I have gifted myself a dji air 2s drone. The good thing about this drone is, it is having a one inch sensor and it can record videos in 5.4 k so thats the beauty of this one. Comparing to the dji air 2 drone. It is having a larger sensor but lesser megapixel, which is 20 megapixel, but you will see a lot of difference in between when you compare both of them. So this video is not about comparison, but this video is regarding the unboxing of this. One lets do unboxing. Actually guys, i was so much excited that i ripped off the sealed pack of this box. Then i realized that i have to make unboxing video thats, where i hold it here. So you can see. This is a this drone is a fly more combo. It comes with three batteries and a battery charger holder, three batteries holder and it comes with a bag and some other accessories which you can see behind that nice feeling. When you unbox a drone which youre eagerly waiting for wow, you can see a nice bag. Let me lift it off: it came with a dji, some controller and a nice strap and just keep it here, and it is also having something with our accessories. Okay, it came with a quick start guide, also so lets remove one by one. Okay, guys so lets close this one up lets keep it aside. Here goes the drone. It feels nice to open this zip for the first time.

Wow you can see here is the drone, nice and sleek ill just keep it over here you can see. There is something which is charging up. I guess ill just leave it here. We have some extra batteries, also which came inside this box, and this is like number one number one is already installed on the road charging up some kind of filter. I guess i just need to check this out and charging adapter. We have got a cable as well, then then you can see in the bag. I guess i have the remote nice dji remote. The sticks are like you have to unplug from this point and then screw it on here, so they wont break when you pack this drone up. So you can just put it back here. So two sticks are given uh nice, so lets explore it in a while lets just keep. Let me just keep all these things. You can see almost here. One inch sensor with a gimbal and all the motors are covered with some kind of foam. Here you can see in order the motor shafts doesnt go damaged, we have some foam padding, they give its nice, so its custom made so im just opening the arms wow, my dji af2s nice, you can see. A2S is written here. Adsb is also written here. Automatic dependent surveillance broadcasting, so it is a communication bro, a way which and real aircraft is flying. We can it, it can be get detected in this one, and even this aircraft is also being detected in the real man aircraft.

So this is the size of the drone and you can see remote. Is this size and lets see what are the other things action? So this is the drone ill just keep it aside and the remote as well. The slides keeps on switching on. So i have two batteries also lets charge this drone a little while how to connect your mobile to the remote controller. Oh actually, remote controller has, i forgot to show you remote control. Has this feature where you can just remove this one, and this is one of the latest thing which dj has installed and antennas have also been extended in this? I guess so thats how it is giving us more range lets keep this one aside. Well, come back to that later, wow, there you see little blade, propellers love this propellers, so ive got 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9, 10, 11, 12 set of propellers thats amazing. You know when it comes for a fly more combo. This is what youll get youll, get everything double double so that you wont have to run back to some dji store or get some the products so 12 propellers amazing. I liked it. Thank you dj, and what is this one? It seems something like me guys. What is this one? Oh nice filters. You see there are four different filters. If i just shade it, i guess youll understand ill, just raise my camera, so nice four different filters, so there are some numbers over it: 4, 8, 6 and 32.

On this one amazing, i like this product a lot good. This is one of the important thing in this box guys. This is the unboxing of this dji a2s drone and im eagerly waiting to assemble all the propellers and to have a first flight and see.