Now the air 2 has been my go to drone for the past year. It has been my absolute favorite out of all of the drones that i have owned and i was like how are they gon na possibly make it better, so we’re gon na find out let’s unbox it now this one is the fly more convo. This is the smallest lightest and most intelligent one inch sensor, camera drone available in the market. The dji air 2s is as compact and lightweight as the previous generation. It does have. The one inch sensor is capable of doing 5.4k hd videos obstacle sensing in four directions and a number of intelligent features such as master shots right off the bat. It does have a pretty similar look to the previous generation. So in the air 2s combo pack, you do get the aircraft remote control, 3 batteries, a charging hub battery to power bank adapter, the travel bag, power, adapter, ac power, cable, rc, cable times 3. Usb cable, nd filter set spare propellers spare controller sticks as well as the manuals. Now i will say the one thing i really didn’t like about the upgrade of the controller is yes, it has a longer battery life, which is nice and it is a comfortable hold. But personally i just feel like it’s too big. Here is where you will then insert your phone, and it took me a really long time last time to realize that the cord for the iphone was already in there.

So when you’re ready to use it, you just screw them in for the video transmission system, we have o3, which is renamed from the occusync 3.0. It also has four antennas for the flight time you’re going to get 31 minutes for battery for the new functions. We now have master shots, spotlight 2.0 active track 4.0 as well as apas 4.0. For the max resolution, we have 5.4k 30 frames per second 4k 60 frames per. Second, we have a max photo resolution of 20 megapixels. This does weigh 595 grams and we have some nd filters. This is exciting, looks like we have 4, 8, 16 and 32 for the low nd filter. This is going to be good for the a precise adjustment of shutter speed, so this will also keep the shutter open at 180 to create that cinematic footage with the dynamic blur. One of the reasons i do usually like to get the fly more combo is because more batteries, and also you get this nice little adapter, which lets you charge everything at once. I want to do a little comparison to the mavic air 2, real quick. I really like that. Vs has the orange on the propellers. These are very similar in size. The s does weigh 595 grams, whereas the air 2 weighs 570 grams, so we’re gon na go. Take this out in the real world, put it up in the air and see just exactly what this baby can do.

Okay, we have made it to basically the only place my sister and i fly drones, although today it’s just me and it’s great, because there’s no one here as soon as i got here, i saw dolphins and i tried to send the drone out and find them Um and i couldn’t find them, the ocean is a very big place and it was very bright. All right, let’s, uh let’s see what type of nd filter we should use. I actually forgot one for my camera because i’m, a professional all right. We have four eight. Sixteen thirty, two, oh goodness, which one are we gon na stick on? I guess we start with the four see how it goes: Music, Music, okay, let’s, switch out, nd filters and batteries all right right now we have on the eight nd filter, Music, Music. We are now going to do the 16. dusty. I still can’t get the dolphins, the dolphins keep coming back and i can’t get them not meant to be Music. I think i went through three or four batteries. I’M. Honestly, not sure i’ve been out here for a very long time and my controller is still at full battery, which is wild. I literally am out at the harshest time of the day for sun, but i’m excited to see what the nd filters look like it’s. Actually, my first time ever using an nd filter on a drone. I don’t know why it’s just i never want.

I never bothered with it, but i know it’s going to make a huge difference. The dolphins are still out there. They’Re like taunting me. You know what i hope: they’re having a peaceful swim: okay, let’s pack up and i’ll, set the traffic and head home the past five days that i have gone somewhere to fly a drone. It has been cloudy and then potentially would start to rain. The sun is about to set it actually i’m, not even sure, it’s out it’s, a little cloudy just gon na fly. The drone see what happens. Look at her getting a head start. Music it’d be like an okay sunset um overall, i really haven’t had a chance to fully test out everything that this drone can do. Every time i tried to go out, it was rainy or it was cloudy or there were so many people. The problem with los angeles is there’s not many places where you’re actually able to fly. That makes things a little bit difficult, but i 100 i’m going to be having this, as my main drone having a 31 minute battery is really nice also with the combo pack. I now have three batteries, something that isn’t new but i’ve been. Finally, utilizing is the little uh button distiny button. It gives you that more cinematic um slower motion so that you’re able to capture the smooth drone shots, which is really really nice, and then i put it into support mode.

When i’m, like you got, ta, come home top five favorite features of the new drone. This is cosmetic, but i really like the orange tips. One inch sensor. You can tell a huge difference in the quality and obviously it’s been a lot of more low light that i’ve been shooting in because it’s there’s, no sun and then when there was sun. I had the nd filters that i could easily swap out so that’s three. I also really enjoyed testing out active track. 4.0. I wanted to do like a a really. You know action packed uh chase of me on a bike or in a car, but i actually filmed the entire video myself, so i wouldn’t recommend doing that by yourself and flying the drone. But i did do a quick little section where i was just walking up and back down the rocks in palos verdes the active track. Definitely uh is one of my favorite features. I also think that that doesn’t record in the 5.4k, so i think that does record 4k, not a big deal master shots. I only did one of them, but it was perfect. The master shots will basically record a few minutes of different scenes and different angles and it’ll just kind of make content for you, Music, so that’s, really what i enjoy less work for me, definitely going to be using this a lot more and hopefully going to some Cool places to test it out, there’s going to be a link in the description.

If you want to check out all of the different prices and options anything you want to say just anything you enjoyed about the drone. I think it was just kind of fun to go back and fly a cinematic drone again, because i’ve been flying a lot of fpv recently, so it was really fun to kind of get those smooth shots and really the fact that you have the upgraded 5.7 k Is great, i love some added resolution. Oh it’s nice, the one inch sensor because i’ve never actually had the one inch sensor before. Oh you haven’t, because now the pro and then the um, the mavic air 2 only had a half inch sensor yeah. But that thing was amazing: i know it’s really. This is pretty impressive yeah. It is actually really good, so there’s. Definitely some like minor upgrades, but they’re they’re very noticeable anyway, guys make sure you subscribe hit the bell, if that’s even a thing and go check out steam’s video as well i’m excited to see it and i’ll see you guys again soon for a new video. This is my new favorite drone 2021. Just the year of travel, vax life vax life.