So, basically, you could take something like a red, komodo black magic pocket, cinema, camera, sony, mirrorless camera and fly it super fast, but i just plugged it in and i saw a bunch of smoke coming out and uh. Now i have to contact customer service, but instead lets talk about our smallest fpv drones. The tiny fpvs might actually be my favorite because of the really cool shots you can get im sure youve seen some on instagram and we already made a few videos with robert mcintosh, who is the og of flying through small spaces. But since then, things have actually gone a whole lot easier, so now you can just buy it turn it on pair it youre good to go its also crazy to see how powerful and acrobatic these little tiny fpv drones have become now so lets talk about some Of my favorites, but i actually havent flown in probably three or four months, weve been super busy ever since the move and weve been renovating the house and all so, i literally have not touched one of these in three or four months. So hopefully i still know how to fly lets find out Music all right. Its all coming back to me, fpv is one of those things that you learn at once. You kinda can remember its like learning how to ride a bicycle, im sure theres some sort of opening in this tree. Here. Let me see if i can hit that.

Oh all right, so hey, im, still alive yeah, youre, probably sick, of looking at this crappy image. Quality, so let me go ahead and throw a better camera on there. You know, honestly. I thought it was going to take me longer to warm back up, but i feel like that wasnt, so bad im going to go ahead and attach this camera onto here. So the footage you were watching was recorded onto my goggles, so its actually, what i personally see when im flying, but by attaching the go 2 right next to it, you can end up with much better picture quality heres. My problem with fpv is that the more i think about it and the more worried and nervous. I am the worse of a pilot i am so. The goal is to think: okay be careful, but at the same time, dont be too nervous. Music, its really starting to remind me how much fun this really is. I mean i got into it, so i could get those cool cinematic shots, but now i just fly because its its a lot of fun. I could just do this all day. The one im flying right now is called the gep rc phantom hd, and i love this thing because of how powerful and acrobatic it is, but its obviously tiny, its also very quiet. So if youre in a busy place, this thing wont bother everybody, and this is also hd, so it works with my dji goggles.

This comes pretty much built and set up ready to go. You just got ta, attach the propellers find it just to give you an idea of size. This is the fpv drone we built with robert mcintosh, its a cinewoop, so remember, theres, more of the acrobatic fpv drones like this one and then theres cineboops, which typically have these guard rails. So you can fly it closer to things without having to worry about scratching it, so that is the one downside of this get rc is, if you clip a person, itll probably cut him and its probably not going to be a good day. Another thing that is nice about this phantom is that it does feel really lightweight like you could tell that its not a heavy gopro. It honestly holds up pretty well in the wind too. That was a big fault. A little bit of a problem. I lost the camera on here. This is actually a mount for the original insta360 go definitely go with the go to, but its slightly slightly bigger, so i cut it. I just put some rubber bands around it and it worked till now. Dylan you want to go on this treasure hunt with me. Where are we going? It must have crashed somewhere up there so right here what you found it dude that was so fast. Where was it just right? There yeah just right there all right success! Dylan! You get a raise just kidding, youre, not all right lets, go ahead and step this up a little bit.

This is the emacs baby hawk, which is powerful enough to carry a gopro. This is the hero 8, but just to shave a little bit of weight off. I pulled out the battery and im actually gon na power, this off of the balance cable on the battery. So let me go ahead and get this thing up in the air. While we tell you about our sponsor epidemic, sound Music, so yeah, this footage is cool and all, but you know would make it even better is if i got paid more, but since thats not happening, itd actually be music from epidemic sound because they have high quality Music, not just your boring. You know elevator music, that you kind of zone out when you know youre trying to not pay attention. The fact that you got to go to work, but you know the elevator – is going up anyway, thats what makes epidemic sound so great its high quality. Just like you want your life to be. They also have over 90 000 different sound effects. Kind of like whoosh sounds and stuff like that kind of making your life sound better. You know like if you just wish your life was really just a video i mean mine. Kind of is because i am in the video to you im just this kind of person on a screen. They have so many options. Youll always have everything you want just like a buffet with all the food before anyone gets there like.

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Now these cinewoops are obviously much better for flying close to people, but do not get it caught in somebodys. Hair carrie will testify to that. Yes, please dont fly near peoples, hair really hurt. You know. You would think that if you get a caught in someones hair, you can just unwind it. No carrie was very graceful when we had to snip off some of her hair. So this is the ifly protect 25, and i want to say this is my favorite overall. If you were to ask me which ones the fastest, or the smallest or best in wind or its going to be a different answer for every one of those, but i think ifly did a really good job, giving us something that works really well. Just out of the box its tuned pretty well, and they make it very clear on how to set it up, so you just plug in a few things and its up and running. So i love how easy, if makes it for people like me that dont know that much about fpv i mean every time i have to hook up something to beta fight configurator and do the pit tuning like i get a headache. So this is very good for people like me now theres a newer version of this, its the pro tec, 25 pusher version, and that would probably be the one i would get if i was buying one right now so overall, this thing is great because its really Easy to set up get up in the air start flying and it can carry an insta360 or gopro its just very flexible and just a solid little drone.

