We did a fair bit of our winter riding up at the weightless wind farm Music april, so has taken the falcon wheel and the kelpies near the fourth clyde canal: Music, Music. Thanks for watching this video, these clips come from cycling videos which ive made this year. Ive almost 70 videos now. So if you like this one, why not have a look at some of the others and consider subscribing in my channel thanks Music, the end of the week trip to comrade and a pedal along the south shore of lochem Music on a trip back to white leaves. I managed to fly my drone backwards into one of the turbine shafts and it didnt like it. Thanks to brexit. I got my repair drawn back in june. Just before we head to aberfoill one of our favorite places to ride Music. Do do Music july. So is embark on our john jurors, whiskey tour taking in the following distilleries: baltimore kegelicky, royal brackler and aberfeldy before traveling back to glasgow Music Applause. Music. Do Music do Music, Music, Music! Thank you! Music! Do Music Music do Music, hey, Music, Music, do Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so editing this video has brought back a lot of happy memories of a fairly eventful year.