I got the dji mini 3 pro. This is the first uh commercial. You know pre built drone that ive bought um ive built one in my past life, but this is way nicer than that, so first impressions, its its a great color scheme, the plastic doesnt feel cheap and gimmicky the gimbal ill get into that later. But overall it looks like a great build im, really impressed with how it looks very ufo. You know all these sensors all around it. So its got reverse forward and height sensors. It is under 250 grams, so that makes it great for beginners, and also you dont require a registration with the faa and then also it doesnt require um a license a part 107 to operate. I think that might change, though, if you put the bigger battery kit on it, which i will be doing, and this parts always nerve rattling for me trying to get the gimbal in place, so i can put the cover on it. So let me show you guys some flight footage and Music well get into the unboxing. If i can ever put this thing back on Music, Music, Music, Music, all right so for the unboxing, i apologize for the tripod legs trying a new setup here. Hopefully you guys like this shot, but here it is straight out of the box, its a lot smaller than i thought it would be. I mean i knew the drone is small, but to give you guys some perspective heres this like ruler, that i have you know.

I didnt have a banana, so the box itself is like seven and a half inches by about six inches lets, see whats inside some of the quick specs for this drone. I dont know them because i didnt look it up yet. I just want to see whats in the box. I did get the uh fly more kit as well ill open that up shortly and there it is so. This is the drone itself. Oh there, it is its a lot lighter than i thought it would be to be honest, but you can instantly see the uh the quality of the build. I dont want to pull this too much there. We go look at the detail on these motors. Let me see if i can zoom in without uh messing this up. Can you guys see that? Can it focus on this? Look at that a little brushless motor windings thats, pretty cool, so we have the drone all right lets get into the drone. This thing is a powerhouse im really impressed with just everything about it at this point um its great for new pilots and social media influencers i mean when it comes to specs. This thing is impressive, so it has a full 4k shooting resolution at 60 frames per. Second, and it can also do what was it 1080 at 120 frames per second theres, the gimbal. This thing does true vertical mode, so this camera actually rotates 90 degrees, making it great for, like instagram tick, tock youtube shorts, make sure to check mine out using allens inventions across all those platforms.

Also, this whole thing weighs under 249 grams um with the smaller battery anyways. This is the smaller battery and, with this one, ive been getting about 25 minutes of flight time thats, while shooting 90 of the time, and i have been shooting at 4k uh 60fps. Oh, i did forget um. This actually does do 48. Megapixel photos still photos, so it has a pretty big sensor. I think 2.4. I forgot. Look it up anyways there is the controller hey. This looks this feels nice cant wait to fly this. This is one of the absolute best controllers ive ever flown with. It does run a full version of android so or actually not a full version, but it runs android. So theres a lot of cool features with this, so bluetooth, wi fi. You can screen record so watch what im going to do im going to hit this button, and now you guys are watching my actual display, thats notifications, because it does give you notifications. But now you guys are seeing the display here of everything im doing because its recording itself so from here you can actually hit the go fly button and now you can see the this. Is your flight uh display when youre flying uh, you can do master shots photos, slow motion, ive only tried the master shots and i did it with my truck. This is what that looks like Music, so we came up with a predetermined path and what it thought would look good.

So i had fun with. It was my first time ever using that feature, but ill definitely be using it in the future and probably selecting something other than my truck if youre still watching up to this point id appreciate a like and subscribe. This is my first ever unboxing slash review video for a dji product im, hoping im being helpful to you guys if youre thinking about getting one and then moving right along this controller does have usb type c and host capabilities, which i think you can plug in. Like a usb type c uh flash drive and get footage off of there and then also your micro sd, where all the recorded footage gets saved. There is also a tutorial. I believe you need wi fi for some of these things to be able to download, not when youre out on the field yeah. So this goes over all their other products, but yeah hands down this remote. One of my favorite features about this thing. Lets keep going anyways spare props charging, cable, screwdriver and i think thats it for the box. Lets see yeah thats it just some silica gel stuff all right. Next up, i want to show you guys the fly more kit. I did get this when i ordered my uh mini three pro um. This mainly comes with well its in the box, the carrying case extra props, another charging, cable, two batteries, and then this portable charger and thats it.

So i think it should fit right lets see how this going there, maybe like that, okay and then maybe heres the batteries yeah. I dont, like this im gon na make my own case anybody want to buy this. Let me know make sure to leave a comment. Maybe ill send it to one of my viewers make sure to like and subscribe. I will be making my own case for this. This one doesnt, i mean its a really nice one. However, i dont doesnt feel like it would offer much protection and for what i spent and what youre gon na spend a good case is worth it all right and then lets see usb type c. And how do we know if oh there we go? Oh thats right, i read in the instructions that it does charge one at a time um, but who cares once youre back home charging this thing? Uh? You should be good. This thing looks slick i like this, so i am gon na come up with my own case. Guys, im gon na incorporate this thing into it. It comes with another usb type c, cable in case you wanted to plug in to charge your phone off these batteries or whatever, but um yeah thats it for the fly more kit. Let me show you guys some more cool footage. I shot Music, all right guys. So that was my first flight at the beach over water. You cant see the pier from here, but according to gps, it was about 1.

2 miles away and i lost signal about halfway there, but uh. This is probably the outro.