For this again it will be another, so you can keep here. If you press the lights below, so the lights will be changing their color. When it will be starting Music, so this is again, this is a camera, so you can see small camera, not so large, so it uh. This name is skyrider. Also it got four profilers and this is a chargeable i just know. I should like this battery for this. It is a charger. Okay, a small screwdriver. They give for first time i gave it pen drive for us to store, so this is actually cost is uh. 20. 000.. We booked this in google, so its kind of gift. For me, so this book in this everything will be there if you buy. This is a small drone which uh youtuber can take it. So you can remove this everything so in this it will be how to write this so here starts, will be there ill explain. You how to start this so first yeah. First of all, if you take any drone, you need to check the parts. What will be there here, every part and the buttons everything for the drone? Also so here manual start and auto start, it will be so manual start means uh by the levers we need to start. Auto start means directly here. Star start button will be there here start button. This is if you press, like this start land. So here stunter speed, channel, auto camera video.

So here this all are there, but we dont know exactly what are this, but here they didnt give any type of name. Also for this. What are they for what it will be useful? They didnt care. So here to start this, the levers are like this right, this time showing im not starting. So this levers you need to do it, attempt back with this back cross, so lightly back lowers cross back cross. So this is a annual start. Auto start here start button. Is there now? Definitely we can do other stuff so and up and down. I will show, after that, this lever append this up down up down this. The drone can be uh rotate like this further for right. You need to press like this for left, so this is a one kind of thing: full rotation. This will you need to do right, full 360 degrees, so thats all so ill.