets just see. If we can explore one of the more advanced ones, i think master shots for those of you that havent had access to that feature could be very, very nice just to see if we could execute a single master, shot sequence.

So mastercharge is very, very nice. If you have to do something very fast, where you dont want to spend time on editing, so i can yeah, maybe you should use just use me yeah me me me me me me were the me generation so subject and thats one of the problems, because that This one does not have cellular connection, so there is hey. We can so with my starting point. I think we cant make it okay lets, give it a go and make sure and see if we can make it complete the master shot sequence, because we are getting a little bit low on battery. So now its messing around doing – and i have a cramp in my foot thats – why im jumping around like a little bit here, so its combining a series of shots right now, its just com, yeah, basically recording the raw material and those can be combined into all Sorts of different yeah sequences that are cut down to something that is a is more digestible for social media, so if you, for instance, have a like a instagram or or something like that, youll be able to do like 20. Second, clips that is auto composed through a various selection of templates, and so you can get it. You get your own look and feel with those templates. So what its doing right now is just doing the raw recordings so cancel. So we are on the land.

Oh yeah overland, so i think we should be able to squeeze it if its getting down to i dont know where its getting down to it would be a shame if you couldnt complete. This part still have five minutes and 30 seconds recording time left. It really flies nicely. It is super super nice, so lets just move this camera to the back in this position. It really flies nice, so we managed to complete it and we are down to 17 and we have been flying right now for 23 minutes and 26 seconds and it was a full charge when we went here so now its completed, it so see how far we Are going to be allowed to mess around with this? It really wants me to go back now. So lets just do a return to home, and so and, as you probably recall, we use this bell here. We use this as our takeoff position and i am ready to stop it here, anytime, if it doesnt land in the right spot, so lets see if it can can figure out what its going to do its thats it i was getting to the edge. You could kind of say it took off from this position and it landed here, but it was also very not very optimal conditions for doing this. So lets just take a look here and so so yeah yeah we didnt, get that information. But luckily we have uh weve been flying 25 16 and we have been challenging the drone doing screen recording all sorts of stuff.

So we are at 25 minutes of effective flight time, so thats, of course, a bit far from what what they have promised and we could do like a more uh yeah real battery test at some point where we are not challenging all the functions. But this is what people do, but this is a super nice kit. No doubt about that and you will enjoy that tremendously. Is it worth the upgrade or the mini 2? I dont know i would make some head to head comparisons, so you can judge if the if the camera quality is significantly better with this one i would expect it is also. I will make the footage available for you, so you can download it through the tech drone media website. So you can do the comparison for yourself, but i would say if you already have a mini 2 and youre happy about it. Maybe you should skip this one, at least for a while, because the mini 2 does does actually do a pretty good job if youre more into low light, maybe uh into a flying under more windy conditions, yeah yeah, sure sure, lady. So what im saying? Okay, so um. So if you are into a low light situations, you could take advantage of having this drone and, of course, as always, ive provided a link in the description below. If you decide to pick up one for yourself, if youre in denmark theres a link to drona dk, which has kindly made sure that i could have one of these 50 reserved samples that there was white listed for the daily press.

So, even though a lot of you have bought the drone already, you cant fly it because its not unlocked that requires dji to unlock the drone, and i got one of the samples i got really really lucky and got one of the samples that were unlocked for The purpose, so this is why i can show you what im showing you today. Of course, i didnt cover everything extensively with this video and not by any chance, theres, so much stuff that youre getting with this drone. But i definitely encourage you to drop your questions in the comments below as well as i will look through some of the other videos and see if i can compile a list of topics that we can cover with this drone, its a super super nice product. I didnt like it a lot in the beginning, but i really its growing on me and i can see that this can be very, very useful here, at least for me on the channel that you will be capable of flying this drone over people inside the city. Without you having to ask permission so youre going to be my new best friend and as i said, this was a review sample. So this would not be my drone eventually. I have to give it back to to dji within three weeks or so, but i would definitely go out and buy one myself thats for sure. So one of the coolest features is this one.

So how cool is that so? This concludes my test flight with the dji mini 3 pro. I will be compiling a lot of videos with this drone over the next coming weeks, so it makes sense to make a playlist that will contain all these videos and you can access that one through this card. I hope you liked this video.