But if we compare this to the cineboop we built with robert mcintosh, it is definitely a whole lot. Heavier its also taller, and it is a bit wider as well. So, if youre trying to get through the tiniest of the tiny spaces, then you definitely want to go with something with a naked camera. Naked gopro is basically a regular gopro hacked apart with avoided warranty. You take out the battery all the heat dissipating material and stick it in this little enclosure. I still really like this thing and there is instructions on how to set this thing up, but it does require more troubleshooting ill, be flying and all of a sudden, the camera will stop. Recording and im not sure why or sometimes it just doesnt want to turn on when i expect it to so its just a little bit more of a headache, but if youre trying to get through the tight tight spaces, every inch theres, also options like this made By beta fpv and they had a collaboration with insta360s, so they build the naked insta 360 on here for you, but i dont know if theyre still making them tricky thing about the fpv world. Is that every couple weeks theres something new out or something gets discontinued? For example, i was digging around a little bit and saw that there was something called a firefly by flywoo. It looks absolutely tiny and looks pretty awesome, so i went ahead and ordered one carries going to kill me when she finds out.

I bought another drone but uh, please dont, say anything, but there are definitely downsides to going really small one. The battery life is probably not gon na last as long its also not gon na be able to handle the wind nearly as much so. That is one thing i do like about the pro tec is that its good at flying indoors through tight spaces, but also when youre outdoors and it gets a little bit windy, youre more likely to be able to counter the wind. You can generally get an idea of difference in size. You get an extra inch of clearance on the smaller model, but that really only matters if youre trying to really fly through something really small. I mean, if youre, trying to fly through a little window like this. This pro tec has plenty of clearance. It can get tricky because, as im approaching the van, i feel all this wind pressing it to the side. But as soon as i get through the window, then all that wind cuts off. So i have to stop countering the wind and as soon as i exit again then im faced with more wind. So i have to go back to countering so it can actually get pretty tricky going from somewhere thats windy into a little pocket where theres, no wind and then coming back out the other side now to really pick out the best fpv drone for you. You really need to know what camera you want to throw on there, so the insta360 go to has been a pretty solid, easy option, its simple its convenient you dont have to hack apart a camera, to get it to work, and i think the image quality is Actually pretty good now, the reason i generally lean towards filming on gopro when i can is not so much for the image quality, but its for the stabilization.

Now, if youre, just using built in image stabilization out of the camera theyre, both pretty decent, but the advantage gopro has, is that its compatible with real steady. So how i usually shoot is completely unstabilized four by three and then i take that footage process it through real, steady and thats. How you get the best stabilization, a lot of people in the fpv community. Even call it cheating because it makes your flying look so smooth now keep in mind that theres also a lot of options in fpv drills that i havent even talked about. These are just the ones that i use and are my favorites, and i typically only fly digital fpv drones because i have the digital goggles and the controller, and i think that just makes the process easier. You also get a much cleaner image out of your goggles opposed to analog, which analog will give you slightly less latency, i guess, but for me i dont even notice the difference thats, something that the pros talk about, but typically i go for the hassle free option. Thats, why all these are binding flies and all of the ones ive talked about are pretty straightforward to set up and fly you just hook it up to your controller and goggles. The only one that does take a little bit extra work is the emax baby hog, where you have to basically do something called a cli dump, so you just have to connect it to betaflight its an extra step, its not that hard from there.

You just bind it to your controller and goggles and youre good to go. I am liking how fpv companies are making it easier and easier for us to get into the hobby without that much of a barrier anymore. Now, of course, the dji ftv did a really good job, making it super straightforward. You can know nothing about fpv, get into it and start flying it that way, but the reason why im not talking about in this video is that it is quite a bit bigger, but its also a lot heavier if youre flying that thing fast and really close To objects – and you make a mistake and you smack into the side of the van or something its going to cause some serious damage. So i dont really consider the dji fpv to be a great drone for close proximity. Fine, it still is a great starter drone to get into the whole hobby, but yeah dont fly near people ever. Not that one do you get nervous when i fly the fpv close to your face, i dont know i think ive just been kind of numb through like years of knowing you so it doesnt hit me thats, not a good thing. Is it youve become numb by knowing me yeah? I dont know yeah if it is good, but it happened right and we are also funding another project from the potato farm. If you have a great concept, let us know link down there in the description and we may just fund it in one of the projects, but who are we funding today? This is for ben from salt lake city utah.

So basically ben has done an interview with a child soldier from uganda, so its a mini documentary on that a child soldier from uganda, yeah thats, going to be intense id, be very curious to see that the type of documentaries im really interested in is just seeing How other people live? You know what i mean, but congratulations, ben dylan will be hitting you up and sending you some money, so you can make this film a reality is that it is there anything else that we need to talk about. Youre gon na give me a raise right. Thats.