That will give us a lot more power in the air, and i got ta say it does make the flying a lot more fun whats in the box in the box we have two batteries, the drone itself, some propellers thats, pretty much it. If you get the kit version, you will also get the goggles and the controller itself. What is the difference between regular cetus drone and this one, its very different, its quite a bit bigger its a lot more powerful and it uses bigger batteries and well, you can do kind of freestyle flying with it. The motors are powerful enough to get you out of some situations that the regular cetus would just fail in. I feel that its a lot more fun to be flying with it, because you have more power and you have all that good stuff. Do you like it? Do i like it um yeah, i do. I actually really enjoy it straight out of the box. It controls excellent and, as it was with the regular cetus fpv drone, this one also has the possibility to change the modes from normal mode to sport mode and the full manual which is acro, and you can change speeds for your controls, which is excellent for beginners, Because, with the slow controls, its a lot easier to start learning to fly, the fbb drone its its just how it is, and by the way, check out my first flight with this drone, it was a lot of fun.

This is going to be my first flight with the beta fpv cetus pro drone and uh yeah lets see how it handles this. One has improved motors, it has brushless motors and theyre, bigger and stronger, and the whole frame is bigger and stronger so and it uses bigger batteries as well. So uh yeah lets go ahead and check out this playground. Lets take off and lets fly so flying in m mode, and the controls are fast all right, its quite quick whoa. All right. This thing can fly that leaf. Blower is messing up my sound, probably okay. It can do some little freestyling action as well as we can see. Oh my god leaf blower. Please stop its interesting. How this video is so smooth. I think theyre doing something with this uh video inside the camera like or is just tuned well wow. I did it amazing, okay, its very quick, oh wow, can we do a roll here? We can all right low voltage – oh my god, okay, its its not meant for diving, definitely uh, but whoa, and the cool thing about this one is that we can do uh. Okay, this is the flip yeah wow amazing. I really enjoy how its uh its way more powerful than the regular one. Can we do a power loop whoa? Almost almost almost the motors were not powerful enough to pull out, but we almost did the power loop. That was oh wow.

Okay lets uh, maybe do some uh lets visit. The good old train lets fly through the train: okay, okay, all right, all right, all right, yeah and through here as well. Oh, no, okay, turtle mode is very much appreciated. Yeah. It can do quick rolls in the air and it can do probably quick flips as well. You can do some funky freestyling action as well. Amazing, never really improved it quite a lot with this one. Oh, my god. This is so fun. Oh, no! A cat wanted to get it. I have a feeling that this frame will be much stronger than the previous one. Is there something you dont like about it theres one thing: im not 100 happy about its nothing huge its just that the angle of the camera is for some environments slightly too big, and you cannot change it. The angle is fixed, it is how it is and thats the way it is its not perfect for slow type flying indoors, its perfect for having fun in large rooms or in parks or outside, but in a small apartment like this one to be flying that drone. In this apartment, its quite challenging, because the angle is its – it is where it is, but its powerful enough to take it outside and thats. The only thing i dont like about it all in all its an amazing drone. I really enjoy it. Also, it disarms itself when, when you crash so when you bump into something it will just disarm itself, so you dont spin your propellers into places and you dont break them its a pretty cool feature for a beginner drone.

I feel that that will come in handy for a lot of people also. It did come in handy for me as well. Its a great beginner drone a lot more powerful than the regular one. If you are a beginner, i do recommend getting the ctos pro its its a really easy and simple way how to get to know the controls of fpv, and you can also start having some freestyle action with the same drone. Youre youre learning with. Thank you. So much betafpv for providing me with this drone. Hopefully this video could be useful to you if it was, you know what to do.