Its like were so close were so close. This is um yeah its frustrating in september. I got an email from dji asking if i wanted to test out a few new products: the action 2, the ronin 4d and the most exciting, the mavic 3.. I knew this was going to be a big launch and i wanted to get a wide range of footage, so i called up my buddy jake sloan in alaska to see if he wanted to meet up and go shoot some videos. So the next thing i know it im on a plane headed north some people are crazy because whats better than hiking to an ice cave but doing it in the wind and the rain. I was in california yesterday morning now, im in the freezing rain of alaska freezing is a relative term so day one did not start well. The weather is a gamble in october and i happen to show up in the middle of a storm. So we made the best of the situation, and our goal for the first day was just to film a vlog comparing the dji action 2 and the gopro hero. 10., that section where im following jay, because hes walking i was starting like this and it got kind of rocky. So i like went like this, and i was kind of like this just trying to keep my footing and uh yeah. You can see the results. Oh, you got to be kidding me: the camera just formatted the card.

So after a few hours of filming, i ended up losing everything the camera was on and by my side and somehow i ended up on the format screen and cleared the card. So we scratched the vlog idea and decided just to explore the ice cave. Music, thats, wild Music, Music, glacier water is definitely the best water, its just coming right off that we definitely have a major problem. I just got back to the hotel room and i needed to update the app for the drone to be able to fly it because for some reason it stopped working come to find out its ios 15 and i just contacted dji theres, no app for ios 15. Yet so im in alaska, we have a boat trip planned for tomorrow. We have a helicopter planned for the next day to go, get footage for this drone and i dont have an app that works. So technically this is bricked, so i need to find an android device or a phone that hasnt been updated yet otherwise were not going to be able to fly well its a rainy day again uh its raining, its pouring down rain here but 30 miles. That way, its not raining at all, at least not yet, and hopefully it stays that way. Yeah, hopefully last night jake was able to find an old iphone and a pixel. So we had two different devices that we could install the pre release. Dji fly app, but on our way to the dock there was an accident, so we had to stop and wait, but it did give us some time to test the drone and make sure that it was flying Music.

It seemed to be working. However, there was some bugs with the software, but overall i was able to get a few good shots. So once the wreck cleared, we drove through a mountain and ended up in the town of whittier, with just enough time to catch the boat and start our trek out to blackstone glacier okay, so that was uh really scary. I just took the drone up, try and get some good shots and it tried to land in the water. It uh had a update it needed to do and tried to force the update and thats just like thats one of the issues when youre doing like working with pre release products, its just stuff happens and its just not good. I mean it looks like its working now, though, lets see this might be the last time we fly. This drone lets. Take it out all right here we go the best place to test. The drone is out over open water in the middle of nowhere where theres zero chance of recovery. If anything goes wrong, let me restart the drone one more time just to make sure i really like to not lose this thing. You dont want to try this like over the shore somewhere or you could like. We could crash landed into the beach, at least. Maybe that would be a good idea right. I mean probably a good idea: okay, yeah yeah. All right well put the r2s in the air to catch this shot and then well try this.

When we have a chance of recovery, we have another drone, yes, Music, uh! Thank you. I just cannot believe the weather. It is so beautiful back in here today, so the goal is to get onto this beach test the drone, because its not working and then if its working were going to climb up on the rocks, try to get yeah try to get to like the side. So we get a side view of this glacier easy easy, easy, oh check this out. There is a fish carcass. Oh its got sharp teeth too. Oh, it smells bad. I hate to do this, but we might need to go get that phone. I cant. Even it wont, come out of slow motion mode and, like it keeps flashing yeah its its like, not working at all, okay, so now that were here on the beach, the software wont even work, just flashes on and off on and off on and off. So we uh, we actually have a pixel on the boat and jakes, going to run back out and grab it, and we have the software on that as well, so were hoping that it worked earlier. When i flew in that traffic, i mean it was buggy, but it was working so were hoping that at least we can get it functioning. Just some of the most epic views. Some spectacular drone footage – and you know i cant test this drone its not a problem with the drone itself, especially by the time youre watching this.

