Now a lot of you guys watching this channel are going to know that i have been a huge fan of the nozzle lineup of drones. Since the beginning, i actually learned how to fly fpv on the v1, and i couldnt recommend that drone enough. Then, when the v2 came out, i was actually upgrading to digital, so i got the hd version of that and thats actually still my main daily driver to this day, but now not even a year later. We have this one, the evoke, and it definitely seems like they made some pretty big changes to the design of this one, but they also decided to keep some fairly recognizable features from the previous model, and the questions i want to answer today are whats actually different About the evoke and if youre just getting started in fpv youre thinking about getting one of these, is it worth it or are you better off saving a couple bucks and getting one of the older versions instead? But first i want to give a quick shout out to cuts, so cuts is actually a clothing company that reached out a while back asking me if i wanted to test out any of their t shirts, including the one that im wearing this video and the one That im wearing right now and honestly, i was pretty surprised when they first reached out, because so many of my favorite creators, like peter mckinnon, danny gevertz, nicholas crystal uh ryan cow, all rock this brand, and i dont know i just didnt – expect them to care about A drone channel but ive been wearing their clothing pretty consistently for the past month or so, and i got ta admit their shirts are pretty great theyre.

Definitely the best fitting shirts that i own and theyre also somehow the only t shirts that get softer every single time i wash them so cuts. Thank you. So much guys honestly send me more t shirts. I would wear these every single day if i could, and also you guys watching if you guys are interested ill leave. A link in the description below cuts is having a 25 off sale right now. I highly recommend you guys check them out, but anyways thats enough of this lets get back to the nozzle. This is what you get inside the box. Just like all other iflight products. The packaging is pretty great. You get a pack of stickers, you get two sets of propellers as well as two sets of straps. Then they also give you some battery pads, as well as a usb cable and two video antennas, which is actually pretty great because those break pretty often, then you get a gopro tool and the nozzle evoke, which honestly looks pretty great and also comes labeled incredibly well To help prevent you from making any mistakes all right, but now whats different, so the evoke is still available in both analog and digital versions. But this time you get two different types of frames to choose from. You can get an x shaped frame like this one, where the motors are almost equal distances apart on each side, and this means that no matter which way you flip or spin it, it should flip at equal speeds and perform the same way, no matter which way.

Youre turning this makes this frame shape really good for freestyle. Now, the only drawback of this frame design is that when youre flying, your propeller is very close to your fpv camera and will actually make its way into your video feed. If your gopro is fairly vertical, you might be able to see your propeller in your gopro feed as well. One way to prevent that is to tilt your gopro a little bit further back or the other way is to change the design of your frame, which is why the nozzle is also available in a dead cat style frame. A dead cat frame essentially moves the two front arms further away from the camera, so you dont get those props in view ive seen a lot of these frames used in long range, quads or more cinematic cruiser type of quads. But from my experience you can also do pretty good freestyle with it. So theyre, both pretty versatile, whichever one you choose, will probably depend on what your primary goal is, whether you want to do more freestyle or more cinematic style. Cruising youll probably be happy with either one. Besides that there are some other noticeable changes to the design as well. First of all, they seem to have enclosed the entire body, which would make it more resistant to things like water and dirt and ive actually never really seen this on a bind and fly drone before. But i think its a really good idea.

They also increase the thickness of the arms to make them significantly more resistant in the case of a crash. So overall it seems like theyre just trying to make this a more beginner proof. One of my favorite things is the xt60 battery connector thats, where youd plug in your battery right there in the previous version and a lot of other fpv drones. You might just have the battery lead flopping around like this, and if you dont do a good enough job securing it down in the case of a crash, it could end up hitting a propeller and getting cut straight off now. This is one of the first mistakes that i made when flying fpv and i think it happens to a lot of other people as well. So iflight knows that, and they mounted this in a way that would prevent that from happening, and i think its really great there were a few other reviewers that had some criticism of it, though, because, depending on the length of your batterys lead, if its not long Enough, you actually might have trouble plugging it in. I luckily didnt have any issues all my batteries uh plugged in without a problem, but that is something to keep in mind. It seems like with all these changes. Their goal is for you to be able to use this drone and bash it around as long as possible without having to repair it or worry about any of the technical stuff.

Now, my only critique of that would be that, once it eventually does break because of the enclosure and the way the electronics are situated inside, it actually might be a little bit harder to repair than the other versions. Also, if you ever wanted to upgrade any of the parts in this frame because of the limited space created by the enclosure, youd probably have to be a little bit more selective by the parts that youre choosing, while in the v2 theres a bit more space. And you have a little bit more wiggle room and finally, the last thing they added to this frame are leds. They added leds everywhere and honestly. I think they look pretty cool. Overall, the attention to detail in this frame is amazing, but now, for the most important part, the flight test, how does it actually fly well ill start by first apologizing for this first clip, which is very jittery. It was filmed at a different frame rate, but it was genuinely the first time that i took out the evoke to test it out now. My first impressions were that the way the evo comes set up, it has a very snappy but unique feel to it when youre controlling it – and this is because of the rates that it comes set up with. They are not similar whatsoever to what i would normally use so in this clip i was really taking some time to get used to it, but i actually found it really fun to fly.

I think for a beginner, the sensitivity might be a little bit too high, but thats something thats really easy to change. Now. To compare this drone to my previous nozzle 5v2, i actually did end up changing the rates or controller sensitivity on these other flights. To the same parameters that i have on my other drone now at first, they felt very similar, which is expected, but for some reason i kept thinking that i liked the way the evoque flew a little bit better. The difference wasnt huge at first and i wasnt sure if it was just because the nozzle 5 v2 was older and maybe beat up a little bit more but as i continue to use them both. I think i can confidently say that the evoque feels a little bit more locked in uh. Now i fight decided not to release the specs of the motors on the evoque, but i do think that they spin a little bit faster than on the v2, because my rolls and spins were definitely a bit quicker now. Im, not sure, if that slightly more locked. In feeling i was feeling was because of the motors as well, or maybe the tuning that i played did on it, but overall it feels really really great. Overall, i got ta say iflight, you did it again. You made another really really great quad, so anyways thats. It for today guys, if youre interested in checking out the evoque or any of the gear that i use make sure to look at the description ill, have links to everything down there.