Welcome to another video, this time im doing a video here in the garage, its absolutely hideous outside its absolutely chuckling it down blowing a gale, the whole nine yards. You know what its like here in blighty in winter anyway. I thought it was high time. I did another little update here in the garage to tell you some things that are going on on my bike. So, if youre interested in a bit of a look around some of the stuff thats going on with the box that i actually own and run stick around stay tuned and ill, tell you all about it: Music, all right! Well, first job of the day! First little thing that i thought i would tackle something thats been annoying me for a while uh here in the man cave is to do with the mighty gold wing, and that is something that ive come across before and something thats fairly easily fixed. And that basically is thin paint where your legs go. I dont know if you can see this, but on my gold wing there is a bit of a um mark. There looks like a bit like a smudge. Can you see that, in the light i dont know if you can see that its not actually a smudge, that are those a little tiny scratches where my knees have been on the bike? Its the same on the other side uh this often happens on new bikes, where you dont have any sort of protection on the panigale.

I had some um paint for some special paint film put on here. You can just see the edges of it. Look here. Maybe in the light you see the edges of it so where my legs go on here, never a mark, but its got a thin film that i could peel off and that would be all absolutely fine uh on the streets uh triple when i bought that. I thought of this beforehand and i put on these stripes and a little spot here as well and theyve. You know its. I dont know whether you think they look any good or not. I think they look okay actually on here and also a tank pad on the back as well, and hence that one has stayed absolutely fine, so im thinking, i need to do something similar to the gold wing. So what im going to do is get some sort of teacup type material, try and polish out these scratches, which should be possible because theyre not um, theyre, not too deep and then put on some um stripes and spots similar way to what i did with the Street triple so that they get protected in future, so thats job number one lets crack on with that right: get the old gloves on very important to protect your skin when youre dealing with the strange substances so for this little polishing job, what im going to use Is something thats a bit like teacup? You can use any of these sort of things.

I use this stuff, its called a g3 professional paint renovator. I bought this for use on my cars, its from a company called far claw im, not saying this is the best or anything like that, or in any way trying to search you its just what happened, having a cupboard but t cut. Anything like that will do its described as a um, an engineer, diminishing abrasive, particle paint renovator so, in other words, its got some little abrasive bits that you rub on and hopefully get rid of those swirl marks and the way you do this is you use an Applicator pad like this, which ive dampened with a bit of water, just put a tiny amount on like so and then very lightly in the horizontal and then uh vertical position, um directions, you just rub it on there and uh, hopefully well get rid of well. In fact, lets do it lets do it circular? What am i talking about here? We go, so we just do this space. The longer you do this, the better the results will be so just bear with me. While i do this right once youve done that for what seems like an age, get yourself a lovely, fresh, new, microfiber cloth polish off the excess and see if weve lost, that little smudgy look right now, i can see immediately from where im stacked that the little Smudge has gone, i dont know if the camera will pick it up, lets uh ill, move it over and see.

If we can theres still lots of little fine scratches on there that will take proper um professional paint. Restoration, maybe ill get that done at some point. On the bike, but the little um smudgy bit that looked like it was a smear or something thats definitely gone. Let me show you, can you see? There are some very light scratches in there still, but the little smudgy bit has gone right. Having prepared that area to be protected next thing to do then, is to position the um protection on there, which is some spots and stripes that i bought same sort of thing as i got for the street triple all those years ago. Here they are, i just got these off of ebay theyre, literally like four quid or something each ive got one set for each side. Im gon na put some masking tape down the side of the bike, so i can position them and just stick them on and hopefully thatll be the protection sorted right, not sure how many of these i need. I bought four of these each so im. Thinking now. Just wondering where how i should align these best, whether to just go, maybe three across the middle and then just a couple of spots down here, perhaps or whether its going to look best all four along that way level with the bottom. I think four along that way level with the bottom of the bike here this crease and then maybe a spot or two either side lets go with that im.

