That will ultimately make my life easier on the daily now. This goes for cameras, computers, software, small little accessories, even drones. Of course. So i looked at the backpack that i was using. I said man thats big. Now you may have seen a recent video that ive done reviewing the boost pack, which is a great bag that has a massive built in battery and power inverter featuring two ac outlets. This was a no brainer for myself, because im always charging drone batteries on the go which require more power than what a small little power bank could put out. Before that. I was using the peak design, 20 liter bag and then i actually switched – and i guess, traded up to the larger 30 liter peak design bag, because i thought i needed more space to carry on stuff that i really didnt end up needing so up. Until this point, these are the two backpacks that ive mentioned that ive really gotten a lot of use out of over the past couple of years. Weve got the boost pack here, but i havent been using it as much as i have been using the peak design. 30 liter im a huge fan of how high quality the bag is its made of really good materials, and their warranty is just unmatched, but, as you can see, this bag is fairly massive, its filled to the brim right now, with a lot of like extra accessories.

I bring with me when im on my client shoots uh, you know like real estate and things like that. So ive got microphones flashes extra batteries and extra drones. So ive got a lot of just miscellaneous stuff inside of here, but the stuff that i bring with me on the daily was transferred from this massive 30 liter bag over to peak designs, 10 liter sling bag, which is a lot smaller. Now. Just to give you a quick sneak peek here, i pretty much only use this main pocket, despite there being some other compartments around the bag. So in here ive got like my drone. Some extra batteries, the remote as well as some other extras that i need to bring with me just to get through the day. You know with how much im talking about peak design in this video youd think that it is a sponsored video, but it isnt. I just genuinely enjoy their products so much they fit into my everyday workflow, so well, ive purchased everything that i own from peak design with my own money. So aside from the bags, i also use like their camera, clip as well as their carbon fiber tripod, which is absolutely great for traveling. I actually use it on the daily for real estate, photography and architectural photography, so its really lightweight its easy to move around the space that im shooting but back to their bags. When i purchased the very first everyday bag version, one from b h photo believe it or not.

Uh i had an issue with the zipper about a year after i purchased it and they replaced it. No questions asked so not only are you buying into a company that believes in their product and makes a nice high quality product, but they also know that it can withstand the test of time through use and abuse, so they were able to replace it. For me for free, no questions asked and again thats why i continue to go back to peak design because they just make the highest quality product in terms of bags that ive been able to find on the market so anyway, my purpose for downsizing to this sling Bag was to eliminate all of the stuff that i thought that i would need, because in reality i had a lot of things in my bag that yeah, i could potentially need down the road, but that i never actually used on the daily. So i laid out all of my gear on the table and figured out what i could and couldnt live without after making a lot of hard decisions. This is everything that i was left with. Inside of the main compartment is my dji air 2s, with five extra batteries and the stock remote controller, a charger for my air 2s nd filters for the air 2s. My 13 inch m1 macbook pro a charger for my laptop, an nd filter for my camera goal. Zeros sherpa portable battery and this tech organizer from moment to hold smaller cords and miscellaneous accessories in the top pouch.

I kept a few small things that i frequently needed. Access to like two ssd drives a usb a to usbc dongle and two sd card dongles, one that has a lightning adapter and another that has a usbc adapter. I also keep an air tag up there to find my backpack in case. I lose it as well as a titan security key that i use as a method of two factor authentication, so everything that i just shared in that top down view fits inside of the 10 liter peak design bag. Its really easy to just throw over your shoulder. Its got a nice comfortable, strap and when compared to my 30 liter bag, it feels like nothing is even there now. I do also like to bring my camera with me, my sony a7c or my sony a7 iii, which im shooting on right now and when i do, i put it on the peak design capture clip here on my front, strap its really put into position. Well, it doesnt slide, it doesnt fall it locks into place. So i know that a lot of people might be afraid that the camera could tumble down to the ground, but as long as youre careful and you make sure it slots in properly youre not going to have an issue even if youre trying to run somewhere. It is locked in there really well so, with myself being someone that likes to fly drones more than shoot, photography and video on the ground.

