My name is esson harris and today ill be walking you through the unboxing of my first drone, the dji mavic air 2.. The dji mavic air 2 was first released in april 2020 and its the best drone for you. If your budget range is between 1000 to one thousand five hundred dollars, i bought the dji mavic air to fly more combo at one thousand two, eighty dollars after opening the box. The first thing you would see is a paper case that contains six pairs of low noise, propellers and a manual Music. Next is the bag which is very well built. It has a soft feel and its waterproof after opening the bag. You will see the contents, which includes the remote controller with inbuilt control sticks. The controller is almost the same. Look as the original mavic air. It also feels premium and durable. Your mobile device can be attached to the top side of the controller via the inbuilt usb type c, rc cable and the lighting rc cable. That comes with the package. Next is the drone which has a lot of labels on it, its advisable to remove all the labels before flying. The drone comes with one intelligent flight battery attached to the body. Also, the drone comes with its gimbal protector, which can be removed before flying and replaced after flying. Music. Next is another paper box that contains two intelligent flight battery ac power, cable and the battery charging hub inside the bag.

You will find a zip inside is an md filter set which contains nd16, 64 and 256.. Also a battery to power bank adapter, a pair of spare control, sticks usb type c, cable and micro, usb rc cable. In my next video i would walk you through my first time flying the mavic air 2..