Just gon na put a bit of masking tape along level with that crease so that i can get them all exactly level famous last words thats going on there, and then you get one shot at this course. So lets just rip those across there actually and see. If we can actually get four in, i think thatll work on it. Lets go with that. Then im gon na get one go at this lets see if we cannot muff it up, one cute three, four thats looking good and then some spots. Do we go along the bottom, or do we go along the edge? I think middle and middle should do it? Lets take that off now: Applause, okay, that looks quite cool. I quite like that. Lets have a spot someone there and one there, not that my legs ever going to reach up that far, but just for symmetras sake, and then these stand quite proud. Theyre, probably a millimeter millimeter and a half proud. So when my legs on there, it wont be rubbing on the paint thats. The general idea should put another spot here. Perhaps one there, one at the bottom, a few more ive got some more. I could do a whole run. I could go down there. Hmm might be a bit much what about long? There! Hmm, i think, well just leave it like that for now all right, thats that side done ill, do it on the other side and uh.

We should be done all right and thats the first little job done here in the garage. I think that looks alright check that out there we go got the spots and stripes on there. Dont think it looks too bad if it annoys me over time. If i think it does look silly then ill just take them off and ive got exactly the same on the other side in exactly the same position done in exactly the same way. So uh yeah quite pleased with that thats. Just something thats been annoying me for a little while next job is going to be on the panigale, but before we get to that just a couple of things. I want to tell you about first off my speed twin here. Do you remember i did a you? May have seen a video i did comparing the speed twin uh, my 2019, with the current 2021 2022 model year. One of the things that i loved about the new bike was its handling. It felt much better and something a lot of people said was that maybe the handling is down to the fact that the tyres on the new speed twin has been changed on this one ive got the uh uh diablo rossos on here, but the new one has Got the metzler i cant remember something: rather, i can look it up, but i was wondering whether to change the tyres on the speed twin to the metals and see, if that had a big made, a big difference on the handle.

What do you think, do you think its worth doing a bit of hassle to change them out? Theres, absolutely nothing wrong with the existing tyres on here, but just thinking if it does make this bike handle as well as the new bike or a bit closer thatll. Be an upgrade well worth doing. Stick your comments below and let me know if you think that will work or not and if you think it will ill do it right moving on next up just wanted to mention my guardsman barrier. If you dont know um image 4 security that make the garden barrier are sponsors of the um channel, so youll see their logo on the start and end of each of my videos, or recently they did a little customization job on my barrier and they give maybe Some little um tmf stickers, look which im very pleased with so ive got a little bit there. It says tmf there, its all good anyway. The point is ive had the barry now well. Over a year it gets used multiple times a day and its going fine. If you fancy, one of these still got a discount details below tmf50 will get you 50 quid off of a guardsman barrier, all right little bit of an advert there, but theyre great gadgets. If youve got multiple bikes or indeed cars, that you want to protect all right next little job, then to do with the panigale here she is my beautiful sports bike.

Dont ride it very much, but i absolutely love it um now something has come to light, which uh somebody spotted on my behalf and uh was a little bit worried. Let me tell you the story so here we have usual sort of sports bikey thing um. They have, i think, theyre called lock stops that stop you turning the handlebars too far and on sports bikes and indeed other bikes as well. They have various ways to do this on the panigale. If i show you, if i move here, can you see lets bring the camera around this way right? Can you see down here? Look just there that bit there see where that little thread is and a nut on there. That is the lock stop, so that when i turn the handlebars, the other way im going to be in the way to do this, but that stops the handlebars going too far. Let me see if i can demonstrate you see it goes along there we go and it goes that way. Where is it there? We go and it touches you cant see it but its. It only goes so far because, of course, it physically stops. It all right. Fair enough – and you see how that is: um mounted that screw on a little tab physically on the yoke top all right. Remember that if we come to the other side here and ill move, this got there in the end youll see here, look.

