This video is just gon na, be us getting it delivered to us, unboxing it and trying it out for the very very first time. This is the first drone we as a family have owned, and also, if you guys want to see a video of me unboxing. These bad boy headphones and this logitech mouse so yeah. Whenever that video is going to be posted on youtube on my channel, i will link it down in the description so yeah. I hope you guys enjoy the video peace all right guys. We got the go. Finally came let’s. Do a quick unboxing on this thing. First thing we see is, of course, the little cage that comes with the drone i’ll open up that as less last. Oh, my god, i can’t speak english i’m. So excited okay. Here we go okay, so we have some things over here as well. So in our first little box compartment, we got our manual and the instructions on how to do everything. Second, bigger box, we got our. I think these are our charging ports our charge, um batteries yep. I guess right. We got the batteries right here. Next up we got in this smaller box. We got our outlet that goes into the outlet, all right, all right now, the big all right guys. Three two one let’s go i’m, just playing guys. Okay, we got all the stuff right here, so let’s open up this thing all right.

So here we go our charging cable. Next up we got our oh it’s, the screws to screw in the propellers if they do break and then next up and this one we got our connector to the controller next box. We got our stick um our propellers over here we got another pair of them. I think oh yeah, like three more pairs of propellers that’s nice next up, we got is our charging port to charge all the batteries for the mini and the controller. So what i actually want to do right now is actually put all the batteries on charge because i’ve been watching the videos and they said that um the batteries as soon as possible, take off this sticker. And then there you go. Your camera has a 2.7 k. Camera goes 24 or 30 fps, which is sick, so i’ll see you guys later: Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right guys! This is the end of this video. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed it.