Everyone welcome to sma studios where we all love, lego and today were doing another lego review, which is, i forgot, the name give me a minute. Its the spider man, vs mysterios drone attack 7 set 76184 and has 73 pieces comes with two instruction manuals which i still dont know why they could have fitted in one three figures: a police, car, mysterios drone, some webs for spider man, Music, i actually dont know. I think this might be to control the drone and a jewel, so i was strolling down the lego store yesterday because i was i wanted to pick up the lego, batman, tumbler and my points. My vap points were about to expire, so im like hey. Why dont? I buy a lego marble set because i have never bought a lego marvel set before, and this is what i got i could have gotten the lego spider man versus vulture, but i kind of like the set more especially for those figures. Now i have not seen spider man far from home. In fact, i havent seen a lot of marvel movies. I think ive only seen like three but since a few months ago my friend gifted me some lego marvel because he wasnt using it anymore. I thought id buy. This set its my first official spider man, my first mysterio and my first nick fury so yeah im pretty excited heres the problem with this set. I think it might be a bit too pricey, like i feel like this, could have easily been a a ten dollar set, but anyways that was the exposition lets get into the figures, so the first figure i want to look at is, of course, spider man hes.

My first spider man and this spider man, instead of the usual red and blue printing, has red and black printing, which i actually prefer. I really like it. The detail on the face print is nice and, on the back, its even nicer, it has the traditional spider man, logo and some black printing in red. Of course, on the front, it also has printing – and i really like the dual molded legs so yeah. I rate this figure a 10 out of 10.. Next, we have nick fury which he uses those coach tale pieces from severus snape from harry potter, which i really like. He has one eye in the movies that, sadly, oh actually they do it goes around, although is that gap supposed to be there? Is that? Let me just focus is that cap supposed to be there? Is that just how my figure came out its not that big of a deal anyway, you could see sort of the scarring on the eye under the eye patch. He has some killer, cheekbones and beard. We can see his um jacket printing, which is a turtleneck underneath you can see his um, i wouldnt say abs, his. How do you say that in english i dont even know on the back? We have some back printing, of course, a belt and the symbol on the side of the jacket which i have no idea what it means: anyways, yeah, thats, nick fury. I rate this figure a 10 out of 10.

. Also. I forgot to mention that nick fury comes with two of these. Lastly, we have miss mysterio and honestly. I have no idea who this guy is like. I dont know who he is im guessing hes a spider man villain, but he looks awesome. Look at the detail like he even has back printing well thats common with legos. Nowadays he even has some printing on on the legs, which is really nice, and he has this. I remember seeing photos for the old mysterio. He had like the very white orb from sesame street, and here is just a regular uh blue uh head print uh, its not theres, nothing printed on it. I dont know if they should have put something on there, but i im fine with it its kind of obscured anyway. Okay, one thing i really dont like about new lego sets is the capes new lego uses one whole capes, which i really dont like, because they create sort of this weird space over here from the character and and the cape. I really dont like that. Heres my severus snape with the old style capes, which came out in the um hogwarts first flying lesson set. You can see that it kind of hugs his shoulders very nicely while on the new style capes with one hole which, first of all, i really dont like this fabric, i, like the old like harder ones, a lot more. It creates sort of this gap which doesnt align as nicely as the old ones.

I dont even know if they have uh this color of cape in the old style, but i actually really like this figure, so i really dont care. This figures got to be my favorite from the set im rating it a 12 out of 10.. I know thats impossible, but whatever dont judge me its my channel so heres. The drone which i dont know if this is in spider man far from home, i havent seen the movie, but its all right, its a nice little build. It can shoot these cylinders like that. You can see sort of a control panel which aligns with uh mysterious walkie talkie, which i think thats to control the drone. I dont know what these are on the front, but im just gon na guess, theyre lasers, and to put in the cylinders its simple it. Just goes in like so and bam the set provides us with three, which is really good. Just in case you lose one well yeah, thats, mysterios drone. The final build is nick furys police car yeah. I dont know on the on the second instruction manual hes kind of in the police car. You know its a nice cute build its the standard police car. You can put the guns in here like that. I really wish you could fit mysterio into the car. You know like youre, arresting him, but one they dont even include a pair of handcuffs for him and two. This is so small that you can only fit like one figure.

It has some nice front printing, which of course this is a junior set, so no stickers on the back. It has some lights and i actually dont know why they put this here. I guess its to hold on but yeah thats the police car. But if you did really want to, you could just grab a pair of handcuffs from your collection and put them on mysterio. Oh, i almost forgot uh. It comes with this web piece for spiderman, which i really like, because ive never had this. Before i mean i have had the cobweb piece, but i have never really had this piece in white, so im really excited and im really happy, maybe ill use these in some stop motions so yeah that was spider, mans mysterio drone attack. So would i recommend this set for the figures? Yes, if you have some extra vip points lying around use them on this. The build, however, could use some work, but i really like the police car anyways id rate. This set an 8 out of 10.