Can you see down here, i dont know if you can see that, but where that lock stop should be on this side, look theres just a broken tab. Can you see that just where the metal has broken off on the top of the yoke the tabs gone along with the thread and uh? That is bad news because number one it means you can turn the handlebars further than they need to be, and the other really bad news is. That means its an mot fail if products for an mot, it would fail. Now, with that so bit of an issue there, so what to do about that then well, obviously, i thought i better give my local ducati dealer a ring that is on your bike. Over just north of asbury gave them a call theyre the people that look after about usually services, excellent service organization, theyre, really helpful. Anyway, i explained to them what happened. It turns out its a relatively frequent thing on a panigale, so i said: can you give me a quote for how much to fit basically one of those new um, whatever those bits are called triple clamp at the top uh or yoke whatever i called it before. Um, how much is one of those gon na be to fit because, of course, youre gon na have to take the forks out, basically the wheels out everything to get that fitted in there, and basically they quoted me about 700 quid, so an extremely salty fix.

However, they voluntarily volunteered to me that you dont actually need to do that. They said get onto the rng website because they make some stuff that you can fit to the piano garlic that gets around. That means that it wont be an mot failure and gives you the safety of having a lock stop. So i went onto the rng website and got these things. Theyre called lock stock savers, you get them for all sorts of bikes, but all the panigales, so it just shows how uh often this happens and basically theres some little stops that you bolt onto the top of the um triple clamps, yolks type things ill. Show you where in a sec uh – and it basically gives you new stops, so that means youve youve got the safety and security of not moving the handlebars too far. If you get into a tank, slapper or whatever, and of course it now means it wont, be an mot failure, so im going to pop those on. If i can work out how lets see how that works, so have a look at the rng website to see how these things attached, apparently on the panigale, its pretty simple theyre, just two nuts to undo or bolts, and you put them on here. So let me show you so you see here with the handlebars turn in that direction. See this little bolt here. You just unscrew that and you put the new stop on there and theres another one on the other side.

Can you see that and they just fixed there, and that gives you effectively the same thing: whoops mikes court same thing uh as the proper lock stops, but it cost me like 15 quid from rng, so im going to attempt to fit those now ill. Show you when ive done them all right lets get these out of the pack, then theres some instructions. So, look at that and then the actual gadgets themselves, some sort of a little nylon stock things with some cable ties and then some little brackets that go around those front bits. How hard can it possibly be to fit these? Let me read the instructions and ill find out one of those sort of instructions: okay, ill check it out on the web and ill come back to you. Oh this newfangled thing is right: is it gon na detect it come on fabulous there? We go instructions right, ill, read them see. Whats involved remove the bolt arrow in the top picture, place the bolt through that when youre mounting bracket and secure, as shown repeat for the other side, you may also have to use a cable to supply to ensure none of the cables can snag or become trapped. In operation, at full, lock position on both sides seems very easy ill crack on right. First thing: peter cant get that in with my hands that needs to go in there im just going to squeeze it in using the vise.

If i can try not to crush my fingers while im at it or indeed ruin the bracket and go there, we go perfect. Alan mill yard would be proud all right lets see. If i can do this, one handed probably cant come on there. We go ill. Tell you what you get the general idea ill fit it and then ill. Show you afterwards its too hard to do. One handed right, all done very clever. Little fix that. Let me show you in here: can you see lets say thats where they fix one there and theres one on the other side the same and then when you move the uh handlebars one side to the other? Look from c when you go that side. Look that one is touching on the fork there, and then we go the other way. You see the fork touches on it there and it acts as a as a uh lock stop as it were, and its butted up to the actual frame here as well. So its not gon na its just that nylon onto the frame so its very strong it aint gon na, be a problem, so thats a thats, a really little nifty solution to that problem. So thank you to the guys on your bike, for letting me know about that. I think it was about 17 quid from the rng website instead of 700 quid if id replaced that broken off tab. So nice, one brill, so thats, two excellent little jobs done that have been niggling at me for ages.