Typically, my drone has precedent over the camera that i bring with me and thats why it goes in the bag, and if i want to bring my camera with me, it just slots in here on the outside. Now i showed you everything in my bag from a more general view, but now i want to cover each piece of gear to help. You understand how it fits my workflow. The first is, of course, the air 2s, which takes up a majority of the space. In my bag, including all the extra accessories that i bring with me, i chose this drone to bring with me because it fits inside of the peak design, 10 liter bag, so well with the dividers that they provide and it delivers an all around great flying experience With a great camera, if you want to learn a little bit more about my thoughts after having flown the air 2s for six months, ill leave a review video that i just finished up, linked up in the top corner or down in the description, but spoiler alert. This is by far my favorite drone im flying right now, its not even close now. Another reason that i went with the air 2s is because the batteries are smaller, so i could bring more of them with me, which results in more time flying even the remote controller fits well inside of my bag. Alongside the batteries taking up this entire middle section. Now there might be some of you out there that use djis smart controller to fly your drone, and you might be wondering if i own the smart controller.

Why dont? I bring it with me and use it on the daily and theres a couple of reasons behind. Why i prefer the stock remote controller for my air 2s, first of which is that its just smaller? I still think that the smart controller could fit inside of my little 10 liter sling, but itd kind of be a squeeze itd be annoying to deal with every time, so this fits comfortably its also a little bit more durable just because you dont have this big Massive screen, so i dont care about just kind of throwing into the bag and not having to worry about it. Also, it has better battery life. I can get well over 15 flights out of my air 2s stock remote controller, whereas with a smart controller, you might get like four or five with the max screen brightness, so its just all about practicality, but also in terms of usability. You also get better range out of the stock remote controller, and this dates all the way back to the mavic 2 pro. Even the mavic 2 pros stock rc gave you better range than what the smart controller gave you, which doesnt really make sense, but with the air 2s you have that upgraded 03 transmission system and in order to make the most of that transmission system to fly further And get an overall better signal: youve got to use the stock remote controller that has the hardware to support it.

Now, the final section of my bag is here on the right side of the dividers and it kind of contains some of the more miscellaneous items. For starters, i chose goal zeros sherpa battery bank because it holds a lot of power and has the perfect selection of ports. There are two usb a ports and a single usb c port that is not only used to charge other devices but to charge the battery bank itself. It can output up to 100 watts of power which supplies more than enough power to my m1 macbook pro to charge it at full speed as a bonus. It also has a wireless charger at the top, so you can charge up to 4 devices. At the same time, when i can find an outlet, though, for my macbook, i use this brick that supplies 100 watts of power made by aukey, along with the usb c cable that just came included with my computer and its all. Conveniently wrapped in this cable manager. Made by fuse reel this thing is a life saver for keeping cords organized continuing on inside of this section of the bag, ive got an sd card organizer, like i mentioned that really stood out to me because of how many micro sd cards it can hold. This is obviously a really big deal to me because i fly drones. The most frequently when i bring my camera with me, im, almost always shooting video, so keeping a variable nd filter with me is a must.

This one is made by moment and gives me five to nine stops of neutral density with very little vignetting. It also has this badass red finish. That looks really great on the front of your camera. The final two drone accessories inside of my bag are a charger for the air 2s, which lets me fill up. My batteries on the go if ive got the opportunity and dji made nd filters for my air 2s, which are really important, especially considering this drone doesnt have a variable aperture. The final thing that i really want to cover inside of my bag here is this moment: tech organizer, which is great for holding the smaller miscellaneous things that you really dont, want falling throughout your bag. Now ive got a usbc, cable, a lightning cable, an apple watch, charger wrapped in a blue lounge cable tie and this extra dongle for my macbook pro in case the dongles that i have in that top pouch just dont cut it. I also have four extra camera batteries that i keep in here for my sony, a7 iii and sony a7c, which are cleverly split up between which are charged. They go on the pouch with the green zipper and which have been used and need to be charged which go in the pouch with the red zipper. The final piece of my backpack setup here is apples m1 macbook pro, which has been great it handles absolutely anything. I throw at it pro res 4k video uh editing a bunch of sony raw files exporting them from lightroom.

I mean this thing has been absolutely perfectly capable, but i wanted a little bit more power, so i upgraded to apples 16 inch, m1 max and this just doesnt really fit inside of the sling bag. So ive got to figure out what im going to do here anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and a look inside of what i carry inside of my bag on the daily. I know that i love being able to look at videos like this to understand how i can improve my daily setup and my daily workflow, if you guys were to add or if you were, to remove anything from my bag to fit your needs.