All this firmware is going to be updated. This is the problem when youre testing new products – and it looks like hes rowing back this way he must have got the phone, but uh something happened with the motor, its just, not running the motors not like just not at all like. I had it running and then looks like we got a phone, we got a phone and a couple of cables so lets try this okay theres another forced update happening. Hopefully this fixes, whatever problem just happened, but i dont know why both apps one was for android. Once for iphone, why they would be both updating the drone that should have been ready to fly to begin with. Are you at least getting some good shots because uh, apparently i cant im getting this is the lesson and why you always want to bring multiples with you having a backup on trips like this is essential. You just never know. Whats gon na go wrong. Music. All right so uh drones, broken cant, get it up and well run out of time, so we got to get back on the main boat. Its like were so close were so close. I mean thats. Why we came out today was to get this footage im. Just gon na pack away and hopefully when we get back into some wi fi, maybe therell be an update or something, but this is um yeah, its frustrating todays. Definitely an early morning i had to get up at 4, 30 get my stuff packed and uh.

We have to hit the road because we are driving somewhere pretty far. I guess and were going to be meeting up with one of his friends who has a helicopter, and she has some places some new places, apparently that she wants to take jake, which basically means flying up to like mountains and glaciers and yeah its uh. I dont know what to expect: you want to drive uh 300 miles, ish and uh. Try a drone out well thats. What were doing something? Something will happen. Oh man, so the goal of today is to you know, go on the helicopter, obviously, but the mavic 3 is actually working, and the goal today is to get some really epic footage. Hopefully, fingers crossed that. You know we dont have any of the issues that we had, so the plan is were going to drive about 300 miles to valdez, which is where a friend of mine has this awesome. Helicopter and valdez has some of the most epic scenery in just the town. Yeah i mean its just its this tiny little town on this flat area of land on the seaside and its surrounded by mountains and glaciers. So its going to be incredible, the drive there is gon na be pretty awesome too um three hours of it, its gon na, be in total darkness, because the sun doesnt come up for another three hours yeah. What time is it its five oclock yeah and the sun doesnt come up until eight eight thirty yeah eight something so we will see something eventually.

Oh man coffees not even open yet not yet, but we are gon na stop for coffee shortly. I hope so. I need some coffee Music. The drive to valdez took all morning, but just as the sun came up, we realized that this is going to be a pretty spectacular day. Last night i was able to get the mavic 3 working properly and so far everything is working as it should. After a long drive through the alaskan wilderness, we ended up at the airport in valdez helicopters right out. There suns up gon na be like perfect day, but the battle is now figuring out what were gon na bring because, but i paired it down to just three lenses: one tripod uh air 2s, fpv drone and the bare minimum fpv stuff which with fpv, is that There really is no bare minimum thats, always a lot of crap, because you get goggles and another controller all that, but enough to do a couple of flights with fpv wherever we go its going a little bit lighter with my setup, we dont know what were going To get into this actually is going to be pretty awesome because ive never been in a helicopter before this is my first helicopter flight and its just like one of those things. Ive always wanted to do like go. Take a helicopter flight, shoot photos and video, but i didnt imagine my first flight would be like a private tour of mountains in alaska and have the opportunity to just go play and shoot with all these new cameras.

I have i mean this: is wild, so were about to take off whos our pilot for today, hey my names lee ill, be taking you to all of my favorite spots around the chugach mountains in valdez alaska, thats kind of boring today, because its all blue skies, But i think well find something: cool boring is a relative term. This is pretty amazing and it looks i cant ask for a better day for just being out here, but lets go, find some glaciers Music, as we made our way to a beach near the columbia. Glacier we finally had a chance to test the mavic 3 in perfect conditions. I got the drone in the air made sure everything was connected to the app and then i just went flying Music Music Music. This was only stop one on our journey and uh from here well were gon na go see what else we can find Music Music Music things will never go as planned. The more adventures i go on the more i realize that you just have to remember to live in the moment. Things will fail, plans will get thrown out the window, but you cant. Let that ruin the experience we could have been bummed about the weather or the drone not working properly, but those are things that we cant control.