So im glad weve got those done. Thats excellent, so just one other thing, i guess to say the eagle eyed mungs amongst you will have noticed that in the garage here. If you have a look around theres, a theres carol, suzuki, which is borrowing to learn to ride my gs, of course, gold wing street triple speed, twin panigale. Of course, the bike thats missing still is my custom royal enfield interceptor. It went back uh to uh the bike, den whos doing the work. If you remember, i made a little video something like whats wrong with my custom interceptor. There are a few changes. I want doing to the bike that is being worked on now, so those side panels that have the tmf logos, thats being changed, im going to have interceptor 650 custom written on there. Instead, which is going to look good, the back ends getting changed its going to have a mud guard on the back, much more like the street triple. In fact, i am having sorry much more like the speed triple. In fact, i am having a speed triple mud guard on the back with painted green and some light. So im going to get some um handle bar end, mirror indicators as well at the front, so its going to look absolutely brilliant, so im in touch with the guys theyre doing the work there hopefully well, get that back soon and then ill make you that video All about how that how much the whole thing has actually cost me so thats coming up soon, so stick around for that, and then, when that bike does come back, what im gon na do is add to it the latest monomoto tracker.

Let me show you this right, so another sponsor of the channel that you will have heard me talking about before is monimoto. You will see their logos on the start and finish of my videos and youll know that im a big fan of mono motor tracker, so ive got myself the latest monomoto tracker to put on the enfield when that comes back. This is called the moni moto 7. As you can see, its got lots of improvements over the old tracker works in a similar way, with the key fob. So when youre away from the key fob it arms itself and sends you its position on a map. So if you havent seen how that works, go check out my video of how the monomoto works. This is kind of the same, but this one, as i say, has got better connectivity. This works with the lte as opposed to just 2g 3g, so many more phone networks, its got a battery life of um a year which is incredible, its a different form factor, so its a bit easier to hide on the bike in fact, ill get it out Of the box in a minute and show you what it looks like and uh so overall, this uh for me is a great uh little security device to stick onto the royal enfield, but it comes back all the other thing as well about this is. It runs on the two normal batteries, as opposed to um the little pen batteries that were hard to get hold off, so its a bit easy to run as well.

Let me open up for you there. I think about 167 quid something like that to buy and then its about 30 quid a year for the sim contract, so once youve got it just 30 quid and the beauty of these is they dont run your battery out on your bike like the more expensive Trackers do here we go thats what it looks like different form factor, just small and thin. You can stick it under your seat or whatever. As long as the gps part is pointing up, youll be good. Batteries go in the back. There comes already supplied with batteries. You dont even have to worry about that, and then youve got the little key fob in here as well. There we go. That looks like that. You just keep that on your person, basically when its fitted to the bike once these are apart. This automatically arms and starts to send you its location when these are near together, it disarms, and it knows that all is well thats, basically how it works. Anyway, there we go so the money motor seven is uh going to go on the infield when thats back. Oh and if you fancy a monomoto7 as well ill, stick a link below as to where you can get those so there we go thats just about it. For this little bonus extra video. I hope you found out of some interest. Thats whats been going on in my garage anyway, when the weathers horrible, as it is today, you might have even heard some of the rain bashing off the uh garage door as ive been talking um.

This is the sort of thing a lot its just tinkering. In my garage thats part of the fun of owning motorbikes isnt it anyway, just for completeness uh street triple over there, nothing changed on that all running fine, i havent ridden it for a while, but i absolutely love this bike. This is the bike i keep thinking. Should i replace this with a street fighter from ducati, but every time i ride this, i think to myself. Actually what am i going to gain for that extra cash and ill exchange? I exchanged some messages with my favorite journal, michael neaves, via instagram uh and said. Should i replace this with the new street fighter, the small one, the 950 um and uh? He basically said it wouldnt give me anything this. The street triple doesnt, already have other than maybe bragging rights, so im going to keep it. So. Thank you, michael for that bit of advice and heres the trusty gs as well again, dont think ive got anything to report on here. I took the grip puppies off um, just because i was finding that they were a little bit restricted this time of year, with the heated grips in that you couldnt really feel the heat grips through them as well as id like so ive taken those off. So, im going to give that a try through the winter ive got the winter heated seat back on. I do have another set of grip puppies up here.

Somewhere there we go up there. I dont know if you can see them on the shelf there um. So if i do find that i miss the grip puppies on the beamer, then ill be putting those on otherwise no changes on the gs, all right, thats it for this time hope you enjoyed that look forward to speaking to you again soon. Until then, this has been the mr fly.